Tuesday, January 16, 2007

TRUCE ON 204th.
There's been an interesting development in Harbor Gateway. After all the airtime and ink in the aftermath of the Cheryl Green homicide, Najee Ali has apparently brokered a truce between 204th Street and parties that to date have not been named. The representative from 204, according to the article in the Daily Breeze, is someone named Jonathan O'Gorman. The Breeze states he's a 16-year veterano from that neighborhood. The details on the "truce" are vague but apparently everybody concerned wants to stop the threatened injunction and use the truce as a bargaining chip to get a community center and jobs. There's an awful lot not known about this. For instance, who's signing for the other side? And what are the penalties for breaking the truce, if any? Will they yank the jobs and demolish the center if somebody breaks the truce? Will they rat him out? And what's O'Gorman's horsepower for keeping the soldados in line? We wish all parties the best of luck and we're keeping our fingers crossed. Here's the link to the story.



don quixote said...

Interesting times we live in, especially in regard to the increasing gang problems and the responce and reaction to them.
Read in the LA Times today, an article by our old friend Sam Quinones, that Nagee Ali "The wizard of Odd" seems to be running the show down in the Harbor Gateway area of 204th where the racial murders have inflammed everyone. Ali supposedly has brokered a truce with the local Shotcaller O'Gorman to allow unfettered access by blacks to the "Liquor Store" (what a giant step for mankind!) but councilwoman Hahn wants to move ahead with the injunction against 204th Chicano's (Hey politicians are supposed to grandstand, let the chips fall where they may!) Meanwhile the Mexican Americans in the varrio want the killing of a 34 year old hard working Mexican father, by blacks to be investigated as racial. They also claim that three Chicano's are innocent in an old killing of a Black man, and want the case to be reopened or reviewed.
Also in the old varrio, residents want the relocating of Black welfare recipients to newly formed "Section 8" housing in the area to be stopped.
Isn't this practice like pouring gas on a fire? Oh yea, relocate a bunch of Mayates whose members been "Crippen" and "Slangin" for years into an established Mexican American Varrio that has a violent local gang in residence. Smart!

Meanwhile huge spikes in gang violence are being reported in both the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys of LA and the powers that be seem to be scratching thier heads searching for answers.

In Long Beach the "hate crime" case against 10 young black women for the Holloween attack on three white women is looking like it will be dropped due to political expediency. The D.A. says that even though there are eyewitness's the Police didn't conduct a field indentification at the time of the arrest and the whole thing could be thrown out of court. Interesting!
And the case against the two vatos from Temple St or Alpine? was dropped as predicted on a "self defense" motion.
These guys were standing in front of a house when another gangster got out of his car and walked up to them with a piece that misfired.
The two intended victims then pulled out thier own quetes and started blasting away. Unfortunately the gangsters aim wasn't so good and the vato shooting blanks got away, but a little 9 year old girl helping her mother wash dishes in a house accross the street, was hit by a stray bullet and died a few days later. The two loco's were on the run but arrested a few days later
and charged with murder. "Self Defense" was the plea, and sorry about the little 9 year old girl but shit happens.
The girls family, who has left the neighborhood, moved here from Thailand so the kids could have a better future.
And on it goes.

Big Betty said...

"Negotiations for a cease fire between blacks and Latino gang members come on the heels of racially motivated killings..."

"between blacks" and Latino gang members...

Why couldn't the paper have said,
"between black gangs and latino gangs." ?
I know, I'm being petty some will say, but funny isn't it, how an apparent itty bitty nuance can slant a story to many "uninformed" readers from Long Beach to Long Island?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I was wondering what type of repercussions this brokered "truce" might have on other Varrio's. Some might get the idea that if it takes "hate crimes" to get a decent community center and a fair amount of jobs in their community/varrio, then, hell, why not draw attention to ourselves, commit the sme type of violations, and viola! We have ourselves in the position to "negotiate" with the opposition. This could have a potentially perilous downside folks, as weighed with the upside. And then again, if this whole thing backfires, and the community cneter is build, funding is granted for job placement/education, and some young buck with a point to prove to earn stripes decides to blast as some negritos, and a full on "fuck it" mentality takes shape, it would seem as if the ones who offered their half of the bargian with all god intentions got screwed. Then what? It might leave an " I told you so" scar across the already ugly belly of this whole ordeal. Just my two cents.


Serious Bystander said...

Several weeks back someone asked why the black community seems to get preferential treatment, or benefit of the doubt from the media?


Anonymous said...

