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Tarso Luis Ramos, Director of Research of a group called Political Research Associates has recently taken me to task at for using the term "ethnic cleansing" to describe the scores of racially motivated attacks against Blacks committed by Hispanic gang members.

The gist of Mr. Ramos' critique is that my analysis of the situation is colored by my "apparent right wing leanings." His evidence of my political orientation is that some things I've written have appeared in "rightwing culture warrior David Horowitz’s Web magazine Frontpagemag" and that my publisher also published Victor David Hanson's "Mexifornia."

Ramos calls me "the most persistent purveyor of the ethnic cleansing frame." Maybe it's because I was the first to notice. The simple truth of the matter is, I didn't go looking for that particular story. When I started doing research some ten years ago, I had no idea such a thing existed. I first started hearing about it from my interviews with active and retired gangsters and from street cops. I clearly remember back in 1999, a cop told me that in his reporting district, black citizens (not gangsters) were safe on one side of the street but put their lives at risk if they crossed over. And when I heard the same thing from other sources in other parts of the county, it was clear that a pattern existed.

And as explained to me by people in the neighborhoods, they didn't want their V(B)arrio (take your pick) to "turn into Watts." When asked what they meant by that, I leave to your imagination what they said. It would make a Klansman proud.

Then I collected about a dozen court cases documenting racially motivated violence and murder and I shotgunned a bunch of query letters and phone calls to the usual media. At the time, even I wasn't calling it ethnic cleansing or a race war. To me, it was just a new development on an old problem.

Regular readers already know the response I got. Some flat out refused to accept that this was happening. Some were afraid that running the piece would stoke a race war. Or I had an agenda. Or I was trying to make Mexicans look bad. From Los Angeles Magazine, LACityBeat, LA Weekly, the Daily News, OC Register, NY Times Magazine, Atlantic Monthly - you name it - there were lots of excuses not to run with the story.

During that slog to get the facts out, I called the NAACP, Rainbow Push and other Black civil rights groups repeatedly. I asked for comments on the phenomenon. They told me, "Someone will get back to you." No one ever did. The only Black group to respond was Islamic Hope. And they, meaning Najee Ali, were already aware of the situation. And Ali minced no words in telling me why the "established" Black groups had plugged their ears and covered their eyes to the realities on the street. He was running into the same stone wall with them and the media. Clearly I wasn't alone.

There was another group that ran into a media and "activist" stone wall -- the families of the victims. Nobody wanted to touch it because when it came to choosing between ideology and speaking out for those who can no longer speak, ideology won out in this case. Unlike the ideologically blinded, the families had no illusions about the nature of the forces that took away their loved ones. Perhaps Mr. Ramos would like to speak to them directly.

It was the survivors and the attitudes of people on the street that finally got me to thinking of the situation in terms of ethnic cleansing. What was the point of the attacks and homicides? In the words of one perp, it was to "keep them from infesting the neighborhood." Whether the words come out of a Latino, a white guy with a hood, a Hutu, a Tutsi or a Bosnian, it is the language of intolerance. So excuse me for pointing that out.

Does it rise to the level of ethnic cleansing? Certainly it's not on the same scale as Bosnia. Or Darfur. I came to the conclusion, however, that in terms of INTENT, there's no difference between killing one guy or a thousand. After all, what's the threshold? Is ten dead guys enough to qualify? A hundred? The intent is to intimidate, frighten and drive off anyone else thinking of living where they choose to live or drive where they want (Wilson) or carry a boom box (Bowser) or rent an apartment (Prudhomme). Because the perps didn't succeed to the extent they desired does not lessen their intent to drive innocent people out of the hood. So what do you call it?

The question Mr. Ramos raises in his piece is "Who Gains From Framing Gang Attacks in LA as "'Ethnic Cleansing'"? Bluntly speaking, the question itself is obscene. I never once framed the issue in terms of immigration or a battle between conservative or liberal politics. I never articulated the issue as anything other than what it was.

And "gain?" What is that? As if the murder of innocents is some kind of political chess match? I don't even know that math.

It's hard to figure out if Mr. Ramos is in favor of suppressing news or just making sure to spin it in a way that doesn't give anyone some kind of "gain." He quotes Sheilagh Polk, the media relations manager at the Community Coalition that the media, “have played a significant role in escalating gang violence.”“When you have Fox news broadcasting about racial violence inside prisons, that creates pressure outside to retaliate.” I've heard a lot of reasons for escalating violence but news stories about it have never been at the top of the list. Or anywhere on it. If media coverage is a causal component of violence, then does non-coverage lead to peace? Based on her premise, let's stop reporting gang violence altogether so gangs won't feel the need to retaliate. Ignore them and maybe they'll go away.

Mr. Ramos also quotes Aqeela Sherrills, a gang expert. Sherrills believes that the Mexican Mafia is run by businessmen who find "no advantage in a generalized conflict with African Americans." Which is why the two groups get along so well in prison. But at least he got the businessmen part right. His comment underscores a certain naivete about the nature of that business and the dictum that "In chaos, there is profit." And a destabilized competitor is a weak competitor.

I could spend the rest of the day going through Mr. Ramos' assertions and conclusions. But it's tiresome.

The bottom line is that we've got serious social issues to handle and we're not getting anywhere by worrying about what part of the political spectrum is gaining or losing ground. Call me a liar, call me a Troglodyte, tell me I'm full of crap, an alarmist, sensationalist or a right wing whack job. It won't stop what's happening on street. Over to you Tarso.


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Anonymous said...

Very well Written Wally. It seems to me Mr. Ramos has case of the "Rosie's" (O'Donnell). What a joke this man is. As usual, trying to drum up hoopla for his own Circus. What a bozo. He will never fully understand the full spectrum of what is really going on. But hey, take his word for it. He grew up in the Varrio, lost homies and knows quite a few meros himslef. Why should we think otherwise? What a clown. -Jose619

Anonymous said...

It isn't a surprise that news about "ethnic cleansing" (those are strong words when you read them in print, I'll admit) could create a mess in the minds of the impressionable public.

Nevertheless, the messenger, in this case Wally Con-Huevos, tells it like it is, minus the spin.

There was once a time when discussing the possibility of a Catholic priest having sex with young kids as sheer blasphemy. Now, it does not surprise even the staunchest Catholic believers.

So Wally touched on a topic that many would like to keep "under the carpet" and otherwise subdued. Motive: fear of a race war. And, you know what? I understand where many of these people may be coming from for being afraid of such public disclosure.

Wouldn't it be better for "undercover forces" to work together to diffuse such a potential powder keg?

How about CDC SSU agents yanking Big Homies from their comfortable cells and giving them an alternative: call off the dogs or we make life in prison much worse than you can imagine (I won't elaborate but CDC can be very creative). In exchange for turning off the green light: increased exercise and/or visiting time.

It's been done in the past. In this case, it would work in the interest of the Big Homies. As Tijuana Jailer correctly states:

'I believe that, if allowed to continue, the heat generated by these hate crimes can only generate increased “unwanted attention” on La EME’s criminal activities and this is not good for business.'

Just my opinion.

East L.A. Vato

Anonymous said...

Wally, once again you've taken every last word out of my mouth. To me it's crystal clear that the Democrat & liberal politicians do not want what's happening on the streets to spill into their political ranks for fear that it will greatly weaken their party/agenda. This clearly illustrates the fact that black, white or hispanic Democrats have never cared about minorities so much as they care about wielding their political power. Great piece Wally, well articulated.

Bill O'Reilly sure could have used your analysis of this topic on today's show. Instead Bill gave us the Juan Williams kool-aid version of the tension between hispanics and blacks in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, why didn't the other more established black groups want to touch this subject. You mention it but I'd like to hear why. Normally they're never one's to shy away from the cameras.

Ageela Sherrills who is that person, "that's why they get a long so well in the prisons", what planet to they live on?

Lastly a question to whomever wants to answer. Knowing that the big homies main reason behind the attack on blacks probably has more to do with money from drugs then anything else but what about the vato's on the street. It's to the point now where for some of them it is racial, they just straight out don't like black people. Do you think for many of them it's gone beyond money and power?

Lastly I know DQ has brought it up many times.... but on the otherside of the coin you don't hear a lot about the black on brown, and that's mainly piasas with their ice cream carts etc. who aren't going to say shit if they live for fear of getting deported. But that's been going on for years as well.


PS. Wally I don't give a shit if you lean to the left or right politically, I enjoy this blog because of the info you bring to it.

Thanks to DQ and former gangster for the stories from the varrio, that's what had many of us coming here in the first place.

Former gangster which TVR varrio did that McGee guy belong too and that vato Trigger, he's the white guy with TVR on his head and his face all covered in tatts.

Anonymous said...

Top Signs Paris Hilton Isn't Doing Well In jail.

Suffering from insomnia because she's not used to sleeping in the same bed every night

Too depressed to participate in prison riots

Desperate for intimacy, she made a boyfriend out of a stuffed laundry bag

She's ballooned to 93 pounds

Only time she said "That's hot!" was during delousing

Only call she received was from Eddie Brill asking for her out cue

Started a pen pal romance with Phil Spector

At last night's conjugal she seemed distant...

Lee Vaca (yes, Vaca!) is re-painting her cell and has let her little dog in to be with her.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please!! Do you think Billy O'Reily or the rest of your republican crowd give two fucks about this issue either? Come on give me a break as if the democrats play politics anymore more with their base then the republicans do. You guys bend over backwards for the religious right at every turn in the meantime all those so called good Christian values get thrown right out the door when some congressman or senator needs a little extra cash or a piece of ass on the side.

In case you didn't notice Wally mentioned the OC Register and a couple other right leaning papers with the story and they turned it down as well.

Wally you should have gone to the OC WEEKLY they normally thrive on stories like this one.


Anonymous said...

Wally, I enjoy your work, and I look forward to reading your book. But you case for ethnic cleansing is very, very, very weak. You almost sound like Tony Sopranos son lamenting some social ill. People will take you more seriously with better evidence.


StillNoScript said...

OC wrote:

"Ageela Sherrills who is that person, 'that's why they get a long so well in the prisons', what planet to they live on?"

Sherrills didn't say that, Wally did.

Sherrills just said that the Mexican Mafia are smart businessmen who would find "no advantage in a generalized conflict with African Americans". He never said Blacks and Mexicans got along in prison. That was Wally's sarcastic insertion in response to his point.

The statement makes sense, although it's scope could certainly be debated.

Here's an interesting nugget from an anonymous, out of the inthehat vault that I like to post, and, it's rarely contested, for some reason:

"Running the prisons. What does that mean?

The Mexicans run their affairs, Whites run their affairs, and Blacks run their own affairs.

All groups got their own operations, their own hustles.

The Mexicans aint barking orders to the Blacks, and we know the blacks wouldn't listen to no shit like that.(RIOTS)

So what are they running? What, they got the best jobs prisons can offer?

Everybody uses the same technics to get that shit in there. If one group is out, do yall really think a Strung out junky Mexican wont cop from whoever gots it at the time?

To keep it real, Mexicans do business with Blacks, and vis versa, in and out side.

All this shit is a myth, there is no Iron Curtain in the middle of The Yard or these Neighborhoods.

We all know for years blacks punished inmates on an indivual basis.Mexcians and whites came together out of Fear of a Black Planet.

Blacks dominated the gang scene for years.Had a monopoly on drugs and violence for decades.You didnt hear a peep from Ese's in the 1970's or 1980's.

Chicano Gangs of this Era were switch blade gangsters, broke drug addicts, sniffing paint/glue and slamming dog food, sad scence for a chicano gangster.

Blacks gave mexicans passes in there neighborhoods for years.If blacks would of took a page out of the Sureno "Play Book,and took up a racial campaign to elimate "Mexican Civilians", cleansing these mexicans out of South Los Angeles,Compton, and Watts shit would be different.

There would be no Florencias West of the traintracks, no Eighteen Streets claiming, lol (Martin Luther)KING BLVD gangsters.No Compton Varrios acting like mad dogs that need to be put to sleep, and all Watts Varrio Grapes would of turn Grape Street Crips or nothing.

But Blacks weren't on that page.

Maybe jacking your Paisa daddys here or there, knocking them out on the RTD bus.But for the most part there are alot of Blaxicans Crip and Bloods.

In the county jail,in the 1970's and the 1980's blacks were loud and whatever, and a mexican didnt do a god damn thing about it.Blacks were punishing Ese's on head up fades.

Its this wave of immigrants that has altered the landscape, the recruiting of stoner gangs, and taggers. Ballooning the ranks of Chicano gangs that were on there last legs from hardcore drug abuse. Straight up Hypes.

Without this population boom,Ese's would still be stuck on Ceaser Chavez Blvd with Needles in there arms.

Are there any full blooded Chicano Gangs left?"

Link: (in comments section)

Anonymous said...

"During that slog to get the facts out, I called the NAACP, Rainbow Push and other Black civil rights groups repeatedly."

Was all the racial violence Brown on Black? I think not, so why is it that you only approached the Black civil rights groups. Are they the only ones that matter? Could you not have also approached MALDEF, LULAC or any of those other RAZA organizations. Many undocumented people don't report things, and maybe these organization record some of those unheard reports. The way I see it this type of violence has always gone both ways. Maybe now it's more Brown on Black violence but it was not always like that.

Not more than three months ago a regular paisa was killed by some crips. The vato was my mothers friends son-in-law, killed while he worked on his car. He didn't even see his killers cause they shot him in the back. Does this qualify as ethnic cleansing or is it just gang related even though the vato was just a paisa? Also a while back someone posted something about a family member being killed by some black gangsters. Again another innocent Latino. If I remember correctly only WhiteIsRight and I gave our condolences. Anyway, it seems to me that if the victim had been a black person killed by one of us low life cholos more people would have paid attention.

In truth all of this violence against civilians is stupid, regardless of race. I have always believed that all of us fuckups should never involve civilians in our stupidity. I know that many here will not believe me but in all honesty that's what I have always felt.

Anyways, the way I see it the Sur vs Black war will never end, and will only get worse. Hopefully something can be done about leaving our stupidity in the inside and saving our madness for each other.


Vae Victus (N) said...

If ho-bag hilton is having "mental health issues" (aka paying a whore with the letters MD after his/her name to concoct some BS defense) then throw her in the hole.

jethro said...


The other interesting point about the article written by Mr. Ramos is that most of your readers did not even notice the only two comments about the article.