There is no question that there exists a hierarchy when it comes to the implementation of hate crimes charges and/or an expectation of behavior from society when it comes to race. If the charges in the Long Beach case are dropped then it will be nothing more than an utter travesty and will further the message that blacks have the equivalent of open season when it comes to violating the civil rights of those of other races with impunity from hate crime charges. The same goes true for the current situation in Harbor Gateway. People should not have to fight to have the death of Mr. Mercado labeled as a hate crime. But, because the perpetrators are black, this has become an uphill battle. Incumbent with equality is the unbiased treatment of your fellow man. However, also incumbent is the expectation that your fellow man will act in a civilized manner and that society will judge and punish those that transgress our code of civility in a color blind manner. This, unfortunately, is not what we have. Instead, we have those that continually excuse the behavior of the blacks and thereby, through a different application of their expectations, exhibit a very insidious form of racism. This "truce" will have no lasting effect, particularly if the "injunction" is leveled regardless of the presence of the truce. It is obvious why an attempt at the truce was made in the first place. More police presence is bad for business. If business is going to be effected anyway then the "truce" with the Section 8 crowd becomes meaningless. BTW, where was Connie Rice, Naji Ali and the rest of this crowd when Mr. Mercado was killed? Let us hope that acquiescence is not the road that the Latinos take (as the whites and others have taken) when it comes to the paradigm of black = victim = hate crime and black = perpetrator = no hate crime PC garbage that has become the order of the day.

Anonymous said...

Don Q said................
The two intended victims then pulled out thier own quetes and started blasting away. Unfortunately the gangsters aim wasn't so good and the vato shooting blanks got away, but a little 9 year old girl helping her mother wash dishes in a house accross the street, was hit by a stray bullet and died a few days later. The two loco's were on the run but arrested a few days later and charged with murder. "Self Defense" was the plea, and sorry about the little 9 year old girl but shit happens.

I also just read about this case of the 9 year old girl, we just forget about the young innocent victims. I can not believe our justice system.

But wait did Don Q. also called the cops “racist cops” who should be “castigated in public” in a previous post. Who in the hell would want a job where you work to arrest a couple of low lifes thugs who kill a 9 year old. Then the low lifes thugs are released and you are quickly criticized for not doing a good job. And if some of your co-workers make a mistake all of you labeled as racist. LAPD sign me up I want to be an L.A. cop. (lol)

Now let us quote Don Q again ………………….
“The girl’s family, who has left the neighborhood, moved here from Thailand so the kids could have a better future. And on it goes.”

Very well put Don Q. the locuras just go on and on. I need a Tylenol just thinking about the insanity that is Los Angeles. Mayor V. welcome to the insanity, I wonder why people say the mayor is ineffective?

Que Locuras

Anonymous said...

How do you spell black attitude?
Flipping the bird – while black
"Black Man Walking," read the headline of an article I just read in a local weekly newspaper.

The author lives in an affluent, predominately white area, and in the article he complained that when he goes for a walk, he notices whites crossing the street, presumably to avoid him. It happens so many times that the black guy, in order to "strike first," walks across the street when he sees whites approaching. This way, he beats 'em to the punch, let's them know how it feels.

The writer made no mention of the disproportionate amount of crime committed by black men, a fact that undoubtedly plays into the minds of the "racist" whites who cross the street when they see him. Even Rev. Jesse Jackson once said, "I hate to admit it, but I have reached a stage in my life that if I am walking down a dark street late at night and I see that the person behind me is white, I subconsciously feel relieved."
Nor did the writer seem to appreciate that now blacks can, in fact, move into exclusive, upscale, non-black areas. Take just one example. Singer Nat King Cole encountered racist resistance from neighbors when he became, in 1948, the first black to attempt to move into the elite, very affluent Hancock Park area in Los Angeles...MORE AT

Anonymous said...

Black firefighter a disgrace..
Lets not forget Tennie Pierce, the black 19-year veteran firefighter, who is asking for a $2.7 million settlement from the Los Angeles City Council. Bless Johnnie Cochran, we learn fast don't we, use the race card, and be loud about it, more ya scream, more ya gonna get. Scream it on the Washinton mall, scream it in L.A., in the courts, scream it on CNN...

JIM said...

Wally, can you resubmit this post on your present Jan.16th thread? I originally posted it on the tail end of your Jan. 12th thread as a "Wallista Tribune" contribution, but is way too important not to include it here as some Wallista's might not bother going back to the Jan. 12th thread, Up to you.

Wallista Tribune said...
The NEW YORK TIMES take on la movida here...
TURF WAR: Los Angeles Violence Feeds on Black-Hispanic Rivalry...
January 17, 2007
Racial Hate Feeds a Gang War’s Senseless Killing
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 16 — The Latino gang members were looking for a black person, any black person, to shoot, the police said, and they found one. Cheryl Green, perched near her scooter chatting with friends, was shot dead in a spray of bullets that left several other young people injured.

She was 14, an eighth grader who loved junk food and watching Court TV with her mother and had recently written a poem beginning: “I am black and beautiful. I wonder how I will be living in the future.”

“I never thought something like this could happen here in L.A.,” said her mother, Charlene Lovett, fighting tears.

Cheryl’s killing last month, which the police said followed a confrontation between the gang members and a black man, stands out in a wave of bias-related attacks and incidents in a city that promotes its diversity as much as frets over it.

Ethnic and racial tension comes to Los Angeles as regularly as the Santa Ana winds. Race-related fights afflict school campuses and jails, and two major riots, in 1965 and 1992, are hardly forgotten. But civil rights advocates say that the violence grew at an alarming rate last year, continuing a trend of more Latino versus black confrontations and prompting street demonstrations and long discussions on talk-radio programs and in community meetings.

Much of the violence springs from rivalries between black and Latino gangs, especially in neighborhoods where the black population has been declining and the Latino population surging. A 14 percent increase in gang crime last year, at a time when overall violent crime was down, has been attributed in good measure to the interracial conflict.

This month, the authorities reported that crimes in the city motivated by racial, religious or sexual orientation discrimination had increased 34 percent in 2005 over the previous year. Statistics for 2006 have not yet been compiled.

Rabbi Allen Freehling, executive director of the Los Angeles Human Relations Commission, a group created after the 1965 riots, said the recent growth in hate crimes reflected a failure by government and community leaders to prepare residents for socioeconomic changes in many neighborhoods, “and therefore people have a tendency to lash out, out of desperation.”

In November, three Latino gang members received sentences of life in federal prison for crimes that included the murder of two black men — one waiting for a bus, another searching for a parking spot — and assaults on others in a conspiracy to intimidate black residents of a northeast Los Angeles neighborhood.

In another case, a twist on past racial dramas, 10 black youths, some of whom prosecutors say had connections to a gang, are on trial for what prosecutors contend was a racially motivated attack in neighboring Long Beach on three young white women who were visiting a haunted house on Halloween. Long Beach also experienced an increase in hate crimes in 2005.

But even with the alarm caused by the recent increase in bias crimes, Constance L. Rice, a veteran civil rights lawyer, said that, considering Los Angeles’s diversity, race relations remained relatively calm and were even marked by many examples of groups getting along.

Still, in several corners of the city, particularly where poverty is high and demographics are shifting, tensions have been flaring.

“You don’t find entire segments of the city against one another,” Ms. Rice said, “but in the hot spots and areas of friction you find it is because the demographics are in transition and there is an assertion of power by one group or the other and you get friction.”

In Harbor Gateway, the neighborhood where Cheryl Green was killed, tension had grown so severe that blacks and Latinos formed a dividing line on a street that both sides understood never to cross and a small market was unofficially declared off-limits to blacks. Ms. Lovett had warned her children not to go near the line, 206th Street, but Cheryl had ridden her scooter near it to talk to friends when she was shot.

Neighbors said the dominant 204th Street gang, which is Latino, had harassed blacks and Latinos alike and effectively kept the groups divided, though language and cultural differences also have contributed to segregation.

“We wave hello, but I cannot really talk to blacks because my English is limited and I don’t want to mess with the gang,” said Armando Lopez, speaking in Spanish, who lives near where Cheryl was shot.

A man who described himself as a former member of the 204th Street gang said black gang members had shot or assaulted Latinos, too, and explained the violence as a deadly tit-for-tat.

“They shot a Mexican guy right around the corner from here and nobody protested or said anything,” said the man, who asked that his name not be used for fear of retaliation. He referred to neighborhood speculation that Cheryl’s killing was in retaliation for the killing of Arturo Mercado, a Latino shot to death in the neighborhood a week before Cheryl in what the police call an unexplained shooting.

The violence in that neighborhood and others has prompted a flurry of announcements by Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa and police officials promising a renewed crackdown on gangs, particularly those responsible for hate-related crimes. Mr. Villaraigosa plans to meet Friday with Robert S. Mueller III, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about expanding its assistance in investigating gang and hate-related violence; the agency has been working with the police on such investigations in the San Fernando Valley, where gang violence has increased the most.

Chief William J. Bratton has said the Police Department would soon issue a most-wanted list of the city’s 10 to 20 worst gangs, with those most active in hate crimes likely to land on it.

“It’s to say, ‘We’re coming after you,’ ” Mr. Bratton said.

A city-financed report by Ms. Rice released Friday said Los Angeles needed a “Marshall plan” to address gang violence in light of a growth in gang membership and a lack of a comprehensive strategy to curb the problem.

Despite the spike in hate crimes in 2005, the total number of bias-related incidents in Los Angeles, 333 in a city of 3.8 million people, was down from peaks in violent crime in the mid-1990s and just after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Cheryl Green’s killing particularly alarmed community and civil rights advocates because of her age and the indication that the neighborhood’s long history of racial violence was continuing. Two Latino gang members have been charged with murder in the case. With the district attorney having filed a formal allegation that the men were motivated by hate, they could be eligible for the death penalty or life in prison without parole if convicted.

Mr. Villaraigosa, the city’s first Latino mayor in over a century, was elected in 2005 in part on a promise of keeping peace among racial and ethnic groups. He attended a rally in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood Saturday, one of a few demonstrations calling for unity. He hugged Ms. Lovett and Beatriz Villa, the sister-in-law of Mr. Mercado, the Latino killed earlier.