Go back and look at your last topic, and notice there were only two comments made by your readers about the article by Mr. Ramos. I am not sure if this is because nobody cared about the article, or if people just scrolled past those two comments because of some people posting very long articles from other sources instead of just posting a link to the long articles.

It certainly looks like Mr. Ramos is criticizing you for noticing that latino gangs were killing people because they were black. I could see Mr. Ramos was not happy about you reporting any thing that might cast mexicans under a bad spotlight. I guess Mr. Ramos doesn’t want to hear anything negative about mexicans for fear that this information will be used in anti-immigration campaign.

Well Mr. Ramos better not read the Los Angels Times Homicide report in which they report the race of the victim and perpetrator because he will notice there are mostly latino victims and perpetrators.


Anonymous said...

Damn Smiley:) you ruined everything by telling me who you are. I was planning on giving you some carrilla but now I'm going to have to be extra careful not to get you pissed off.

So let me start off by saying that what I said in my other post didn't come out the way that I intended. When I mentioned SC what I meant was VC (Valley College). And when I mentioned that the homies liked to get with good girls what I meant was that they can only dream of it. Despensa for the misunderstanding, and I hope that this obvious mistake on my part can be put past us and forgotten as soon as possible.

You already knew that I was aware that you were LE but shit how could I have ever known that you would turn out being my varrios arch nemesis? So what say you big dog? Can I get a pass this one time?

Pero en serio, I really don't know who you are talking about. Or maybe I just don't understand what you are saying about the homie that you said got permission to jump out. I don't understand that because in my varrio nobody needs permission to just settle down and live their life. So there was no need for this person to snitch and then try to make up for it by giving a good recommendation for a person just because he owed him a favor. Plus that vato should have given a couple of good recommendations because there were a couple of other vatos that deserved it. I'm sure that you know who I'm talking about since you were at their houses and saw their families. None of these few vatos kids were ever thought or influenced into any type of gang culture. But hey they did make a mistake and now they are living with it.

I grew up with all the homies that got put away on that RICO case. The ones you call my big homies are exactly my age. I only regret to admit that I encouraged a couple of them to join the varrio back in the day. I know that you don't believe it but there really are no shotcallers in the varrio. Some because of their rep have more respect than others but nobody tells anyone what they have to do. I'm sure that when that one vato gave you details that he said the same thing.

We all know that we did a very good job of fucking our lives up from early on. The madness just crept up on us and one thing led to another, before we knew it we became what we are. I personally feel very lucky to even be alive and to still be out here in the streets is like hitting the lottery. To be able to earn a living the honest way and support a family is what it's all about.

I understand what you mean about greed. But it doesn't just effect my friends it effects all of humanity. A truly fucked up sin. I count my blessings that I was able to control the greed in me and was not tempted into that dope game. As you well know it was always available in my varrio, but like I've said before I've never liked that shit. And that in the end was what saved my ass from you giving me a visit.

On another note, I have to say that I still disagree with you about the amount of Blacks in Mexico and about mestizos not being about to claim their indigenous blood. Sure there are some vatos that are obviously half Armenian or something with all of that fucking hair on their bodies, but they are the exception. And while most of us are obviously not full blooded or even half indigenous that shouldn't stop us from claiming that part of us if we choose. Would a Jew acknowledge any Nazi blood if he was born from a rape in WW2? Of course not, so why should we. We all know that the Spanish raped, killed, and plundered our people and land. I don't want to have anything to do with them. So I will continue to acknowledge only my indigenous blood. And like you, I will continue to learn our real language. Not because I want to pass codes but because I want to fully understand and to think like our ancestors.

The Fifth Sun sets.


santa monica sally said...

Late-night bandits Wally,
I tried to get a photo, but it was too dark. I went out into the street, and there they were. Two masked bandits, quietly cruising the streets. I saw at least three neighborhood cats watching carefully from a distance. I stood under the streetlight, the air filled with violin from one of my musical neighbors, like a movie track. The two raccoons circled around and came to stand in front of me, about 10 yards away, both regarding me with interest (and not much caution). I didn't really feel nervous, but when they took two steps towards me in unison, I did get ready to get the heck out of there. They were both quite big. Now back to Paris, KCRW is reporting that her Lynwood cell had new issue bras and panties, mattress, color TV, fax machine and an area rug!!!

pedro said...

This story is especially for Don KKK and SV-VBS who continually talk about the ghetto mayates and how they are somehow different than their beloved mexican Cholos. Well here is yet but another example of what the low life cholos are doing in Los Angeles. I know you two will never realize the cholos are no better than the ghetto mayates you seem to hate. But here is why the rest of society hates ALL gang bangers regardless of skin color. See the video as proof no excuses about what really happened.


Help Needed To Find Killer Of Disabled Man
(CBS) LOS ANGELES The public's help was sought in finding a suspect in the fatal beating of a mentally disabled man caught on videotape.

On May 29, about 8:45 p.m., 41-year-old James McKinney was walking to a store from a board and care facility for the mentally challenged where he lived, police said.

As he neared the corner of Wilton Place and Olympic Boulevard in the Country Club Park district, an assailant approached him from behind and violently struck the back of his head with an aluminum baseball bat.

The assailant fled on foot as McKinney fell to the ground and hemorrhaged. A passerby called 911.

McKinney suffered massive head injuries and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he died Sunday.

The suspect was described as a Latino, 16- to 20-years old, 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 175 pounds. He was bald, wore black shorts, a dark T-shirt and white tennis shoes.

"We hope that someone can identify the person who committed this horrific crime and will call police with information on his whereabouts," Officer April Harding said.

Anyone with additional information on the killing can call Wilshire Division homicide detectives John Shafia or Mark Holquin at (213) 473-0446

Anonymous said...

East L.A. Vato .............

It isn't a surprise that news about "ethnic cleansing" (those are strong words when you read them in print, I'll admit) could create a mess in the minds of the impressionable public.

Nevertheless, the messenger, in this case Wally Con-Huevos, tells it like it is, minus the spin.

There was once a time when discussing the possibility of a Catholic priest having sex with young kids as sheer blasphemy. Now, it does not surprise even the staunchest Catholic believers.

If anyone goes back and reads Wally previous posts you will find that Wally specifically talked about how he had tried many times to get the local news-papers to report on racial gang violence and gang violence in general. Wally even responded to me when I mentioned that now the news media has lots of coverage about gangs and virtually no coverage in the past. This may be because the Mayor and police Chief have been making gang crime a top priority in the city. The Harbor Gateway killing made the national news spotlight and the Mayor and police chief have been to Washington and Latin America to discuss the gang problems. Wally mentioned how he started this blog as forum to get the message out when no one else would listen and report.

And to East L.A. Vato the analogy about the catholic pries is a classic, just look at all the incidents we know of catholic priest molesting kids now. In the old days the abuelitas would tell kids to keep quite about any kind of child abuse from a tio, now the kids are taught in school to speak out. I remember the old days when you just kept quiet about taboo subjects.

To OC Half Breed, remember Wally was doing research for a book about the mexican mafia not BGF so so of course he is going to report and know more about the crimes commited by cholos.

So to Mr. Ramos shut up you idiot, because the only way a problem gets solved is by first reporting and talking about it.

Wally, I hope Mr. Ramos brought you a few more readers and maybe helped sell a few more books with his ridiculous comments.

Anonymous said...

To Pedro:

You are 100% correct. As much as I have a personal problem with most blacks, this punk should be "handled appropriately". If a street vato wishes to make a name for himself, he should bump heads with real bangers, not defenseless invalids.

This coward should be tried by the neighborhood! Street justice, homes.

East L.A. Vato

Anonymous said...

//Here's an interesting nugget from an anonymous, out of the inthehat vault that I like to post, and, it's rarely contested, for some reason://

Of all the material on InTheHat, why should this one be contested StillNoScript?

East L.A. Vato

Anonymous said...

East L.A. Vato said ......

You are 100% correct. As much as I have a personal problem with most blacks, this punk should be "handled appropriately". If a street vato wishes to make a name for himself, he should bump heads with real bangers, not defenseless invalids.

This coward should be tried by the neighborhood! Street justice, homes.


Do you really think this punk kid is being tried by any type of street justice. Most likely he and his other low life cholo friends are laughing or proud about this being on the big time news.

I am sure there are many people who know this kid and have seen him on the news. This just goes to show you what sick fucks these cholos are. No hug a thug from this vato. Basura need to be burned or buried.

Alrato Vatos Locos

Confucius is not amused said...

LOS ANGELES - This is not the first time that Lee Baca, the sheriff who opened the jail door for Paris Hilton, has had his judgment questioned.
He's been accused of using his authority to benefit friends and supporters. Since taking office he's accepted thousands of dollars worth of freebie meals, sports tickets and trips.

Now Baca is facing accusations of favoritism after making the decision that allowed Hilton to leave jail Thursday to serve out her sentence at her West Hollywood home.

He dismissed that criticism, saying Friday that Hilton had been ordered to spend an unusually long time behind bars.

Under his department's early release program, Hilton would not have served any time in jail and would have been put on home electronic monitoring, Baca said.

"The special treatment, in a sense, appears to be because of her celebrity status," he said. "She got more time in jail."

After ordering Hilton back to her cell Friday, Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer said he "at no time condoned the actions of the sheriff."

The union representing deputy sheriffs demanded that Baca "put a stop to his special treatment for celebrity inmates." And county Supervisor Don Knabe said he was stunned to find out Baca released Hilton without consulting the court.

"I would have thought he would have better judgment than that," Knabe said.

The county Board of Supervisors will demand a report on Hilton's release and Baca's decision-making in the matter, Knabe said.

For Baca, 65, who has led the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department since 1998, the blowback is not extraordinary.

When Mel Gibson was arrested for drunken driving, the department withheld video and audio tapes of the arrest, asserting they were exempt from open-government laws.

There were questions about favorable treatment for Gibson after a sheriff's spokesman initially said the arrest occurred "without incident" and made no mention of the superstar's now-notorious anti-Semitic rant.

"When a celebrity is involved, that's when people pay attention," said Robert Stern of the Center for Governmental Studies, a research group. "The big question ... is why didn't the sheriff go to the judge" before Hilton was released.

Baca has dismissed criticism over the decision.

Last year, the Los Angeles Times reported Baca put one of his closest friends on the payroll as a $105,000-a-year adviser.

The newspaper also said he had accepted more than $42,000 in gifts since taking office, including some from those who do business with his department.

In 2004, he took more gifts than California's other 57 sheriffs combined.

Baca oversees an 8,000-officer force that has been vexed by low morale, tight budgets, overcrowded jails and the persistence of gang crime.

Jonathan Wilcox, a Republican strategist who teaches a course on politics and celebrity at the University of Southern California, said Baca may be caught between public expectations and the reality of the criminal justice system:

"Sheriff Baca needs to be very concerned with at least the impression that the final frontier — the law — is now as affected by celebrity as almost every other aspect of our lives."

Anonymous said...

Is the court's decision to send Paris Hilton back to jail fair?


19,893 total responses LATIMES.

wilkie collins said...

"After this latest incident, outward appearances seem to be that the sheriff does lean toward favoritism of the rich and famous," said Steve Remige, president of the Assn. for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, the union that represents the department's nearly 9,000 sworn deputies.

The sheriff who sprang Paris Hilton (the woman in white) is no stranger to Hollywood. He has attended the Academy Awards and Golden Globes shows. He's golfed with actor Michael Douglas, given a concealed weapons permit to Ben Affleck, hired Lou Ferrigno as a reserve deputy, taken campaign contributions from Sylvester Stallone.

Baca, who manages the nation's largest jail system and upward of 20,000 inmates, said it was unusual for him to decide to release an inmate early. But he said concern about Hilton's deteriorating health — not her status as "The Simple Life" television star and paparazzi magnet — was the deciding factor.

The 65-year-old Baca, sheriff since 1998, said dealing with celebrities was part of the job. But he said he provides them no more attention than those without money or influence.

"My job is to help people who have public safety problems. God only knows that celebrities occasionally have those problems," Baca said.

The sheriff said he was disappointed by the suggestion that he allowed Hilton's celebrity status to influence him, suggesting that Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo sought to have the actress returned to jail because he wanted publicity. He also indicated that Hilton was punished excessively because of her celebrity.

"Her special treatment was more punishment," he said.

And he said Remige, the union president, "sees a chance to make himself seem important, and as a result he undermines not only himself but this woman's true condition."

This is not the first time that Baca's department has faced criticism for its handling of a high-profile case. Last year, a deputy who arrested actor Mel Gibson for drunk driving in Malibu was told to delete from the arrest report references to anti-Semitic comments the actor made after he was detained. Baca said he was not involved in the decision to edit that report.

In addition to Douglas, the sheriff has golfed with Dr. Gary Alter, a sex-change specialist featured on the television show "Dr. 90210." Baca has issued concealed weapon permits to actors Stallone and Affleck, among others. With his approval, the department is in discussions to produce five reality television shows.

Last year, Baca employed Ferrigno as a volunteer reserve.

"I don't cohort with celebrities. I don't publicly hang out in places where celebrities are," Baca said. "The only celebrity I've spent any great time with is [Michael Douglas] and you don't do anything on a golf course except concentrate on hitting a ball," Baca said.

Still, as a sheriff or police chief, "you have to be concerned about appearances," said Anthony Ribera, director of the International Institute of Criminal Justice Leadership at the University of San Francisco and chief of the San Francisco Police Department from 1992 to 1996.

"We're dealing with perceptions. Sheriff Baca has a right to socialize with whoever he wants, as long as they're not convicted felons," Ribera said. "On the other hand, you do create a perception out there, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and the bright lights. If you are persistently associating with any group, it creates the impression they are your allies."

Arthur Kassell, whose late wife, Tichi, was publisher of the Hollywood Reporter, said he considers Baca a close friend. He said the sheriff would have made the same decision about Hilton if she were penniless and unknown.

"He takes the side of the downtrodden more than any sheriff this county has ever seen," Kassell said. "If somebody came to him with a problem, he would help the person, whether they were rich or poor."

Baca said he was not concerned about criticism he has faced across the country after Hilton's brief release. Nor is he worried about political fallout. The day Hilton was released, someone registered the website address .

"This is not anything that bothers me," Baca said.

At a news conference, Baca reacted angrily to the suggestion that Hilton's celebrity had influenced him.

"I don't know Paris Hilton. I didn't know what Paris Hilton looked like until I saw her picture in the newspaper. Some of us have jobs that don't allow us to follow the latest sitcom," he said.

el chavo del 8 said...

SV VBS said...........

We all know that the Spanish raped, killed, and plundered our people and land. I don't want to have anything to do with them. So I will continue to acknowledge only my indigenous blood. And like you, I will continue to learn our real language. Not because I want to pass codes but because I want to fully understand and to think like our ancestors.

I wonder if SV-VBS knows what most Mexicans (not Chicanos) think about their Spanish blood. Most Mexican (and Latina) women are happy about having their Spanish blood, very few Latina women want to look (Indita) short, stocky, and round face. A very common insult among Mexicans is to call somebody Indito. Just look at the actress, India Maria, who is a parody of a native Mexican/Indian woman who has no culture and is uneducated in the ways of modern society. India Maria is a simple minded person who does not even know how to operate a microwave or blender.

Most Mexicans are not resentful of the Spanish invasion of Mexico, it is quite funny that an American/Chicano is more upset with the Spanish invasion than 99% of the Mexicans. I have talked to many Mexicans who are glad about the Spanish bringing their religion, culture and form of government to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Geldof and Bono blast G8 for betraying Africa. As the G8 leaders left the Baltic town of Heiligendamm, Bob Geldof, the anti-poverty campaigner and rock star, called them "creeps" and denounced their work as a "total farce".

"The richest countries in the world, trillions of dollars swirling around that table, smiling in that stupid tent chair with the candy stripes. Do me a favour: get serious. This wasn't serious, this was a farce, a total farce," he said.

Anonymous said...

The Paris Hilton news is now even affecting Rock Deldadillo. I sure we will be hearing many more interesting stories because of all the Paris coverage. I sure Sheriff Baca wishes he never heard the name Paris H. (lol)


Official's wife drove on suspended license
L.A. City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo's spouse was fined for a 2005 traffic violation incurred while she shouldn't have been at the wheel. His spokesman sees no comparison to the Hilton case.
By Patrick McGreevy, Times Staff Writer
June 9, 2007

Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo acknowledged Friday that his wife got a traffic ticket while driving with a suspended license in 2005, which resulted in her paying a $186 fine.

The disclosure came on the same day that Delgadillo insisted on more jail time for heiress Paris Hilton.

Delgadillo said through a spokesman that his wife regrets the violation, but that her situation is not comparable to the Hilton case.

"Paris Hilton, when driving with a suspended license, was on probation for a DUI-reckless driving charge," said Nick Velasquez, the Delgadillo spokesman. "Ms. Hilton was jailed because she was driving on a suspended license in violation of the conditions of her probation for the DUI-reckless driving incident."

Michelle Delgadillo, 36, was ticketed two years ago for failing to obey a turn-only sign, but was not cited by the ticketing officer for the license suspension.

Her license had been suspended the previous year after she was involved in an accident and could not show that she had insurance, as required by state law.

The city attorney's office was not involved in Michelle Delgadillo's case, which went through the usual traffic court channels.

"Once Rocky learned of this, he urged his wife to remedy the situation, and she did," Velasquez said. "Michelle regrets driving with a suspended license and takes full responsibility for her mistake."

Michelle Delgadillo's license was suspended for "driving without proof of insurance and causing an accident," said Mike Miller, a spokesman for the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

Michelle Delgadillo did not file a copy of the accident report with the DMV, Miller said, but the other driver involved in the accident did. Reports are required whenever an accident involves injury or more than $750 in damage. When she failed to provide proof of insurance, the DMV suspended her license from July 25, 2004, through March 6, 2007, Miller said.

On Sept. 13, 2005, Delgadillo was issued a ticket by a Los Angeles Police Department officer from West Traffic Division at 6th Street and Fairfax Place. She was driving the family's personal vehicle, a Ford Expedition, according to the ticket.

The ticketing officer wrote "none" in the place on the ticket where it asks for evidence of financial responsibility.

"If her license was suspended, she should not have been driving that day," said Shirley Richardson, a manager for the DMV.

biff said...

The mafia is on shaky ground. "It's not an easy life."

The storied Italian-American Mafia has been diminished by relentless prosecutions and by a weariness of Mob life that has led some younger members to consider what would have been unthinkable in previous generations: getting out.

The Mafia remains active in various criminal enterprises. However, wiretap transcripts and other court filings, as well as interviews with former mobster Michael Franzese and historians of organized crime, reveal how its influence is dwindling:

• Cosa Nostra, once a nationwide organization of Italian-American mobsters, is down to one outfit in Chicago and New York City's five organized crime families — the Bonannos, Colombos, Gambinos, Genoveses and Luccheses. They are "about all that's left," Mob historian Selwyn Raab says.

• During the past eight years, men alleged to have been the bosses or acting bosses of all five crime families in New York have been convicted and imprisoned.

John "Junior" Gotti, son of the late "Dapper Don" John Gotti, is being tried here on federal racketeering charges, including the kidnapping and shooting of radio talk show host Curtis Sliwa in 1992. Another accused acting boss — Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano of the Bonannos — is being tried on racketeering charges that include murder. At least 64 alleged Cosa Nostra members or associates are awaiting trial on federal charges.

•Omertà, the Mafia's code of secrecy, isn't what it used to be.

Since 2002, the lengthy prison sentences that federal racketeering convictions can carry have led at least a dozen "made" mobsters to agree to testify against colleagues in return for recommendations of leniency. Court records say that in January 2005, Bonanno boss Joseph "Big Joe" Massino wore a concealed recorder to collect evidence against his alleged successor, Basciano, while the men visited in jail.

• Two Mafia leaders in their 40s who grew up in what mobsters call "the life" — Gotti and Salvatore "Tore" LoCascio, a Gambino family capo, or crew leader — have said in court pleadings that they have retired from organized crime and are pursuing legitimate careers. A wiretap transcript in court records suggests that Basciano also was considering a career switch when he was arrested in November 2004.

And Franzese — now a writer and public speaker — simply walked away from organized crime after leaving prison in 1995.

Although Mafiosi swear to an oath to remain gangsters until death, none appears to have suffered a reprisal.

Meanwhile, some of the Mob's most vaunted traditions seem shopworn.

When Franzese was inducted into the Colombos in 1975, he says, there was a solemn ceremony followed by a banquet. In the mid-1990s, when "Little Joe" D'Angelo was "straightened out" (Mob slang for inducted) by the Gambinos, he got a hamburger in a Queens diner, D'Angelo testified last week at the Gotti trial.

He said the Mob bosses who inducted him, including "Junior" Gotti, didn't bother to burn a picture of a saint in D'Angelo's hands, as ritual required. Instead, someone wrote "saint" on a piece of paper and drew a cross.

"The new (Mafia) guys are less professional and less focused" than their predecessors, says Robert Castelli, a detective for the New York State Organized Crime Task Force from 1984-95 who teaches at Iona and John Jay Colleges.

However, "they're like your grass. You keep cutting it, and it keeps growing back."

An enduring mystique

Cosa Nostra was founded in 1931 by legendary gangster Charles "Lucky" Luciano to impose order on the nation's violent criminal rackets. The structure he set up for each family — boss, underboss, consigliere (counselor), capos and soldiers — helped the Italian-American Mob become a permanent feature of the underworld landscape.

"There were Irish gangs before (the Mafia), and certainly Russians and Jamaicans and what-have-you since," says Raab, author of Five Families, a history of the Mafia in New York City. "But they all fade when the individual in charge goes." Only Cosa Nostra, he says, has been able to "re-create itself"' from generation to generation.

The Mafia's traditions — besides secrecy, members' vow to defend their family's honor — along with books and films such as The Godfather series fostered an enduring mystique that has helped make The Sopranos a ratings hit.

"It's a lifestyle that has as much to do with ignorance and pathology as anything else," says Randy Mastro, a federal Mob prosecutor in the 1980s and later New York City's deputy mayor. But "they still have media allure."

Recent indictments suggest that Cosa Nostra continues to make much of its money through unglamorous crimes such as labor racketeering, bookmaking and lending cash at exorbitant rates.

At Junior Gotti's trial, D'Angelo, the Gambino soldier, testified that the family used a Laborers Union local it had corrupted to permit contractors to hire non-union help.

The contractors then kicked back part of their savings to the Gambinos. Contractors also provided no-show jobs for people such as himself who were "with the Gambinos," D'Angelo told the court.

There was big money in other forms of labor racketeering. Mastro says that Mob control of New York City's private trucking industry inflated the cost of hauling garbage to $1.5 billion annually by the mid-1990s. By eliminating this "Mob tax," through oversight and a series of prosecutions, Mastro says city officials have shaved $600 million a year off hauling costs.

James Jacobs, a New York University law professor and author of Mobsters, Unions and Feds, says Mafiosi were hired by union organizers in the early 20th century to combat company toughs. Now, he says, they specialize in "selling the rights of workers."

The baby boomer generation of mobsters added some wrinkles to the Mafia's methods. Two decades ago, when he was with the Colombos and in his 30s, Franzese moved in on a scheme hatched by a Romanian-born criminal that used shell corporations to defraud the U.S. government of taxes on retail gasoline sales. The scam netted $150 million over two years, a presidential commission on organized crime later found.

Per family rules, Franzese says, he kept some of the money and "whacked up" the rest to his Mob superiors. He pleaded guilty to racketeering and was jailed in 1985. Franzese was released on parole in 1990, then returned to prison in 1991 for a parole violation. He finished his sentence in 1995.

Now 54 and based in Los Angeles, he speaks regularly to athletes and business groups about Mob life and his conversion to Christianity, which he says occurred while he was imprisoned.

The Mob's Internet scams

In recent years, mobsters also have used technology in their moneymaking schemes. A Gambino family soldier, Richard "Richie from the Bronx" Martino, ran a telephone and Internet scam whose profits dwarfed Franzese's take, court records say.

Martino, born in 1959, lured users with offers of free sex chats and pornography. Sophisticated software then tagged their phone and credit card numbers with unauthorized charges.

The scheme, which ran from 1996 to 2002, exploited changes in telecommunications law to boost profits by adding local fees, a federal indictment alleged.

The take: $230 million, according to Roslynn Mauskopf, the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn.

The scheme was run through incorporated businesses that had offices and professional staffs. The corporate culture could be unorthodox, however. Court records say that in 1991, a salesman for a firm that Martino believed had cheated him was abducted from a Manhattan street, beaten and shot in the groin with a stun gun.

Per Mob rules, Martino shared his receipts with Salvatore LoCascio, his capo in the Gambino family, the indictment charged. LoCascio pleaded guilty to participating in the fraud but argued at his sentencing that the money he received — $10 million — was a royalty for helping to set up what he believed was a legitimate company.

LoCascio, a community college dropout also born in 1959, later agreed to sell some of his property — a home in Scarsdale, N.Y., and two homes and a shopping mall in Naples, Fla., valued at more than $10 million — to settle a $4.7 million forfeiture ordered by the court.

Then, through his attorney, LoCascio did something remarkable for a man who'd sworn to be loyal to the Mafia until death: He admitted he had been a member of organized crime in New York City, but argued that he had dropped out of the Mob after moving to Florida in 2000.

LoCascio said he became a stay-at-home dad who takes care of his wife, Diane, a multiple sclerosis patient, and coaches Little League baseball. "I have made a genuine effort to start a life ... (and) will continue to remain a law-abiding citizen and be productive in my community," LoCascio said.

U.S. District Court Judge Carol Amon sentenced LoCascio to 2½ years in prison, a relatively lenient punishment that Amon said was largely because of Diane LoCascio's illness. Martino, who also pleaded guilty, got nine years.

Nightclubs and easy money

Is it really possible to say arrivederci to Cosa Nostra and live to tell the tale?

Franzese, who is writing a book on the perils of sports gambling, believes the Mafia "let it go" in his case because he relocated to California and didn't testify against family members. Franzese says he expects more defections as Mob life becomes more difficult.

"The life has major attractions — friends everywhere, doors opening to a million rooms, all the Mob lore," he says. "You don't think about the consequences right away. (Eventually) you find out it's just the opposite of everything you thought."

Meanwhile, prosecutions and untimely deaths continue to thin the ranks.

Wiretap transcripts filed in the Basciano case indicate that the Bonannos have fewer than 100 soldiers, about half their historical strength. Jim Margolin, spokesman for the FBI in New York City, says the other four families are similarly afflicted.

However, as Castelli suggests, would-be "wise guys" apparently keep coming. In 2002, the Bonannos were considering whether to induct about 10 prospective family members, according to information gathered by a defector, James "Big Louie" Tartaglione, federal court records say.

Joseph Coffey, who tracked the Mafia for more than 30 years as a detective for New York City police and the state anti-Mob task force, predicts Cosa Nostra will continue to attract recruits no matter how many leaders are imprisoned.

"It's the high life, the nightclubs, the bimbos, the easy money," Coffey says. "It's always been that."

Don't tell that to D'Angelo, the Mob turncoat. In court papers, he estimated that during his 20 years in organized crime, he made about $600,000 — or only about $30,000 a year.

Last July, when he agreed to plead guilty to racketeering, D'Angelo said he had $259 in cash, a mortgaged house titled in his girlfriend's name and thousands of dollars in uncollectible street loans.

Through the years, D'Angelo said, he ignored advice from more senior mobsters such as Junior Gotti, who warned him before his induction that "it's not an easy life."

Now, having confessed in court to two slayings, stock fraud, illegal gambling, labor racketeering, construction fraud and extortion, D'Angelo is in federal custody awaiting sentencing. He agreed to testify against Gotti in hope of receiving a lenient sentence, he said. Asked by a prosecutor what sentence he could get, D'Angelo answered correctly: "Up to life."

And what sentence is he hoping for? "Like everybody in prison," D'Angelo told the prosecutor, "I'm hoping to go home yesterday."

don quixote said...

Tarso Luis Ramos, "Director of Research"?? writes;

"Rafael’s analysis may be colored by his apparent rightwing leanings.

Tony Rafael sees the Mexican Mafia’s alleged ethnic cleansing policy as an extension of its leaders’ pride in their Aztec ancestry. In an interview published by SPLC, Rafael explains, “[T]here are no black people in the Aztec culture… They see themselves as a race unto themselves, and there’s really not too much room for anybody else.” Some Chicano activists refer to the southwestern U.S. as Aztlán, the Aztec homeland. Rafael’s characterization resonates with a popular racist Reconquista conspiracy theory, peddled by the Minuteman Project and other anti-immigrant groups, which holds that Mexico is infiltrating its citizens into the Southwest with the goal of reclaiming territory conquered by the United States in 1848.