“Our cultural and ethnic diversity are cornerstones of a strong L.A.,” the mayor said Friday, “and violent crime motivated by the victim’s skin color will not be tolerated.”

Earl Ofari Hutchinson, an African-American syndicated columnist who plays host to the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable, a weekly gathering in the Leimert Park neighborhood of South Los Angeles, said blacks complained that illegal Latin American immigrants were stealing jobs. Latinos, particularly newcomers unaccustomed to living among large numbers of African-Americans, in turn accuse blacks of criminal activity and harassing them.

“I think L.A. is a microcosm of what could happen in big cities in the future,” Mr. Hutchinson said. “When we have the kind of tension you see in L.A. in the schools, the workplace and now hate-crime violence, my great concern is this is a horrific view of what could happen in other cities.”

Ms. Lovett, Cheryl’s mother, said the family moved to Harbor Gateway six years ago to get away from a high-crime neighborhood in another part of Los Angeles. A relative of a black neighbor was shot by the gang a few years ago, she said, and recently she had begun looking for a safer area.

“I feel it is unfortunate my daughter had to be the sacrificial lamb,” she said. “But I just hope there is a change in this neighborhood.”


The front page of the Daily Breeze has a story about the "gang cease-fire deal reached in (Harbor) Gateway," along with the obligatory accompanying story about Janice Hahn wanting to throw more money (i.e. tax increase on homeowners) at the problem. All for "gang prevention" type of activities. Bullshit. First, repeal S.O. 40, incarcerate and deport all illegal gang members, stop the selective enforcement of laws, and as you said earlier, deploy a "surge" of more cops to get tough with these animals who are destroying this city. It's unbelievable that the illegal alien lobby is so strong in LA that we can't even discuss eliminating SO 40, or demand that ICE enforce immigration laws rather than just beg the feds for more money. And the politically correct hack who I used to respect (Bratton) should stop cavorting and preening at Hollywood crap such as the Golden Globes and spend more time DOING something about these thugs!

archie bunker said...

...one more thing,
WE won't get new recruits with a gang banger mayor, morons as city council members passing dumb ass motions and wasting tax money, every being critical of LAPD doing the right thing and is it any wonder we don't have enough officers on the street. Why isn't anyone stating that LAPD officers have been assaulted this year is up? Criminals are becoming the victims and clowncil are demonizing officers. Gee, wonder why no one wants to join LAPD. Clowncil and mayor are too stupid to figure it out. No wonder they get bad press and the nations makes fun of LA.

Anonymous said...

The article in Daily-Breeze should be called “Negotiating with the Terrorists”.

I read the following quote and about fell out of my chair.
“The reason why we are coming up with a truce is we realize a truce will get the community what it needs,” said Jonathan O’Gorman, a 16-year member of a Latino gang based on 204th Street. “If there is no truce, we won’t get a rec center. We won’t get the things on our agenda. We are willing to make sacrifices.”

I did not know that the agenda of the 204th street gang was getting a recreation center and bringing more employment opportunities to the Harbor gate area. I would have guessed the gang agenda is to have plenty of young drug dealers on the street and make sure no one interferes with their drug business. Does anybody remember the name Peter "Sana" Ojeda who also helped broker a “truce” in Santa Ana. I will again recommend the HBO show “The Wire” it is a drama which parallels what we read here in Wally’s place.

But I do agree with Don Q and Que Locuras there are so many crazy things going on in Los Angeles. May god bless Mayor Villaraigosa and give magical powers and strength because he sure needs them.

Mad Mexican

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the history of 204? I heard they actually branched off of some old crips et. True or false? And where is Harbor gateway?

Anonymous said...

To Archie Bunker,
You are so right about that stupid S.O. 40. We should be arresting and deporting all illegal alien criminals in Los Angeles. We even had a "catch & release" program for illegal aliens, in which the border patrol “caught” an illegal alien crossing the border and “released” him with an order to show up for court. Guess what the illegal aliens released did show up for court. At least enough people noticed and Bush finally changed the rules for the immigration department to deport or arrest any illegal alien caught crossing the border now.

I know at least one of the suspects in the killing of the girl in Harbor Gateway is an illegal immigrant. I do not understand how many crimes the illegal immigrant gang members have to commit before people take notice. We give then free education and free hospital services, I know Mexico does not do something so stupid.

And what business owner is going to open up any company in Los Angeles when you have the highest crime rate in California, and the spineless politicians who are afraid to do what is best for the city? Guess what, jobs are NOT coming to Los Angeles when the city is the crime capital of California. I am not moving my company from San Dimas to Los Angeles even if I get free rent. I could not afford to have my company and employees robbed on a continual basis. And by the way “Hollywood Chief Bratton” was moved from his front row seat to the rear seats at the Golden Globe Awards. There is a little justice in the world.