Whaat??? Research???? Whaaaa????
Is this taken out of context, or have you been misquoted Wally?
Doesn't sound like you to me.

No te preocupies Wally/Tony!

Even though I'm a Lefty politically, and evidently your a "Righty" (don't know this for sure, but your Publisher "Encounter" seems to have the "Right Wing All Stars" in there lineup),
I have never sensed that your political views invaded your blog topics to any extreme extent.

My sixth sense tells me that your very familiar with and have many friends who are Mexican/AMericans.
The topics you throw up to us unwashed masses are indeed sometimes like fuel for the fire, but isn't that a good thing?

Who the hell wants a "Readers DIgest" or People Magazine diet of baby pablum? We are subjected to enough of that diluted PC shit.

Yea we have some serious problems to deal with as a SOciety but being wishy washy and fearful of offending someones belief system will never get to the root of the problem, diagnosis and understanding is the first step in a cure process.

I always felt that the "Ethnic Cleansing" theory of Chicano's acting like Hitler was way overblown, sensationalized, and one sided, and have said so on many occasions here at Wally's, you have never censored any of my opinions and I appreciate that. There's two sides to every story and you have always allowed the Chicano side to be voiced by many here.
Just a question concerning this issue.
If all Blacks were targeted for extinction in Highland Park and the NE LA varrios then why is it that there have been Black Families and Business's there for many years?
One example you and almost everyone in the area is probably familiar with is "JJ's Hand Car Wash" on N. Figueroa. I remember JJ (whos is as black and bald as Issac Hayes)when he started his biz on Verdugo Rd. right smack in the heart of Avenues territory.
Could it be that the reason he has thrived for 25 or 30 years is because he is a respectful,friendly, fair, vato that speaks the Spanish language fluently, and has 100% Mexican employee's that have worked for him forever? ( he has on occasion given some young Mayate a gig but they don't last long). There other similar examples so I never bought into the "ethnic cleansing" bs, but almost any poor immigrant Mexican you talk to will tell about being mugged and beat up by the Mayates for kicks while living in the SOuth Central LA / Compton areas.

I'm not saying it's right Wally, but why is it that almost every ethnic group in LA from Mexicans to Koreans to Chinese to Armenians, Russians, and even stone Africans , none seem to want to have anything to do with the Black Americans in general, and most have had nothing but bad experiences to relate to.
Just my two cents

PS, I as a Wallista give a thumbs down to Ramos, put him in the hat, or get him to explain himself on your blog

biff said...

Donuts today, jail tomorrow for Mafia vet.

NEW YORK — At age 89, John “Sonny” Franzese still enjoys sitting for a bite with his friends. The problem, according to federal authorities, is when the octogenarian mobster inevitably puts his criminal interests on the menu.

For the third time since 1996, Franzese was back in federal lockup _ this time after authorities spotted him sharing donuts with associates in the Colombo crime family, violating his parole. In the two earlier arrests, Franzese was nabbed after meeting with alleged mobsters in a coffee shop and a restaurant.

It’s enough to give the reputed family underboss indigestion.

“It’s really sad,” said his son, Michael, who followed the elder Franzese into organized crime before leaving the mob and becoming a born-again Christian. “I believe he wasn’t very active (with the Colombos) at all, but then again, I’m not with him 24/7. Many of his friends are dead.”

No surprise there, since the elderly Franzese’s contemporaries included mob veterans like Joe Colombo (RIP, 1978) or Alphonse “Allie Boy” Persico (RIP, 1989). But authorities said Franzese was spotted more than once in recent weeks sharing breakfast pastries with 21st century Colombo members.

Franzese was picked up last Wednesday during a scheduled check-in with his parole officer, said FBI spokesman Jim Margolin. He will remain behind bars pending resolution of his case, which could take up to three months, according to Tom Huchison of the U.S. Parole Commission.

If Franzese has a weakness for old friends, he also has an unfortunate predilection for meeting them in public places _ a major problem, since his parole bars him from any contact with organized crime figures.

A November 2000 sitdown for coffee with three Colombo associates at a Long Island Starbucks landed him behind bars for three years. A February 1996 bowl of spinach soup at Pucinella’s restaurant in Great Neck led to a two-year term after authorities identified his dining companions as mobsters.

A decade earlier, Franzese was popped after a mobbed-up meal at Laina’s Restaurant in Jericho. In all, Franzese has racked up five parole violations _ and gone to jail for each one _ since his November 1978 release on a bank robbery conviction.

By then, Franzese’s reputation as a stand-up guy was already well-known among the Colombos.

He was once a frequent patron at the Copacabana nightclub, taking in headliners like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. And he was among the investors in the legendary porn movie “Deep Throat.”

But the up-and-coming mob star’s career was derailed by a 1967 bank robbery conviction and subsequent 50-year jail term, which included parole restrictions that now extend though 2020 _ when Franzese would be 102 years old.

Franzese has not been convicted of any new crimes in the last 40 years.

When Michael and his father speak now, the discussions still focus on family _ Sonny’s seven grandchildren (another son, John, went into federal witness protection). Michael says the old man is no longer in the best of health, and sometimes has trouble recognizing his voice.

The arrest, in an odd culinary twist, also denied Franzese one last good meal: A friend says they were due to share dinner in a Long Island restaurant just hours after his arrest.

biff said...

He beat and stole as mob mole

Legendary FBI agent Joe Pistone is confessing for the first time that he broke the law during the years he spent undercover as mob wanna-be Donnie Brasco.

Warehouse burglaries. Beatings. Truck hijackings. And even a conspiracy to murder a Bonanno crime family capo.

In his new memoir, Pistone details the crimes he committed to prove his loyalty to the gang he eventually took down.

“Sometimes you have to do stuff you don’t normally do, you wouldn’t do,” Pistone told the Daily News, which got an exclusive peek at “Donnie Brasco: Unfinished Business.”

For instance, there was the phone call that came in 1981 when Pistone and his mob buddies were playing cards in Brooklyn’s Motion Lounge.

It was a tip that Bonanno big Anthony (Bruno) Indelicato, who took part in the infamous 1979 rubout of Gambino boss Carmine Galante, was camped out on Staten Island.

On the orders of his own capo, Dominick (Sonny Black) Napolitano, Pistone headed out to find Indelicato - with a .25-caliber automatic.

It turned out the caller had bum information, but the former lawman admits he would have pulled the trigger on Indelicato before jeopardizing his life or the operation.

“If Bruno’s there, he’s gone,” Pistone writes.

“If I have to put a bullet in his head, I will, and I’ll deal with the federal government and the Staten Island DA later. … There’s no doubt they both would charge me for murder. The Bureau would brand me a rogue agent and hang me out.”

During his six years infiltrating Sonny Black’s vicious crew, Pistone dug up enough evidence to put away nearly 200 mobsters, all while making life-or-death decisions on how far to take his role-playing.

Now 65, the New Jersey native lives with his wife in an unidentified location, but will come out of hiding for a book tour in the coming weeks.

Over the years, Pistone - portrayed by Johnny Depp in the 1997 movie “Donnie Brasco” - has been cagey when discussing how he gained the trust of an insular gang of suspicious men because revealing more could have damaged prosecutions.

But his most revealing book to date details the incredible lengths he went to.

Take the beating he delivered on two druggies dumb enough to stick up Pistone and his mob pal Benjamin (Lefty Guns) Ruggiero in the stairwell of a Little Italy walkup.

“You just saw two dead punks run down the stairs,” Ruggiero told him.

At Ruggiero’s urging, Pistone caught up with them a few days later near Little Italy and meted out the punishment.

“He hit the pavement as if I’d had a roll of dimes in my right fist,” Pistone writes.

“I looked down at the kid on the ground and realized he was out cold and so I sprung suddenly and hauled off an overhand right on the other one and he went down … “From the kidney blows they bled piss for weeks. And until the breaks healed they had no use of their fingers for such things as shooting a gun.”

It was savage, but Pistone says the beating saved their lives.

“Otherwise they would have got killed,” Pistone said. “Either I go take care of it or they [the mob] will. You don’t stick up a wiseguy and live to tell about it.” He’s quick to point out that the assaults he carried out always involved thieves or other wiseguys. “No citizens got hurt,” he said.

Pistone also admits getting cuts of between $2,500 and $5,000 from warehouse burglaries he took part in but says he turned over the money to the FBI.

He doesn’t offer details on the hijackings he carried out. But he admits that “my participation in Mafia hijacking has always been an open sore for me, something that I have hesitated to talk about.”

Even after 30 years, Pistone is still angry that the FBI didn’t let him stay undercover longer so that he could become a made man.

“Imagine if I had been made,” Pistone writes.

“It would have been the biggest humiliation the Mafia had ever suffered. And it was the one chance the FBI would ever have to pull it off.

“Imagine the embarrassment for the Mafia from coast to coast and all the way to Sicily when the news got out that the exalted Bonanno crime family had made an agent.”

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

I'm curious, why didn't the other more established black groups want to touch this subject. You mention it but I'd like to hear why. Normally they're never one's to shy away from the cameras."

Because black and hispanic politicians would rather sacrifice their fellow ethnicities than divide their party with infighting between black and hispanic politicians. In other words, they don't care about minorities like they care about beating the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

theres alot of juicy comments on here, for only 24 posts, its alot better once the crap filter came on,
that guy ramos is crazy though, all the blacks being attacked in the aves werent gang members, that greenlight from the eme was taken seriously in nela, the vatos in chevy chase park followed that by not slanging to negrito crack heads anymore, which i thought was retarded because cutting them out would cut business in half, and would leave them just having to slang more to raza, that fool tim mcghee was the one that started alot of that, one of the people he smoked was a body guard for one of the bigtime rappers, i think it was snoop dogg, at least there you can say it was gang related but overall it was against any negrito they saw,
aside from that though i would say that overall the barrios that are in south central are the only ones that wouldnt go at it with the blacks that much, the ones that talk all the racial smack are the ones that dont have alot of blacks around, same like the people that are raging anti immigrants, the ones that live with them get along with them,
it looks like south central since florencia has a war with eccg or hoover criminals or whoever that its racial but what do you think the small chicano gangs that are enemies with florencia do, probably work together with the blacks against f13, recently i think its been getting more racial, my dad used to own a mexican restaurant in south central on hooper and 58th street from 90-93 right when the riots happened, in that time the eses and blacks were hella tight, and before that i think it was even more tight, ive seen teen angels from 84 and it showed all the rolling 20s blood and other black gangs dressed like straight up eses and using ese lingo, which they still do in a way only they changed it around, like calling eachother loc, or loke, in that teen angels they were calling eachother loco, and they had black girls asking for penpals from ese gangs,
i heard 18st had black cliques but have never been too sure about it, i know its true what they were saying about there being alot of blaxicans or straight up eses in black gangs, some of those gangs i would say were half black half latino, i seen alot of fools from grape street, again that was along time ago, now its probably more divided,
we had jumped one black dude into tvr in my time, like 95, we figured we already had hella white boys and some chinitos and armenians, his whole family was from altadena block crip, i hate to say it this way but they were down in a chicano way, so he fit in, but it only took like 3 months for the ogs to find out about it and damn near want to jump out the brotha and anyone who was even there when he got jumped in, not just the ones that jumped him in,
the ironic thing is that a puerto rican homeboy was the main one instigating it, and those fools are practically black themselves,
check out arizona and other states, out there theres full blown chicano gangs that claim blood or crip, or sureno and crip at the same time or folk crip sureno at the same time, once you leave california its anything goes,
either way to ochalfbreed, that vato timothy mcghee was from the atwater locos in nela and that vato trigger is from the tujunga dukes, trigger had a big ass family of all ghetto white boys that were in tvr, downer risky trusty, there was alot more, even his sisters and female cousins were from the hood, thats what made tujunga a trip, it was half white boys and half paisas running that hood,lol, in gdale there was only like 4 white boys but i think only one was a straight white boy, the other ones were blonde hair and blue eyes but had some mexican connection somewhere or they said they did,
there was one iraqi named spooky cuz he literally looked like lurch, looking back though he might have been armenian born in iraq though, then there was bugzy that was armenian from iran but the last i heard he had hopped into ap and then ap jumped him out for being down with us at the same time, aside from trigger and eskimo there one more white boy that comes up when you search tvr and thats mccoy, he was locked up in arizona for trying to organize a gang there or something but he caught some serious time for that, that vato i think was jojo, but im not sure cuz he had left from LA like the day i got jumped in so i only saw him once but he was a legend in the varrio and he was from the glendale side, so if you look up tvr you got mcghee mccoy and whatever triggers name is,, thats a trip,,lol,
the barrio was straight chicano though, alot of those vatos spoke more spanish than me back then, they were the ones that made me realize that knowing spanish can earn you alot of respect, actually now that i think about it i think jojo was related to trigger too, they had a deep family, they had come from oklahoma during the dust bowl i guess and just settled in tujunga, i heard from one of the chicana homegirls that was married to one of them that had gone to a family reunion with them in oklahoma that the majority of their family were straight up aryan nation, which tripped me out back then but after reading this post i realize the eme and the aryan nation are practically the same thing, mccoy being arrested in arizona, which is the same place mcghee was hiding out makes me think its not a coincidence either, but what ive pieced together in the years since i left the hood was that the eme together with the aryan brotherhood had some large plans for califas and eskimo was one of the ones that was supposed to bring it to the streets, hes the one that organized our hood, before him you would have the nstvr and sstvr shooting at eachother on a regular basis,
i guess their plans didnt too much work though but the weird thing is that eskimo had juice with the eme and the ab, so all that just makes me really start wondering how much more secrets and lies are being sold to the gangsters on the streets,
the eme is just using them like toilete paper or something, like the way stalin would just send wave after wave of soldiers at the germans and even with no guns sometimes, thats what the eme does with the surenos, wave after wave of young chicano catching life sentences or even smaller sentences that ruin their lives, and once they go to jail its like they never existed because in 6 months there will be a new vato using his name in the hood and no one will ever talk about him ever again, the only ones that will be there for him are his true familia, his jefita and carnalitos, and sometimes his girlfriend or baby momma, that fool trigger had like 3 of his cousins catch life sentences, im pretty sure hes done alot of time too, eskimo has only been on the streets for about 1 year maybe, the other 15 years hes been in the hood have been behind bars, practically all the ogs i can think of, even the ones that told me to kick back from the hood,
the rest have just flushed their lives away so bad that it would fill a whole season of jerry springer show,
even the homegirls which i always thought would have a better chance of making it in society have ended up that way,
i heard about one of them that was tricking out the other young homegirls out of a motel on foothill blvd, to support her drug habbit, one of my homeboys had taken a crackhead homegirl to a party in the pacoima pjs and basically let those fools run a train on her for some drugs himself,, then she was going around saying that we had beef with pacas now and i wouldnt be surprised if thats where our beef came from,
yeah alot of beefs are started on the whims of junky carnales, or some arent even full blown junkies but they are seriously arrogant, i remember one homie that came out of jail within a week he was saying he was gonna greenlight playboys virginia locos and a third hood that was right there in hollywood, he almost got smoked by 18 and ended up being put in a comma when he went to florencia trying to act hard,
in our hood we grided the vato from hazards trying to collect taxes, that was like in 92 though, that stuff about vatos not wanting to pay taxes goes way back, the eme is just like the us governments in alot of ways, if your bringing them money they wont care how many drivebys or lil kids you kill, like aves with that lil girl on isabel, if your following the rules but dont bring the money in you get greenlighted, i dont know why frogtown got greenlighted but they had to be one of the downest chicano gangs in LA,
either way thats enough about that, everybody just stay in school and say no to drugs, later
former gangster

Anonymous said...

OC Hald Breed said:

"In case you didn't notice Wally mentioned the OC Register and a couple other right leaning papers with the story and they turned it down as well."

Right leaning papers like the OC Register, if in fact it leans to the right, have never claimed to love minorities, the Democrats have!!! See the big difference Einstein? Conservatives on the other hand have always preached personal accountability and hard work, and not a namby pamby sentimentality for lazy contemptuous minorities who don't care about themselves. Also, I don't give a rats behind if some Democrat, Republican or Libertarian gets a piece of ass on the side from some Lewinsky trollop, as long as they take up the good fight for defenseless hard-working minorities trying to raise a family in the inner city, which cleary the Democrats have knowingly and willfully chosen NOT to do in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...


To be fair though, how about some blogs on blacks who go out and wantonly kill hispanics. Like those migrant Mexican workers who we're killed by blacks in Georgia last year for their money, I believe they killed about five of them. I'm sure with your investigative prowess you will be able to dig up plenty more cases of black on hispanic murders. Let's be consistent Wally, otherwise your hispanic on black crime blogs fall on deaf fears. Let's denounce all ethinic crime, no matter where the chips may fall. Cut the bull Wally!!

jim said...

Why is the old cholo spokesman and all his aliases posting up story after story about Paris Hilton.


Bratton: Gang members target officers
Chief describes alarming rise in attacks on LAPD officers in course of their duties.
By Rachel Uranga

Gun attacks on Los Angeles Police Department officers are up "alarmingly," Chief William Bratton said Thursday, attributing the rise to gang members indiscriminately shooting at them.

So far this year, 27 officers have been shot at, compared to 16 over the same period last year. Of the 27, two officers were injured, including Andrew Taylor, who was shot at four times by a man he was trying to handcuff during an early-morning radio call.

"It's up alarmingly, and we have been tracking it very closely," Bratton said. "We think it's that the guns are increasingly and unfortunately in the hands of young people, who in an unprovoked manner are turning those weapons on police officers."

Taylor, a patrol officer in the Rampart Division, said his life might have been saved by his badge. Answering a 4:30 a.m. Jan. 22 radio call of a gunman, he arrived along on South Coronado Street in Westlake.

While he was trying to arrest the gunman, the man shot him four times. One bullet bounced off his bulletproof vest. Another shattered his pistol. The third entered near his chest and exited his back. The fourth - the one that could have killed him - ricocheted off his badge.

"As officers, we constantly talk about it," the 12-year veteran said. "It's something we are always on the lookout for."

LAPD officials say in response to the increased tensions on the streets, officers are drawing their guns more and more during heated confrontations.

William Shakespeare said...

Series creator David Chase has given no public hint of how he plans to bring his masterpiece to a conclusion, but has certainly stacked the deck against's Tony's survival, starting with the first show of the last season, when Tony was shot in the gut by his demented Uncle Junior. Now, the question is whether Tony's luck has finally run dry. With New York gang rival Phil Leotardo getting the jump on Tony's crew as warfare erupts between them in last Sunday's penultimate episode, Tony sends his family into hiding and huddles with his dwindling cadre of underlings in a New Jersey safe house. By most reckonings, Tony appears likely to end up either face down in the proverbial plate of spaghetti or in the federal government's witness protection program. A seemingly less probable outcome would have him killing Phil first and consolidating power as a mob super boss; Tony has proven very resourceful in tight spots before. In any case, the show's conclusion has become one of the most anticipated TV finales in recent memory. Members of the cast and creative team have remained scrupulously tight-lipped. But Steven Van Zandt, a guitarist in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band before launching his acting career as Silvio on "The Sopranos," promises the ending will be anything but hum-drum. "It's going to be controversial, it's going to be talked-about," Van Zandt, whose character ran the notorious Bada Bing strip club, told the Los Angeles Times this week. Whatever happens, Robert Thompson, head of Syracuse University's Center for the Study of Popular Television, said the show will be "its own toughest act to follow." "Everybody's expecting it to be the greatest 'Sopranos' they've ever seen, and that's going to be hard to do," he said. what a wicked web we weave
when we practice to deceive.
Colotlan, Jalisco. Puro Huichol.

Anonymous said...

im not on either side of the conflict but you have to be blind to not know someone is sending a clear message and it is being ignored by media by the public being brushed under the rug. sad to say its a business man's world if you know what i mean..

Santiago said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
StillNoScript said...

" Anonymous said...

//Here's an interesting nugget from an anonymous, out of the inthehat vault that I like to post, and, it's rarely contested, for some reason://

Of all the material on InTheHat, why should this one be contested StillNoScript?

East L.A. Vato "

I've contested a lot of Wally's entries, ELA Vato. Do a search. And, I wasn't necessarily contesting this one. It's just that whenever the topic of Ethnic Cleansing comes up, I like to post that bit from the inthehat vault. It just seems very clear and concise, and although it takes a few slurs against cholos ( in contrast to the more than few against Black gang members, affectionately called 'mayates' in these circles), it's mere rhythm and prose has an unmistakable ring of truth to it. And, again, nobody ever contests it! I'm waiting for someone in here to dissect it word for word, but everyone just seems to let it be. And, I think we know why.

StillNoScript said...

Oh, one more thing:

Anyone notice how nice those cops were to the paparazzis in front of Hilton's house, after they -----REFUSED TO DISPERSE???

Maybe that's what the Mexicans were missing on May 1; Paris and her paparazzi following. There wouldn't have been a single swing of the baton, or a fired rubber bullet.

don quixote said...

Biff, good news update on the demise of the traditional Italian American Mafia. But in my opinion the real reason for the decline and metamorphosis into whats now called the "retard mafia" is found in part of your post

"Recent indictments suggest that Cosa Nostra continues to make much of its money through unglamorous crimes such as labor racketeering, bookmaking and lending cash at exorbitant rates."

Study closely, why deal with an under the table Mafiosi?, these scams are all legitimate now and a person can find a legal loanshark on every other corner now, charging interest rates much higher than what was once considered illegal.
"Payday Checks for Loan" "Mortgage and Real Estate Refinancing Scams","Credit Card's" being issued to anyone who wants one.

The Labor movement is almost dead so there's not much left there for the fella's.

Why go to a bookmaker to place a bet on the pony's when there are off track betting locations and Indian Casinos almost everywhere!

The "Porn Industry" is an almost completely legit internet business and every Tom Dick and Harry is producing there own Porn sites on the WWW.

This is the real reason for the downfall, besides the upward mobility and education of the old mustache pete's offspring , the old LA Dago families I am familiar with now have children and grandchildren who are Accountants, Lawyers, Doctors, Business people, and most are wealthy from the real estate they own, that was bought years back by thier immigrant ancestors. Most that I know now don't even want to mention or hear about some old family history of Mafia connections, there mainly Suburban upper middle class Yuppies.

The only real money left to be made illegally is in the "drug" biz and we all know who is taking care of business there don't we?

tired mouse said...

Hey Wally,

Quit posting the very long stories by Biff aka Don Quixler. The wheel on my mouse is wearing out and my wife said I can not spend any more money on computer stuff.

I enjoy reading your blog but the wheel on my mouse is squealing becuase of so much use.

Tell people to just put a link to the story we can go find it, if we want to read it.

tired mouse

cholo spokesman said...

All the negative comments about Tim Mcgee from Toonerville gang, wasn't he just another poor mis-understood boy from the varrio?

I am sure it was the goverment's fault that he had to resort to a life of crime. If only he had better schools and was not harrased by the LAPD cops. I understand L.A. gangs are more violent because of the L.A.P.D..

I wonder if he is being reformed in prison and learning a new trade, maybe he can be a gang counsler at CIS or No-Gungs upon his release. I am sure he would be a marvelous role model for the little cholitos.

Let us all say a prayer for Tim McGee and go out and hug-a-thug.

Anonymous said...

Im curious i been around sacramento for a while now and along the way i meet quit a few surenos (veteranos). It seems like these vatos walk around here like nothing. I once meet on vato from IE that was slanging and did most of his business with nortenos. I seen it with my own eyes. Nortenos even called him up to buy stuff. there another vato that supposedly is an eme vato but assosiates with nortenos. Is this normal business practice up here for them

Santiago said...

Io, Marty with the short pants, voglio entrare in questa organizzazione per proteggere la mia famiglia e per proteggere I miei amici. (I, Marty with the short pants, want to enter into this organization to protect my family and to protect all my friends).

Scouts honor

So help me God

I swear never to betray the Mafia's secrets and to obey with love and omerta, the Sicilian code of silence!

Which finger do you use to pull the trigger Marty?

(Marty shows the finger and the finger is cut to draw blood)...

Someone stands beside Marty during the next phase of the ritual and as a paper card bearing the image of the Patriarca family's patron saint is burned in Marty's cupped hands, he swears, in Italian, "As burns this saint, so will burn my soul. I enter alive and I will have to get out dead."

"Come in alive and go out dead," the mobsters assembled around Marty interject.

...amico nostro you may take a bow

Applauso for Marty...

Another thing Marty, We're very protective of our women. You have a sister? Because unless our intentions are super honorable, marriage, of course. A woman is sacred, the only way to get out of that, you die. You die.

Once a member joins Marty, there is no way out. Particularly if he betrays the secret.

It's no hope, no Jesus, no Madonna. Nobody can help us if we ever give up this secret to anybody, any kinds of friends...

We have to ask, say once more Marty, this thing you're in, it's gonna be the life of heaven. It's a wonderful thing, the greatest thing in the world. If you feel that way, want to be part of it, as long as you live?

Yes I do.

...Get it,
Got it,

Great I'm one of you's now!

Just one ting Marty...
Ditch the Nash
and get a real car.


Gava Joe said...

SNS aptly mentioned:

"It just seems very clear and concise, and although it takes a few slurs against cholos ( in contrast to the more than few against Black gang members, affectionately called 'mayates' in these circles)"

Need we remind you AGAIN that the term "mayate" is merely an affectation, and its root derives from the kindly junebug..

We have this on high authority that the word is offered more in kinship than adversarial.. So there..

don quixote said...


"I've contested a lot of Wally's entries, ELA Vato. Do a search. And, I wasn't necessarily contesting this one. It's just that whenever the topic of Ethnic Cleansing comes up, I like to post that bit from the inthehat vault. It just seems very clear and concise, and although it takes a few slurs against cholos ( in contrast to the more than few against Black gang members, affectionately called 'mayates' in these circles), it's mere rhythm and prose has an unmistakable ring of truth to it. And, again, nobody ever contests it! I'm waiting for someone in here to dissect it word for word, but everyone just seems to let it be. And, I think we know why. "

Probably the reason why nobody contests it is that it is a typical example of Mayate loudtalking and whistling in the dark. It's obviously a quote from one of those Chanates (ok you don't like Mayate!)who are legends in their own minds.
Anybody who has done any time or grew up around these guys would recognize this guys rap as typical juiri juiri juiri!
He doesn't make one single valid point or propose any verifiable or established fact in his soliloquy.
It's all hyperbole.

SNS, could the reason for nobody responding to any of his lip flapping be that it's so stooopid that it doesn't deserve a reply?

Do your self a favor and find another rant to propose as some kind of hypothesis for your questionable theory's concerning LA gangsters and race relations in the southland.
Now gimmee 25 pushup's and a couple a laps around the track.

ANd make it quick cause the Sopranos are coming on and I want you to think about my prognostications I shared with the Wallista;s (TOny rolls over, saves his ass, and ends up in a shitty Bakersfield track home driving a truck, while Carmela works at TJ MAX at study's for her Calif Real Estate License.)

A La Madre SNS!

Anonymous said...

DQ - I read your comment on the other post....and if I calulated my numbers right, your older than my pops who served in vietnam and is not retired at 63. At the time he lived in Southeast LA it was all already converted to the industrial heart of LA. So, when you say that the area was all a farming community or a airport in South gate, that means you an old ass fart vato that is completely out of touch with Gangs. In other words, you must be in your 80s or 90s. The only credit you get is being able to see the font on your computer.

VBZ - if you want to read an history of advanced cultures on Mexican Indians, that lived in what is today the Oaxaca and Guatemala border, the "Maya" or the "Olmecs" - you know who...the indios that Mexicans look down on in Mexico- the short, dark, Indians you see at the Tijuana border selling “chiclet” gum…....the ones that still have about 100% indian blood and speak approximately 250 dialects but who Mexico always seems to put a finger up their culo with treaties like NAFTA and American Capitalism-greedy ass big business who cut sweet deals with Mexico's family elites or International Companies. You will never find the peaceful indians like the Maya or the Olmecs in EME’s primary study text books. They, like the Chicanos of the 1960s focused all their attention and ran to throw up their fist without having any extensive adept studies to Mexico’s history and culture of who exactly were the Aztecs. They would not want to be compared to ancestors with a little more brains, not the Aztecs mystical bullshit of the big bad warrior image.
Among the many slave indians and tribes that the Aztecs forced to build their temples and pyramids to their last working breathe - just like the Jesuits did with the Mexican and California missions, ask them how they felt about the Aztecs. If you know anything about Mexico and its history, you know that Cortez's army was made up of 90-80% from the various tribes feed up with the Aztec’s continued extortion, raping, taxing, and killing of its surrounding subordinate tribes . Remember that when I talk about Blacks, i'm talking about the time after la conquesta in central Mexico- up to around 1550 where in Mexico, in conservative estimates, already had approximately 20,000 blacks slaves. Shit, even Cortez had about 6 blacks in the original landing. Read about the land grants issued by “los Reyes Catolicos”, including the African slaves that were included with the New World’s hacienda grants. I’ll get back to you later on more ----
I support this history as factual but I will never support Rafael’s theory of Racial Cleansing……..I will continue to stand on Ramos side and assist him on stopping these bullcrap theories and LA limelight lawyer, Rice, that have no clue about gangs in LA.