The other thing I have noticed here is the attitude of “The White Man” is keeping me down. I’ve got news for you; this white man and most other white men just work hard and raise our own families. I am not responsible for your crime rate and other problems in Los Angeles. And I don’t have time to support the “grand conspiracy” against all the poor Mexicans of Los Angeles. If a Mexican, Chinese, or other race shows up at my company and he has the best work experience and work history he gets hired. If he has a criminal record I do not employ him even if he is white. So please stop blaming me for all your problems in Los Angeles.

“The White Man”

Anonymous said...


LOS ANGELES, January 17, 2007 - Two men arrested in connection with a stray shot that killed a 9-year-old girl in Angelino Heights were released without being charged after authorities determined the bullet that killed the girl was fired in self-defense, it was reported Wednesday.

Cesar Zamora, 23, and Steven Castanon, 20, were freed, and police said they were working to build a case against the person whose gun jammed when he leveled it at Zamora and Castanon, prompting the Dec. 20 shot that killed Charupha Wongwisetsiri.

The pictures of these two murderers Cesar Zamora and Steven Castanon should be posted on every wall and on every telephone pole in their neighborhood until another “accidental” shooting kills these two useless ass-holes.

The Sniper

Gava Joe said...

I have to agree with "White Man". Aw hell, no I do'nt..But I was just watching "Armed and Famous" and have to say that LA could really use Eric Estrada on the job , along with the "Wee Man".. Those guys would put the fear of God in all the malcontents and bad actors that plague your streets..Just my dos sheckles..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said.....I know at least one of the suspects in the killing of the girl in Harbor Gateway is an illegal immigrant. I do not understand how many crimes the illegal immigrant gang members have to commit before people take notice. We give then free education and free hospital services, I know Mexico does not do something so stupid.

It seems to me that the S.O.S crowd is really making their presence felt on this blog. These guys make it seem like every gangmember in L.A is an illegal Mexican immigrant. They can see a fool with an MS tatoo and to them he's an illegal Mexican. Any crime committed by any Latino is automatically attributed to Mexicans, while anything good done by Mexicans will be attributed to Latinos as a whole. Therefore they dilute any positives done by our community and magnify all crimes committed by any Latino to only the Mexican community.

Many people don't support any conspiracy theories but some just beg to be considered. For example why do the powers that be allow the chemicals ephedrine and pseudoephedrine to still be used in cough medicines when they know that these chemicals are the main ingredients to making Meth? These chemicals are very hard to make and there are only nine super labs in the whole world that make these chemicals and regulating them would seem to be easy. So why hasn't it been done? Pfizer the maker of Sudafed has a patent to a the chemical Phenylephrine that works the same as the other two chemicals but can't be turned into Meth. So why not make all Pharmaceutical companies use this chemical for their cold remedies?

Also, why is it that white people get lighter sentences on crimes than people of color do? I've seen this type of shit happen myself. I know some white fools that went in to court and got love from the judge. While homies that went in for the same offense got screwed. Just check out what happened to that Ex-Mayor of Burbank Stacy Murphy. One would think that the BPD would be more pissed off at her for hanging out with the enemy, NOT. When all was said and done she came out looking like a victim! Just another victim of the madness inflicked on the innocent white community by Mexican hoodlums. I think she was given probation.

Anyways one more thing. Why is it that when blacks and Latinos are finally enrolling into collages in greater numbers the tuitions skyrocket? The price for tuitions have always increased but not like they have in the last few years. One could say that the cost of tuition effects all students the same. But if ones parents are collage graduates one would assume that they earn more money and therefore it's easier for them to pay the higher prices. It has never been as hard as it is now for a kid to be the first in his family to go to collage. Just a couple of chingaderas to think about. Alrato.

don quixote said...

No no "Que Locuras" don't take what I say out of context and misquote me. I never said all cops are rascist and you know it. I said that I remember the rascist cops and administration of the LA Chief Parker regime who were indeed rascist and concocted rules to prevent minorities from joining or succeeding as police or firefighters. This is well known history to all but the ignorant or rascist cops of old. Here's a quote from the Chief that old alcoholic rascist. "Mexicans are by nature a violent race, they all carry knives and are descendent from the wild indians in the hills of Mexico".
I still remember his butt buddy then Republican Senator George Murphy and Parker at a luncheon and in support of the old "Bracero Program" for the farmers of Ca., and that idiot Murphy stating that "Mexicans are just natural farmworkers because they are shorter and don't have as far to bend over when harvesting crops".
I could go on and on but I'll just say good riddance to them. I support Chief Bratton of the LAPD and his close ally Mayor Villaraigosa and hope they can get a handle on the gang problem.
And again don't misquote me with your pinhead rascist bullshit. I never said "cops are rascist and should be castigated in public" I said that if a bad cop is a bad cop he should be investigated and this should be available to the public who pays his wages, just like any other criminal action against any citizen.
I did like the "surge" statement in regards to the gang problem. It may be as succesful as our lame duck Presidents "surge" and "Mission Accomplished" strategy in Iraq.