Santiago said...

jim said...
Why is the old cholo spokesman and all his aliases posting up story after story about Paris Hilton.

Wally, your minute man-name rustling Anonymouse poster has stooped again to the squat to pee position it has a proclivity and yen of doing. This same fellow that still steals from his 80 year old mothers purse to go walk and buy menthol cigarettes an' a hot dog at the local 7-Eleven. Sending you some Molly's as those NoDoz ® are achieving little success. Saludos a los tres mosketeros y Dartanian, DQ GJ SNS y SV VBS.

PS. No slight intended Wallace, you da man-in more than one way(^; just wanted to say, dropped a dime on the Vae Victus (N) blog, it needs CPR STAT....don't let it go N, lo respeto mucho.


Anonymous said...

The only problem I have with Hilton that why did Baca disobey a written order from a Superior Court Judge. Contempt of Court deserves 5 days of detention on Baca, que no? 2 - why did they order the Sheriff's Dept to steam clean Hilton's cell when no other cell was cleaned. 3 - why does she need two special assigned SGT. just to stand outside her cell....????


don quixote said...

Here here old chap! Really good shew! Tell em GJ, Mayate can be simply a descriptive noun, for example," ese homeboy! where'd you score those firme Kobe Bryant tennie's? I got a good deal from the Mayate with shoes down at the Slauson swapmeet."
Or it could be derogatory such as
"Oye homes, watchalo! those pinchi Mayates selling sweet potato pies for the Muslims will short change your ass if you don't be careful"

It's like an old camarada who was before the judge on assault charges for Sunday punching a Jura.
The judge asks him, "your telling me you punched an officer of the law because he called you a Mexican?"
Homeboy answers; "no no judge, I don't mind being called a Mexican, I just don't like being called a "fucking Mexican"!

See what I'm trying to say?

don quixote said...

No Smiley Face I'm not older than your Daddy who is 63, I'm 61 and I was answering your post where you were telling us about how tough the Compton, Lynwood, vatos were.

My reply was that when I was a youngster in the 50's and 60's the area of COmpton, Willowbrook, Watts (almost all Mayate then except for "Colonia Watts, and Quarter Watts, small potatoes), was considered small time and indeed many still lived like farmers in our minds (from the city, and the eastside), people there had horses and chickens and pigs. They lived either in suburban track homes or had older houses that were left over from a more rural time.
We in the LA city area and the eastside lived in tenement apts, projects, or very old and close small houses.
There were a couple of areas like Compton where they still had goats and shit. The now non-existant "Chavez Ravine" varrios which were like a little town in itself.
I had a partner from 155th Compton who was a good vato and him and his homeboys would come up for party's in the varrio. They were always kind of in awe of the difference's between our varrios's. We were city, big in numbers and the movida was different, we were hustling all kinds of scams and they were feeding the livestock and shit like that or mowing the lawn of the track homes.
In those years Lynwood, South Gate, Downey, etc were white communitys, like I said, different now I know but tradition isn't.

Hey I think I remember your jefe now, yea I used to take his money and lunch couple of times a week. Yea the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, que no? just kidding homes, I didn't spend a lot of time down in that area.

Smiley Face says;
"When I was a kid, I didn't even know the names of the cities that existed north of Highland Park. In a blue moon, we would take a weekend trip to visit an aunt in Highland Park, it was like a vacation to another part of California ese."

(See what I mean, the jente down in Compton and that area were kind of isolated, never been to the City)

"In those days, Highland Park mexicanos kids would sit around and ask us all about the gang violence in Southeast LA. In all truth and no bullshit, those kids were good kids that could not handle a thug from Watts, Lynwood or Compton.
(Lynwood? hey you left out Hermosa Beach, and Anaheim Hills)


Anonymous said...

The much-awaited conclusion of HBO's "The Sopranos" arrived Sunday night in a frenzy of audience speculation. Would New Jersey mob boss Soprano live or be killed? Would his family die before his eyes? Would he go to jail? Be forced to enter witness protection? Would Brooklyn boss Phil Leotardo, who had ordered a hit on Tony, prevail?

In the end, the only ending that mattered was the one masterminded by "Sopranos" creator David Chase. And playing against viewer expectations, as always, Chase refused to stage a mass extermination, put the characters through any changes, or provide his viewers with comfortable closure. Or catharsis. After all, he declined to pass moral judgment on Tony—he reminded viewers all season what a thug Tony is, then gave him a pass.

The only neat development in the finale was that Leotardo was crushed. Otherwise it was perversely non-earthshaking—just one last visit with the characters we have followed so devoutly since 1999.

Here was the funeral for Bobby Bacala, Tony's soldier and brother-in- law, who was shot dead on Leotardo's orders last week. Here was Tony (series star James Gandolfini) paying a hospital visit to his gravely injured consigliere, Silvio Dante, also targeted by Leotardo.

Tony's ne'er-do-well son A.J. continued to wail about the misery in the world, and voiced a fleeting urge to join the Army and go fight in Afghanistan (Tony persuaded him to get involved in filmmaking, instead). Daughter Meadow (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) harped on her plans to be a lawyer.

Tony visits his senile Uncle Junior (Dominic Chianese) at the nursing home. "You and my dad, you two ran North Jersey," Tony prompts him.

"We did?" said Uncle Junior with no sign of recognition. "That's nice."

Despite suspicions to the contrary, neither Paulie Walnuts nor Patsy Parisi sold out Tony. And neither was whacked. Dr. Melfi, who kicked Tony out of therapy last week, made no last-minute appearance.

Sure, headaches lie ahead for Tony. The Feds are still after him. And Meadow's fiance, Patsy Jr., is a lawyer who may well be pursuing cases that intrude on Tony's business interests.

So what else is new?

The finale displayed the characters continuing, for better and worse, unaffected by the fact that the series is done. The implication was, they will go on as usual. We just won't be able to watch.

Of course, Leotardo (Frank Vincent) hit a dead end after Tony located him with the help of his favorite federal agent. The execution was a quick but classic "Sopranos" scene: Pulling up at a gas station with his wife, Leotardo made a grand show of telling his two young grandchildren in the back seat to "wave bye-bye" as he emerged from his SUV. The next moment he was on the pavement, shot in the head.

Then you heard the car roll over his head. Carunnnchh! Quick, clinical, even comical, this was the only violence during the hour.

Not that Chase (who wrote and directed this episode) didn't tease viewers with the threat of death in almost every scene.

This was never more true than in the final sequence. On the surface, it was nothing more momentous than Tony, his wife, Carmela (Edie Falco), Meadow and A.J. meeting for dinner at a cozy family restaurant.

When he arrived, Tony dropped a coin in the jukebox and played the classic Journey power ballad "Don't Stop Believing." Meanwhile, every moment seemed to foreshadow disaster: Suspicious-looking people coming in the door or seated at a table nearby. Meadow on the street having trouble parallel parking her car, the tires squealing against the curb. With every passing second, the audience was primed for tragedy. It was a scene both warm and fuzzy yet full of dread, setting every viewer's heart racing for no clear reason.

But nothing would happen. It was just a family gathering for dinner at a restaurant.

Then, with a jingle of the bell on the front door, Tony looked up, apparently seeing Meadow make her delayed entrance. Or could he have seen something awful—something he certainly deserved—about to come down?

Probably not. Almost certainly a false alarm. But we'll never know. With that, "The Sopranos" cut to black, leaving us enriched after eight years. And flustered. And fated to always wonder what happened next.

Anonymous said...

When you guys say some blacks beat an innocent you mean the old vato that just came from mexico and sells paletas wearing a cowboy hat and botines...or do you mean the recently arrived youngster who is wearing a dodgers hat, some fucked up jersey from the remate that says los angeles on it, and sporting some quack ass tats? because if your reffering to the latter, i wouldnt call them innocent victims....mofo's want to look like cholos, they can get treated like them...

on Paris...quit hating...the girl is sexy as can be and face most of the vatos I know do lots worse than drink and drive and get a slap on the wrist...sending her back to jail was meant to satisfy all the ugly, fat, broke, stupid, unliked, no sex getting misers who resent her for the guy who posted something about filling a thimble in response to Paris being my wet dream...aye loco, just cause you don't have any self confidence and can't dream of handling a hot woman like that don't knock me... cause you really don't have a clue how i do it.

Anonymous said...

almost forgot...
you have any info on the death squads working against gangs in central America?
i read a story about a guy who's fighting deportation on the grounds he'll be killed in el salvador for being a gang member. the guy was from 18 street and was saying that armed vigilantes get on busses, then kidnap at gunpoint and the foolios with gang tats, then kill them ...

Don Culo,
i hear mexicana has cheap flights to el salvador. you should take a trip ese.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous,

My cousins have spoken to me about passed incidents in prison where concessions were made from time to time in regards to the Nortenos/Surenos. This is nothing new. Talk to most vatos who have done time, and it is the "Mission Boys" and youngsters that pump up all that hoopla about "norte this" and "Sur that". Please, by all means, do not misconstrue what I am trying to get across, the rules of engagement/reglas are the same for the most part, but some are more laxed' depending on who is in/out, tension on the yard, etc.

Just as one has quoted here previuosly, the beef is bad for business. I too have heard of Norte/Sur business practices up in Turlock and surrounding areas. A few of my boys work on a contractual basis up North in a warehouse and all that b/s is put aside. I guess you can call it age (all about 30 yrs old.).

But to stick to the premise, from what I gather, as long as one isn't "out of bounds", these things seem to happen with regularity. Just ask the Bulldogs.-Jose619

marty said...

A California State inmate is soon promising pictures of Paris Hilton’s underwear to the highest bidder.

A couple of inmates at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Downtown L.A tell the New York press a fellow inmate, brought into the facility with The Parasite on Friday night, snuck a cellphone into the jail hidden in her vagina -and was able to take two shots of Hilton.

“She was bragging about it on the bus,” says Oren Kattan, 29. “She put a cell phone in her [privates], and she got a picture of her.”

The woman is in custody on a drug charge and is certain: “she was going to get a million dollars for it.” One shot features Paris in her blue prison issued uniform and the other in just her underwear - which had “Bitch” written across them, Oren says.

“Everybody’s talking about it around the unit,” Oren continues.

The shutterbug on lockdown was eventually caught and the phone was confiscated-but not before she was able to send the flicks out to a friend.

carmine ; forget about it said...

It's a tribute to the passionate discussion about The Sopranos that has gone on in this space over the past year that the minute the credits concluded for the last time ever, in reverberating silence, following a heart-stopping picture blackout that probably generated a million panicked phone calls to cable providers across the country (''Noooooo! I'm missing the mass rubout of the entire Soprano family!''), I thought of you. Yes, you, you who loved every ballsy contrarian move the series took as well as you who were impatient and critical, you who thrilled to whackings as well as you who thrilled to everything that happened in the psychic abyss that signified the opposite of whackings.

I admit I had gotten myself so anxious between last Sunday and this that I almost — almost — expected to witness Tony's actual end-of-the-road death, in bloody color. And yet I also knew that The Sopranos wouldn't end that way — it just couldn't, not if David Chase remained true to his vision of psychic mess handed down from generation to generation. Really, did you expect otherwise? Toying with many of the big-bang endings predicted (and wished for) by plenty of opinionated viewers in a final episode he wrote and directed himself, Chase (1) didn't turn Tony over to the witness-protection program; (2) didn't expose Paulie as a turncoat who would sell out his boss; (3) didn't let AJ kill himself, or Meadow distinguish herself, or Dr. Melfi take T back as a patient, or the Russian mobster come back out of the Jersey Pine Barrens. Hell, Chase didn't even let Silvio live or die — just left him there in a dreamless coma so very different from Tony's, hooked to a breathing tube while his wife clipped his toenails and Little Miss Sunshine (family, redefined!) played on the hospital TV screen.

Nevertheless, Chase had a grand time in his almost playful home stretch, offering a clue-strewn valedictory episode and a beautifully unresolved stopping point — not so much a conclusion as a curtain coming down, with the suggestion that in this thing of theirs, these people will continue to go about their business, even if we're not around to see them doing so. Beginning with the classic overhead view of Tony gathering his wits on his back in a bed — a POV that has, over the years, been associated with dreaming, with a coma, with waking in bed with his wife, or with finishing off a rendezvous with some woman or other not his wife — the episode, called ''Made in America,'' rewarded our shared deep knowledge of the show over the years. Agent Harris — who told Tony, ''You're overreaching,'' when T asked for help in finding Phil — turned out to have not only a wife at home who heats up his dinner but also an illicit hotel-room life of his own. A visit to Tony's sister Janice, the moderately grieving widow, recapped the vista from John Sacrimoni's McMansion where T and Johnny Sack once did business (and where Tony, spotting FBI agents emerging from the woods, bolted in the snow).

This time, it was snowing, too, and Phil's hapless tool of a captain, Butchie, walked down a street in Little Italy that's just a tinselly remnant of the neighborhood's former ethnic grandeur. The new shrink AJ went to crossed her legs in a disorienting variation of Dr. Melfi's famous Basic Instinct pose, yet — smiling and immune to Tony's litany — she didn't rise to the bait as he talked about ''this whole therapy thing'' and how there was ''little love in the house'' of his youth.

As it was in the beginning, world without end: AJ moved into the space left open by his late would-be movie-mogul cousin, Christopher; Meadow, now engaged to Patrick Parisi, morphed into a vaguely more legitimate but still self-deluded version of her willfully ignorant mother; and Paulie still read baroque, dumb-ass signs and wonders into everyday occurrences, whether he was meeting up with a baleful cat or confessing to a miraculous vision of the Virgin Mary at the Bada Bing. Nothing's the same — their world has shrunk, family has died — but nothing's different, either, even if Phil, a vision in a velour tracksuit, was finally dispatched with a macabre flourish, done in first by a bullet and then by his own SUV, rolling over his body while two infant grandkids gurgled in the back seat. (As the man said on the episode of The Twilight Zone flickering on a TV in Tony's safe house, the television world is always looking for writers who can deliver talent and quality....)

In one crucial theme-enforcing scene and the end of the end, Tony finally went to visit Uncle Junior in June's shabby prison hospital. The old man was wizened and seriously addled, a lost, nattering guy in a wheelchair, apparently minus his upper dentures. The same monster who once pumped a bullet into his nephew's gut now didn't recognize the man he shot, nor did he remember the name or face of that same nephew now standing in front of him, invoking the memory of Junior's late brother, Johnny Boy. ''This thing of ours,'' said Tony, ''you two ran north Jersey.'' ''We did?'' replied the former power broker. ''That's nice.'' So much for dynasty.

In my favorite, crucial theme-enforcing scene, meanwhile, pathos played no part in my pleasure, and neither did playful misdirection — you know, the cutting to various strangers in that final diner scene who could have been hitmen waiting to strike. No, what I'm thinking of is the food line at the reception following Bobby's funeral, a sleek shot that panned right to left sweeping over the faces of so many we've known over the years, and loved, all of them ready to chow down. There they all were, in their frequently used funeral clothes, chatting and tasting as the living do. And there it was, a huge pan of baked ziti.

What? No more f---in' ziti? How are we gonna live? Was this the ending you hoped for? And if not — whaddaya gonna do?

Don't ask me what it means. But "The Sopranos" ended Sunday night.

That's right. Just ended. Nothing more and, really, nothing less. A joke ending perhaps? No, make that "probably" -- creator David Chase's final dismissive wave of the hand to an audience that so often demanded (especially in recent seasons) meaning, resolution, violence and -- above all -- finality.

So much for all that.

After 86 episodes, the most lauded TV drama in history ended on a freeze frame, as Tony glanced expectantly at the door of a diner that his daughter, Meadow, had just entered. It was (of course) one of those scenes strung tight with drama, expectation and even symbolism -- the harrowing figure disappearing into a men's room, just as other harrowing figures entered the diner, summoning from 8 million or so memory banks a "Godfather" deja vu moment.

All those questions about whether Tony would live or die? The answers will now remain lost forever, swallowed in the space of just about 30 silent seconds before the final credits rolled. Now the debate rolls on.

In other words, maybe there will be a movie after all.

Chase's long meditation on the banality of evil always did have an artistic and commercial challenge, occasionally at odds. End the thing with Tony's death and you forever scrub the idea of a movie (which, seriously, will likely never happen anyway).

But end with Tony's death and you also undercut a primary theme of "The Sopranos," which is this -- that in a godless universe, sometimes crime does pay.

With last night's strange, elliptical ending, Chase and "The Sopranos" appeared to resolve that problem. There really was no ending, so Tony really lives or dies. It was the closest Chase ever got to audience participation: Choose the ending YOU prefer and then don't bug me anymore.

What else happened? A few things (for those who somehow missed it, cover your eyes right now): the overreaching and underthinking Phil Leotardo (Frank Vincent), naturally, got whacked in a gruesome scene at a gas station (first a bullet in the head and then his head cracks like a walnut under the wheel of an 8,000 pound SUV.) A.J. (Robert Iler) pulls out of a brief flirtation with idealism, tainted though it may be, to pursue something in the movie biz. Meadow (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) is still off to law school.

In the two pivotal scenes, Butch DeConcini (Gregory Antonacci) -- Phil's capo -- flips by giving Tony a green light to finish his problem, and, with wind and snow swirling, Agent Dwight Harris (Matt Servitto) ponders and ultimately accedes to Tony's request for information on Phil's whereabouts. (When he later learns of Leotardo's whacking, he giggles like a schoolboy -- "We're gonna win this thing!")

Also: Carlo Gervasi (Arthur J. Nascarella) flips and begins to supply the Feds with information that'll put T away forever, assuming he walks out of the diner alive (again, your call).

Was the most anticipated finale of the TV season a disappointment? Yes, a profound one because even though Chase and company scorned the idea of tidy endings, his devoted fans certainly did not. After 86 episodes, we wanted something more. We wanted a conclusion. Instead, we got just another question mark.

It may have been the greatest double-take -- by the audience -- in the history of American television.

Millions of viewers who might have thought something had gone wrong with their TV sets or cable systems last night were mistaken. When the picture vanished at the end, the very end, of "The Sopranos" and the screen went black, that was producer David Chase's unorthodox and arguably ingenious way of ending the series and dispatching the Soprano family to eternity.

Chase set up the audience to expect an assassination, perhaps of the whole Soprano family: Tony, Carmela, Anthony Jr. and Meadow, who were sitting in a nostalgically old-fashioned diner about to order dinner. Menacing strangers entered. One went into the men's room, a seeming reference to a famous shooting in "The Godfather" in which a gun was hidden in a water closet.

And then -- while Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" played on a vintage jukebox and the family members made everyday small talk -- the Sopranos disappeared. No shots were fired. Whether they all would have been killed in the next scene, or lived several more years, or even made it to old age, was not specified.

These great mythic characters, who have captivated HBO viewers for nearly a decade, are now suspended in space and the national imagination forever.

An attentive HBO executive who was watching the episode for the second time said the last image, of Tony's face, was seen just as the words "don't stop" were sung on the jukebox. The episode was littered with references to mortality -- life, death, even the Apocalypse in a poem by William Butler Yeats. Only Chase could mix Yeats with the theme from "The Twilight Zone" and Simon & Garfunkel's "Cecilia" played as a cellphone chime and make it all jell.

As always, "The Sopranos" was a catalogue of references from the mundane to the profound, but the finale was the biggest guessing game of all: Who would die, who would live? Fans of the show hoping to see the evil Phil Leotardo get his saw one of the grisliest deaths in the series:

After being shot in the head, Leotardo falls dead to a gas station driveway. The SUV from which he'd emerged proceeds to run over his skull, crushing it and causing his two little grandchildren in their car seats to feel a little bump. It was macabre and bizarre in a way that only "Sopranos" could bring off.

Throughout the episode, Chase paid farewell visits to many of the regular "Sopranos" haunts, including the Bada Bing Club ("the Bing" to its mob owners), Satriale's Pork Store, and the Soprano home once the family felt safe enough to move out of hiding and back into it. In the end, Tony's problem with the feuding mob boss Leotardo was solved with the help of an FBI agent, who could in his way have been as morally corrupt as Tony in his.

But "The Sopranos" was not judgmental. It could be maddeningly neutral and even amoral; Tony Soprano, so powerfully played by James Gandolfini, could be a vicious killer one moment and dear old daddy the next. He loomed a giant figure from the first episode to last night's blistering and shattering finale.

Even posthumous characters showed up or were mentioned last night. Tony's malicious mother is still in his thoughts: "I never could please my mother," Tony said sorrowfully to his son's new therapist. Tony's own therapist, in an unlikely turn of events, dropped him as a patient last week, but now Tony's very, very confused son is seeking a shrink of his own. So the torch is passed to a new generation.

At a mental hospital, Tony visited the notorious old Uncle Junior, who was once instructed by Tony's own mother to kill him and later, in the throes of dotage and Alzheimer's, shot Tony in the stomach. Uncle Junior, dazed and deluded, exists somewhere between the living and the dead.

And Tony's nephew Christopher, whose life Tony himself ended in a recent episode, returned as a photo on the wall that a stray cat for some reason stared at obsessively -- even when the photo was moved to another spot.

HBO has had greater success with "The Sopranos" than any premium cable network has ever had with any series -- not just in terms of audience size but in terms of inspiring conversations, arguments, discussions and re-viewings of episodes.

Wherever two or three are gathered around a water cooler this morning, "The Sopranos" is likely to be a subject of discussion.

It's a classic now, and one that will live on for years.

That's the way HBO's "The Sopranos" ended its 86-episode run last night, with Tony (James Gandolfini), Carmela (Edie Falco), A.J. (Robert Iler) and Meadow (Jami-Lynn Sigler) gathered in a restaurant for dinner.

The howling? That was me, and maybe anyone else who thought their cable service had gone dead at the worst possible moment.

Meadow, late because she'd had trouble parking her car, was actually just walking through the door, the tension at 10:05 p.m. so thick you could cut it with a cleaver, as Tony (and the audience) looked up each time someone new entered the place.

A man who'd appeared to be checking Tony out had just gotten up from the counter to go to the men's room, and if you weren't thinking "The Godfather" at that moment, you probably weren't thinking at all.

Journey was singing, "Don't stop . . ." when the music, well, stopped and the screen went blank for a moment before the credits rolled for the last time.

So did Tony get whacked?

Or did the Sopranos get to order dinner?

In what's probably destined to be the most controversial series finale since "St. Elsewhere" was revealed to be the vivid imaginings of an autistic boy with a snow globe, "Sopranos" creator David Chase appeared to leave whatever was going to happen next up to our imaginations.

Cop-out or sheer genius?

Discuss among yourselves.

I'm still howling.

For those who've watched the show since its first - and best - season, there were plenty of trips down memory lane, as Tony managed to revisit the issue of the mother who never loved him with A.J.'s shrink (who looked a bit like a younger version of Tony's own Dr. Melfi) and determined that the uncle (Dominic Chianese) who shot him no longer even remembered who he was, much less that he and Tony's father had once run the mob in North Jersey.

I noticed no ducks, but he did bond with a cat in the safe house, once again showing his sentimental side with something that couldn't talk back or betray him.

And in a sign that A.J.'s inherited more from Tony than panic attacks, the son attempted to remind the father of that other dinner, the one in the blacked-out, candlelit restaurant where Tony had exhorted his family to remember the good times.

StillNoScript said...

don quixote said...

Probably the reason why nobody contests it is that it is a typical example of Mayate loudtalking and whistling in the dark.

That should make it all the easier to contest, shouldn't it? Truth is, I'm not impressed by his insults toward cholos, the reason I pasted it is his point that when Crips and Bloods had the numbers in South Central, and if they had decided to do what gangs like the Avenues are doing today, except vice versa, there would be very little of a Sureno varrio presence in South LA, and that most Mexicans that gang banged at all in South LA would be claiming Crip and Blood. Where is he wrong?

Do your self a favor and find another rant to propose as some kind of hypothesis for your questionable theory's concerning LA gangsters and race relations in the southland.

Why? The one I posted stands uncontested.

Anonymous said...

dq - with your last reply, you just answered all my know nothing about gangs in LA or the History of Los Angeles in general.

don quixote said...

Still No Script and another theory;

"That should make it all the easier to contest, shouldn't it? Truth is, I'm not impressed by his insults toward cholos, the reason I pasted it is his point that when Crips and Bloods had the numbers in South Central, and if they had decided to do what gangs like the Avenues are doing today, except vice versa, there would be very little of a Sureno varrio presence in South LA, and that most Mexicans that gang banged at all in South LA would be claiming Crip and Blood. Where is he wrong? "

Are you and he confusing a movie script with reality or what?
Hey Script here's how I will contest it if you insist.
"It never happened!" SNS, anyone can say anything about "what if, might have been, coulda, woulda, shouda,"
So what is anyone supposed to contest? It's just hyperbole cause it didn't happen.

It's just stiring the pot to comment on a situation that never happened so why waste time commenting unless your part of a debating club.

I could say "if the Mayates had ever put a green light on all Mexicans years ago (your choice), every Mexican in the LA area would have responded with violence the Chanates had never ever experienced before, and due to the overwhelming numbers of Mexicans and Chicano's in the LA area and beyond, the Mayates would have dissapeared much sooner than they are at the present, by foot or in boxes. In other words like a grease spot on a Viking Range.

One quote I will contest cause it's total bullshit and I know cause I was there too.

"We all know for years blacks punished inmates on an indivual basis. Mexcians and whites came together out of Fear of a Black Planet.

Blacks dominated the gang scene for years.Had a monopoly on drugs and violence for decades.You didnt hear a peep from Ese's in the 1970's or 1980's."

I could go on and on about these ridiculous statements but I'll spare you, but as a Wallista and a reader of Tijuana Jailer and others you should know it's just Mayate loudtalking and chest beating.

Anonymous said...

[[Don Quixote to SNS -- Do your self a favor and find another rant to propose as some kind of hypothesis for your questionable theory's concerning LA gangsters and race relations in the southland.]]

((SNS to Don Quixote -- Why? The one I posted stands uncontested.))

Sounds like a challenge to me! Come on, DQ, tell SNS about the L.A. birds and the bees. The biggest word in the English language is "if". If grandma had balls she'd be grandpa.

Now explain to SNS and to the world of In The Hat why the mayates don't/wouldn't have the capacity to run anything but their mouths.

Anonymous said...

article about racial motivated killings in Smell A

Anonymous said...

I'll make an attempt to dispute the post you made. This is all speculation on my part and nothing else. Numbers, with the amount of Mexican immigrants moving into places like Watts, Compton etc. eventually no matter what the black gangs did the Sureno's would still have had the numbers. Granted most of these kids at first would not have been gang members but if the blacks would have done what the Avenues are doing like that guy mentions, the Latino kids would have formed gangs for protection. The number of Latino's moving into these areas are so much higher then blacks in any Avenue's area. At the time that guy was talking the black gangs didn't see the Latino's as a threat to their drug sales in places like Compton or Watts, they probably paid little attention to them.
I don't know if you can really compare the situations that, that guy posted in the post you keep putting up. The Avenues situation is a small area where South Central L.A covers a lot bigger area with places like Watts, Compton, Lynwood. And DQ is correct if people knew their L.A history they'd know that these places were mainly WHITE up till the late 60's and in some part's the 70's. Places like South Gate and Paramount today still have a very small number of white family's but they are there but the vast majority of these areas are now Latino. So NUMBERS is my agruement to you post.
If you remember that HBO special a lot of those black gangs were formed to fight white gangs in the south L.A area.


Santiago said...

About 11 uh.m., uh group o' community activists capitalized on da restlessness o' da reporters.

Dressed in uh smart gray suit, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, prezident o' da Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable, looked sternly into da cameras wiff uh message fo' Hilton.

Now dat she had experienced da stresses o' incarceration, Hutchinson said, da heiress should step forward as da "poster woman" fo' mentally ill inmates.

"What we's iz asking iz this: dat ya become an advocate, uh spokesperson, da poster biotch fo' those who iz mentally challenged dat gots absolutely nahh chance o' getting quality care in da L.A. County jail system," he said.