Contender said...

204 History is that they branched off of Tortilla Flats back in the 80's. They are a small varrio that now has major beef with TXF. They used to be road dogs and had each others backs while fighting gangs like Victoria Park and EastSide Torrance, Keystone, Carson 13, etc. but now they are mortal enemies. Been that way for years. And the Harbor Gateway is a strip of streets and areas that incorporate part of Torrance, Gardena, and Carson.

Anonymous said...

let me get this straight, the repa from 204 street is a 16 year old mocoso?what kind of varrio has a 16 year old speaking up for them?wow,where i come from you better be some kind of big player from the varrio,a way older vato with a whole lot of clout to speak or rep the varrio on a issue such as this.i'm sure 204 has older homies that can pull some strings.maybe not......pacoimero

Anonymous said...

I read alot of good shit on this latest post but what I really want to know is how do you become a "veterano" from any barrio at the tender age of 16? When I was 12 years old the "veteranos" from my neighborhood were like 42 years old and now that I'm 44 the "vets" around here are in there 70's and I'm still considered a chavalon by them older homies, Well I guess I can quote my dear old jefita on this one. "esos chavalos mocosos no saben ni limpiar el culo, y ya quieren ser veteranos".

El Montero

trukos said...

i seen a clip on ktla, they were interviewing the black folks in south central, the black dude was saying that the mexicans were taking jobs from them and that then they would get their friends jobs and they were coming in tremendous numbers taking over their hoods?thats why the blacks are mad he said? what the fuck, if the jobs were their in the first place? why didnt they go get them to begin with?

Anonymous said...

To SV VBS or whatever gang you are from,

Why do you get mad at me for stating the obvious Los Angeles has a majority Latino population and the majority of illegal immigrants are from Mexico. If you pick up a map you will see it has a large border with USA (very close). There are more Mexican immigrants here than from any other Latin American country. And we should deport any illegal alien from, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua who is a stupid uneducated gang-banger. Thanks for the gang tattoo lesson “MS-13” means he is probably from El Salvador, let’s deport MS-13 criminals to Mexico anyway see how they like it.

How did you uncover our Methamphetamine conspiracy using cough medicine?
Do not forget the “White Man” makes spray paint cans so you can paint graffiti on everything.
We also make “special” bullets which we only sell in Los Angeles, which seek and kill innocent kids.
And yes we raised the college tuition so only rich white kids can go to school, damn I thought I was going to get away with that.
Don’t tell anybody but we also put something in the free school lunches so your kids join gangs and dropout of school. Since you are so clever I will let you on this little known secret.
I can only imagine how smart your child is with such a brilliant parent who will teach him about the evil “White Empire”

I will help you with a few positive Latino role models – US Attorney General, LA Mayor, LA District Attorney, Calif. State Assembly Speaker. I suggest you let them speak on your behalf.

The White Conspiracy

Anonymous said...

9 year old girl helping her mother wash dishes in a house accross the street, was hit by a stray bullet and died a few days later. The two loco's were on the run but arrested a few days later
and charged with murder. "Self Defense" was the plea, and sorry about the little 9 year old girl but shit happens.

I guess if your a 9 year old girl from Thailand shit just happens.If your name is Katlynn Avila it's a travesty and a hate crime.

White Is Right said...

Also, why is it that white people get lighter sentences on crimes than people of color do? I've seen this type of shit happen myself. I know some white fools that went in to court and got love from the judge. While homies that went in for the same offense got screwed.

C'mon Dude.Your smarter than that.It all depends on priors and what not.Everbody's case is different.I've been screwed a few times by White judges.

StillNoScript said...

Good thought on Estrada being deputized to handle gang violence in L.A., Gava.

"Okay, where you boys from? Avenues? Whoah, it's a bus full of the Los Angeles Rams' Cheerleaders! You kids stay out of trouble."

Boom, cha bump, boom boom boom bump cha bam....

White Is Right said...

SV VBS said...

It has never been as hard as it is now for a kid to be the first in his family to go to collage.

Check out Stanford University Bro.Last year they just made it a hell of alot easier if you are low income.I'm not saying that YOU are, but for those that are low income Stanford just lowered the tuition signifficantly.

don qixote said...

Pacoimero and others, yea I too thought Wally was saying that O'Gorman, the spokesman for 204th is a 16 year old spokesman for the varrio. I read about this same story in the LA Times and it O'Gorman is in his 30's and is a 16 year veterano from 204th not a 16 year old. hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

let me get this straight, the repa from 204 street is a 16 year old mocoso?what kind of varrio has a 16 year old speaking up for them?wow,where i come from you better be some kind of big player from the varrio,a way older vato with a whole lot of clout to speak or rep the varrio on a issue such as this.i'm sure 204 has older homies that can pull some strings.maybe not......pacoimero

the repa for 204 is 32 years old and is a 16 year veterano. not 16 years old

Officer Krupke said...

"L.A. could really use Eric Estrada on the job"

Yeah...pimp my LAPD.

Anonymous said...

Call me naive but I couldn't believe that there wasn't any black actors or sports athlets in the Martin Luther King parade tthis past Monday. There are tons of actors here in LA and how blacks do the Dodgers, Lakers, USC, UCLA, hockey team, soap operas, prime time series have black actors who all live in LA and not one was in the parade. All they had were politicans. Can anyone explain why this was? And did anyone see how far back Antonio was in the parade? He wasn't in front at all but after some school bands and drill teams. Then he was running across each side of the street, sweating and couldn't catch his breath.

Anonymous said...

LA Daily news
Officials: Attack on gangs must be cooperative
Violence rampant despite separate agency programs

With scores of anti-gang programs proving ineffective in stemming a wave of violence, a cross-section of city and community officials joined Wednesday to seek a unified solution to the crisis.

Although the city, county and Los Angeles Unified School District operate a total of 87 anti-gang programs, the lack of a comprehensive approach has allowed gang activity and violence to escalate, said a report issued last week by respected civil-rights attorney Connie Rice said.

"These (programs) have just been added over the years with no thought to accountability," Councilman Tony Cardenas said Wednesday at a hearing of the Ad Hoc Committee on Gangs and Youth Violence.

"If I put together an organizational chart like

Valley homicides
An interactive map gives you the who, what, when and where for all of this year's homicides in the Valley.

this when I was studying to be an engineer, I never would have passed.
"If we don't find relief fast, and create effective solutions, then we will lose more lives in this disaster."

Elected officials, city and county law enforcement and religious leaders concurred that agencies must address the problem together.

"It is time for the Police Department and law enforcement to recognize that the suppression component is the first step," Police Chief William Bratton said. "We

Anonymous said...

white is right said: "I've been screwed a few times by white judges!"
A la chingada, white is right, and I thought you white boys only got screwed by priests, now white judges too?
If I was you I would sue thier asses!

Anonymous said...

"let me get this straight, the repa from 204 street is a 16 year old mocoso?what kind of varrio has a 16 year old speaking up for them?"

Newspapers wrong hes 34.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys make sure you read the articles more closely, the O'Gorman guy is a 16 year veterano and 32 years old.

Hey White Is Right that sounds like a good ol' Irish name to me!! Actually saw the guy on TV last night, looked like a half breed so his old man must have been a race traitor, ha ha. This doesn't sound like the guy who used to post as White Is Right.
If you read the post over the last year you will see there isn't a whole lot of blame the white man for everything on there coming from Mexican's, most of that comes from a friend SNL up in No. Cal who is a white guy. 2nd why is it that the whole Minutemen, SOS crowd seem to think every freakin' brown person is illegal??? Even though most of you claim your just against illegals your real agenda seems more against any Latino regardless of legal status.


StillNoScript said...

OC, why are you so concerned with me blaming people who happen to be White for any problem that I feel they deserve blame for?

I don't believe in blaming one particular thing for anything. I think it limits one's ability to use their mind to it's fullest extent, and usually blaming one thing is done in a mantra with other people in the name of an agenda. Like, many commenters at InTheHat blaming BLACKS for everything. Oh, and liberal Whites. But, I guess blaming liberal Whites for everything doesn't count as blaming the White man, right?

If a Black kid guns down some Mexican kid on a playground, do I blame the White man? No. I blame the kid. I blame his parents. I will go as far to blame faculty at this given school if they knew there was some kind of drama heating up yet they didn't pay it any mind.

If I blame White people for anything, it's the policies in this country, most of them albeit stemming from the pre civil rights era, that have greatly contributed to as many Blacks and Latinos being as poor as they are in places like Los Angeles. Per these policies, who else should be blamed? You're not going to find much other than white rice in that pot.

OC, if you track most of YOUR posts, you'll see that you're as guilty of pinning blame on Blacks for problems that others have contributed to as I am for blaming Whites for problems that others have contributed to.

So, until you put your eggs in more than one basket regarding where blame should be put in this Black vs. Brown conflict, you're throwing stones from a glass house when you accuse someone other than yourself of blaming one race for the world's problems.


Let me in on this 'SNL' thing. I'm sure it's funny.

Gava Joe said...

OC - How ya been ese? Longtime..

SNL? Still Not Latino? Sorry Negro Lop? Saying Nothing Liberal? (in a pig's eye)..I'm thinkin you're refering to our carnalito del Norte El Gran Steel nel Scripto. My man! Homeboy infinato..Defender of all things right errrrrrr correct... But I kid the Script..

Jeezus. Does anybody get the impression these mero gangsters are beginning to sound like politicians? The way they seem to be negotiating and weighing alternatives puts them in the same stinky boat the politicos float in.. Are they truly vying for benefits for their barrios and neighbors or are they looking for a seat on the City Council? If the latter proves true then they need to swing on down to the Suburu dealership and talk to the wig-maker for some of those "piquantly coiffed doo's".. At least the politicos are suitably transparent and wear their motives on their sleeves, whereas these wafflers just look stupid..

I do soulemnly swear to find the hidden conspiracy and shall forthwith expose it in all its naked beauty.. Gratefully from Kansas with love, GJ

Anonymous said...

Whitey is right, I know that sentencing has alot to do with the priors people have on their jacket, and that every case is different. But the cases that I stated were cases that I know about. The white dudes in these cases had bigger priors than the homies and they still got lighter sentences. I'm cool with these white dudes and we have joked about it. But it was fucked up when it happened. Maybe it doesn't happen all the time but white dudes do get love from judges. Anyways, thanks for the tip on Stanford. I'll have my kid check it out. He's considering attending a university closer to home, but he did like Berkeley.

White Conspiracy, I don't speak on behalf of anyone but myself. And I'm not mad at you. I respect your right to have and voice your opinion. I just needed to correct you. You made it seem that you thought that all illegal migrants were Mexican and thats wrong. The majority yes, but not all. I'm not against deporting illegals that commit crimes here in the US. But they should be deported to their country of origin. To do what you propose would be like what Cuba did to the US with the Marielitos. Being that you're a business man you have to know that the US ignores it's own immigration laws because America is dependent on the cheap labor that illegal migrants provide. The vast majority of migrants are law abiding hard working people and should not be smutted by the ones that commit crimes.

I feel like I have been misunderstood. I don't think that there a "white conspiracy" against minorities. What I believe in is that there is conspiracy by the powerful against the powerless, rich vs. poor et. Not just here in America but all over the world. Open your eyes and follow the money. It's that simple. And as for the Meth thing here is a good site for you to study.


Anonymous said...

To all my Brown Brothers,

Please learn to read carefully, anybody who took the time to read the daily-breeze article knows the article mentioned a "16 year veteran" of the gang, and it did not give his age. But I thought it interesting that a guy with an Irish Anglo Saxon last name like "O’Gorman" is a Latino’s gang spokesman.


I wonder what kind of conspiracy theories this will create in the minds of many of Wally’s readers; The "White man" is leading our Latino gangs into a race war with Blacks.

Do not forget what I said about those free lunches at school.

I cannot speak from experience about the jail sentences given to criminal defendants of different races, because I just manage to lead my life without being involved in ANY criminal activities. I would suggest this approach for those who feel they are not being treated fairly in criminal cases. If I do not like the Big Mac I don't go to McDonalds.

The White Conspiracy

Anonymous said...

Shit why do I always seem to fuck that up. My post wasn't a stab at you, sorry if it came off that way. I was merely pointing out to "White Is Right" that a lot of the post "blaming" the white man were written by a white guy, no disrespect to you. Many of your points are valid. WIR seemed to think this blog was a "blame the white man" type of thing and like you say it's more of a "blame the black man" haha.

PS. I'll be moving up to the South Bay San Jose area in a few months. That's going to be a trip!

StillNoScript said...

It probably looks more like OC, anymore. Lol. I hear that most of the drama in San Jo is really between Varrio Horseshoe on the West Side (one of the biggest and oldest Norte gangs) and a nearby Sur gang. The rest of the city still has a lot of it's old lowrider, casual vibe. Hopefully it stays that way. Best of luck.

White Is Right said...

Sorry O.C , unfortunatly Wally doesn't approve of my response to you so I'll just say this : my conversation wasn't directed at you .The person it was directed towards already responded.And I wasn't accusing anyone on this site of blaming Whitey.I will welcome your response to me when I adress a question toward you.

Anonymous said...

A truce between Blacks and latino gang members?

There are 3 black gangs in the HxA, neither are in this new varrio called 204st. There are only Black civilians. No Black Gang in the Area!

With all this tall about how low down and animalistic Blacks are, you dont see a campaign by blacks to mow down "Civilian Latinos"

Who are the uncivilized here?


Harbor City Crips /Harbor City Boys
Dodge City Crips/ Rancho San Pedro
Water Front Pirus / WS Wilmas

Anonymous said...

The senseless level of this violence is a waste of human life that seems to have no purpose other than fighting over ugly territories that literally have no value or pleasure for most Americans. Its a great failure of the parents who raised these children into what they apparently become, a bunch of street level fighting predators. Don't they have any goals in life other than shooting people over drug money and the color of their skin or the fingers of their gang affiliation? Frankly what is even their point of living in a modern society if they only use it to get guns, drugs, flashy clothes and cars? Don't some of these kids have curiosity about art, science, or engineering? Its like they sorely lack something inside them to mature into a reasoning adult. When I first was in the LA area I was amazed with this ominious feeling of crowding, dirt, waste, and death to those with souls. Why do people have children in this horrible environment? And then why do they abandon them?