From tyme ta tyme, Hutchinson's gaze shifted ta his Mercedes, which he trippin' might be towed from uh bail bonds parking lot across da street.

Hutchinson said he wanted ta take advantage o' da attention on Hilton ta make uh wider point about da lack o' mental health services fo' inmates. Hutchinson'sgroup tried ta deliver uh letter on da topic ta Hilton, but wuz turned down by sheriff'sofficials.


Anonymous said...

Like I said before, you idiots never lived in the area of SE or had your close relatives killed in the the late 50s or early 60s by the negros. If you knew any legitmate history, you would find a large group of Mexicanos alreday living in the Willowbrook area by the late 50s So, first get your stories straight then open your mouths. I have no business exchanging comments with idiots that grew up little spoil brats. Don Camote, Mayates translates to the N-word, so stop being an old bigot mexican. First, learn how to live with blacks and in an area of real discrimination, before passing judgement.

Anonymous said...

Black gangsters in the 70's and 80's would never dream of kicking up dust in most of L.A. I could name well over 50 barrios where they wouldn't dare go into. I could also name some black areas where we would be crazy to enter too! But most of L.A. in the years we are talking about were mainly Chicano controlled. Like the mayates, our biggest problem was fighting our own kind. Chicano on Chicano blasting was all the time. Black on Black blasting was all the time.

The neighborhoods where the interracial "shit would hit the fan" were areas where Chicanos and blacks lived side by side. Most of these were in the south side. Compton, Venice, Willowbrook, South L.A. From CV3 (Compton Varrio Tres), Barrio Willowbrook, Florencia 13, Venice 13, Tortilla Flats (Compton) and more.

I remember some homies in the County who were busted for 187 on a black GANG member. Not an innocent bystander. Most of these crazy vatos were from the south side. We used to make fun of a lot of these vatos because many of them even talked like mayates. That’s because Ebonics was the lengua spoken in the schools in South L.A. because the mayates outnumbered the Raza.

The biggest difference between Mayate bangers and Chicano bangers was the tradition. Name one mayate gang in L.A. that goes back before 1970 and I’ll give you a cigar. I can’t think of one and I’m trying. Chicano gangs in L.A. go back to the Al Capone days! Don Quixote is old enough to name most of these barrios. I can tell you the Chicano gangs that go back before 1960 like Clanton, Diamond, Varrio Nuevo, San Fer, ALL the Maravillas and there’s well over 50 hoods that have been around well over 50 years! and some – like White Fence – from the early 1900s.

These vatos are not only established but they know how to bang. In those days most of the blacks looked at gang life different than us Chicanos. For example, if a Chicano turned rata, he would never be allowed back into the barrio without being fucked up or killed. In the joint, he was dead meat. The blacks would go to the man on us and justify it with their homies (I guess their motto was if you weren't snitching on a black, it was alright) because they never held it against them in the pen. Court transcripts meant nothing to them. I’m not hating on blacks when I say all this because I’m out of the mix and have been retired for years. But I know what I know and I figured this SNS vato just wanted to stir the pot a little so I asked him and, like he said, he likes to stir the pot all the time on In The Hat car. At least he’s honest.

Actually, the homies are more subdued today than they were in the 60's, 70's and 80's! You hear about it more because you have a bigger population in L.A. than back then and the news is into everything and they make everything look like World war 3.

Shit was jumping in the county all the time. In the camps, CYA and in the CDC, we said, "Boo!" and the majority of blacks (notice I haven't once used the "n" word as I am now on the road to becoming "civilized") would run like scared rabbits. You never saw Chicanos run in these confrontations. Wanna know why? Because the consequences from our own would be brutal. The blacks would figure out a way to justify running from us. Remember the movie "American Me"? There's a scene where a black leader walks up to the Chicano leader and says, "We're not going up against the guns".
In other words, they used that (fear of the prison bulls shooting us) as a way of avoiding a confrontation.

In the county, in the modules where they outnumbered the homies, they felt bold, much like today that the tables are turned and the homies do the same to them. But they knew who not to fuck with too. Pound for pound there was no comparison - hands down. I'm not saying we won every fist fight because we didn't but with us, it was never over until we had the last laugh.

What “if”, doesn’t cut it unless you’re watching the Sopranos. There we can play make believe all you want. It’s sad to say that the gang culture is synonymous with Chicanos in Los Angeles more than any other ethnic group. Black flight is happening like crazy with mayates moving to certain suburbs like Rialto, Moreno Valley and also to the southern part of the country. Chicano families are moving to almost anywhere to try keeping the chavalones from banging. But these chavalos take their act to wherever they end up and you see the “Sureno 13” there too.

East L.A. Vato

vicente said...

:) Smiley Face said .....
dq - with your last reply, you just answered all my know nothing about gangs in LA or the History of Los Angeles in general.


Mr, Smiley Face ;),

Don Culo has many "friends" that will defend his knowledge about everything cholo, los angeles, mexican, anti-gavacho, anti-mayate, and anything else.

Just read how big betty, jim, wallista, mustang sally, carmine, k mule team will tell you how esmart the old cholo is. (lol)

A regular reader.... said...


You don't have to explain to us.Anyone that has been a regular reader of your blog knows that you are probabley one if the first to aknowledge the racial cleansing and that you don't condone it.And if they are not regulars that is what the archives are for.Everyone has their critics , don't let this clown get under your skin.

Anonymous said...

check this out its a link about chicano gangs from the 70's and 80's. how violent the eastside was cause of the gangs and it also mentions how the black gangs in south central were almost non existent in the 70's and how the eastside was a warzone at that time it also mentions how stoner gangs started to take over the eastside in the 80's

StillNoScript said...

DQ, we'll never know what would have happened if Blacks did in the '70s and '80s what the Avenues are doing today, because they didn't do it. And, judging by the obvious lack of fear Blacks had for Mexicans then (or even today, for that matter, despite being outnumbered), it wasn't out of fear of a reprisal. Try again.

And, I'll take the heat for everything I've ever said on this blog. But I will not take the heat for something I did NOT say, and that's anything wishing violence on Mexicans, as you alluded to. I.E., "your choice". How chickenshit. You know, most guys on the street can just confront people based upon what they do stand for. Seems more like some spoiled prick from the suburb to put words into someone's mouth and have that to fight with instead of just addressing what they said. I swear to god, that's all you guys do. Can't put up a convincing argument? Just put words into the other person's mouth to either give yourself a weaker argument to fight with, or to make that person look menacing and you look innocent, which is what you tried to do by suggesting that it's me who wrote that, and not the anonymous that wrote it.

The only point I ever attempted to make is that the Blacks DID NOT racially cleanse Mexicans, when they certainly could have. What I've asked is why you guys think that is. Other than your lame attempt to convince us that it was because Blacks knew better (such a threat would come with a higher respect than the Blacks had for Mexicans then, you would think...), you've come up with shit.

That point still stands uncontested....and only feebly challenged.

don quixote said...

Carmine: forget about it!

Beautiful and eloquent synopsis and epitaph of the Sopranos, the best thoughts and comments on the finale I've yet to read or hear.

Although disappointed like everyone else with the non-ending, after I had a chance to digest what I had witnessed I had a change of heart.

I think David Chase gave everyone what they wanted, the ending we envisioned, take your pick, we’re in charge of our own endings, and the discussion continues about what probably or should happen.

Chase, like Mulholland when he released the water from his engineering masterpiece "The LA Aqueduct" is saying to his fans,
"Take it it's yours" do with it what you want.

Nothing was settled except NY Philly’s fate.
We were left with more questions than answers when the smoke cleared.
Is Tony's too close relationship with his troubled FBI confidant, (caught banging his female FBI partner, and by the look on her face he was trying to get her to engage in some freaky sex instead of just the missionary position), going to end up getting him put in the hat when the fella’s find out he’s been sharing info with the Feds
One of Tony’s own Capo’s "Carlo" is rolling over to the Feds and due to his evil intentions for Tony’s past offence’s will sing an Opera that would make Verdi envious.

The story line could continue on and on, week after week, of drama, intrigue, characters coming and going, none who are pure or without flaws, a completely dysfunctional yet typical family of man in the 20th and 21st Century USA.
And in the end David Chase gave us all what we wanted; yet we’re never completely happy or satisfied.

“Made in America” what an apropos title.

Anonymous said...

SNS ..... (The only point I ever attempted to make is that the Blacks DID NOT racially cleanse Mexicans, when they certainly could have. What I've asked is why you guys think that is. Other than your lame attempt to convince us that it was because Blacks knew better (such a threat would come with a higher respect than the Blacks had for Mexicans then, you would think...),

How do you come to the conclusion that the blacks, "if they wanted to", "certainly could have" done their version of ethnic cleansing? Because someone posted that?

If you know the street life in L.A., you will know that would be impossible. First of all the blacks never tried anything like that because they DID know better (I don't think Don Quixote was being disrespectful that's just a fact) and they didn't mind living side by side with people who shared the same conditions.

Chicano homies never considered doing an "ethnic cleansing" of the blacks back then either as they also did not mind living side by side with fellow gangsters. They had their shit and we had ours. For the most part they didn't mess in our shit and we didn't mess in theirs.

The answer is: They could NOT have done it. The "Mexicans" that were in the barrios in those days were not Mexican paisas but Mexican Americans. Big difference.

Meaning, they were not the hard working, humble, spending hours kneeling in front of the Virgin Mary people that you see today in huge numbers.

Like one vato posted, the numbers would not have allowed for this. Also, since we are in talking "what if fantasy" here, you gotta remember today that Chicanos and Mexicans in general do not want this "ethnic cleansing" everyone is talking about. It's a very small group of people (we know who)who are only using the homies like Tijuana Jailer said.

Its like asking, who would have won in 1969 if Russia and the U.S. shoot nuclear missles at each other. No body. We all lose. Same here. Everybody loses sons and family members go to many funerals on BOTH sides.

I say black people have a right to live in peace in their hoods just like anyone else.

P.S.-I think Don Quixote is being funny when he says that "mayate" is just a friendly word. A mayate is a bug in Spanish. That is not very friendly. It doesn't matter if I call you bug in anger or in a nice way. A bug is a bug.

East L.A. Vato

Anonymous said...

...sorry, i think you make some important cases about the rise of violence and the targeting of civs based on ethnic and racial background...but you weaken your argument by calling it "ethnic cleansing." also, while keeping the competitor weak is important in does not want to embarass and push the competitor so far into the corner that they respond in kind. wars are not good for illegitimate buisness, just ask the mafia. lastly, if there were an ethnic war going on between eme and bgf (and there was an real green light) you would find way more bodies than the twenty cases you are talking about.

mainly, this is just another attempt by the LA elite and police to ignore the real reality of the street: that folks are suffering and you have given the generations no other option except to take to the streets and to try to own them the best way we know how. now, the elites want to make themselves sleep better at night by telling themselves "look the mexicans and blacks hate each other our hate doesn't make us bad!"

i think you are on to something...but don't overhype it and offer some solutions as well.

the truth said...

East L.A. Vato sadi ...........
It’s sad to say that the gang culture is synonymous with Chicanos in Los Angeles more than any other ethnic group. Black flight is happening like crazy with mayates moving to certain suburbs like Rialto, Moreno Valley and also to the southern part of the country. Chicano families are moving to almost anywhere to try keeping the chavalones from banging. But these chavalos take their act to wherever they end up and you see the “Sureno 13” there too.

And just as Mr. East L.A. Vato has pointed out, there is the MAJOR reason gangs continue to flourish among the mexicans for so many generations, it is not the poverty, the racism, and etc. Gangs have flourished for years in Monrovia, Duarte, El Monte, Baldwin Park, etc and other cities which are NOT poor neglected areas like south-central Los Angeles. It is a CULTURE problem that has to be first recognized and addressed by the mexican people themselves.

Why do so many latinos refuse to assimilate with the rest of the normal society? All the other races, Irish, Italians, and etc. have decided to assimilate in with the rest of American society. But too many mexicans have refused to do so.

It is the barrio/ghetto mentality which has to be eliminated first, only then can we begin to eliminate gangs. It is just like Cle "Bone" Sloan director of the HBO gang special “BASTARDS OF THE PARTY” said at the end of his show it has to start at home by not giving your kids gang nick-names, and then a change in modern gang culture in black and latino neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

"If liberals think Iraqis are genetically incapable of pulling off even the most rudimentary form of democracy, why do they believe 50 million Mexicans will magically become good Americans, imbued in the nation's history and culture, upon crossing the Rio Grande? Maybe we should dunk Iraqis in the Rio and see what happens."

Ann Coulter

StillNoScript said...

The "in the hat car"???

East LA Vato, Wally is a White journalist that sits in an ivory tower and blames Tom Hayden for everything ranging from gang violence to water bills. Don't be so delusional.

Yeh, I stir up shit because I'm not impressed with his constant bating of outspoken liberals while overlooking poverty and drugs as a factor that leads to gang violence.

I don't gang bang, ELA. I don't take sides. I'm not a cheerleader. I just posted an old anonymous comment and to be honest, you answered it well. Don Quixote showed so much emotion when he answered it that it was hard to tell if his answers were just sour grapes. But you put it in clear perspective, and checked your emotion at the door. I tip my hat, and, I stand corrected on the racial cleansing assumption.

I still believe Blacks could have forced Chicanos to claim Black hoods if they wanted to, but you're right, there's no way Blacks could have pulled what gangs like Avenues are doing right now. I mean, it is Los Angeles.

OC, you make great points, too.

DQ? I don't know what to say. Keep telling us about the ills of racism in one breath and calling Blacks "mayates" in the next. Hypocrisy rules the day, so when in Rome...

don quixote said...

Hey SNS, are you on the rag lately or what?

First you post up some bs loudtalk from this anonymous Mayate and start challenging everyone to contest it, (contest what?) And when I did as you requested you misconstrued what I meant and went on another rant.

check yourself at the door SNS:
"And, I'll take the heat for everything I've ever said on this blog. But I will not take the heat for something I did NOT say, and that's anything wishing violence on Mexicans, as you alluded to. I.E., "your choice". How chickenshit. You know, most guys on the street can just confront people based upon what they do stand for. Seems more like some spoiled prick from the suburb to put words into someone's mouth and have that to fight with instead of just addressing what they said"
Hey SNS, first take a chill pill, put on your lente's and calmate.
When I said "your choice I meant what year or decade or time period you chose. Read it again and carefully this time, before you have a stroke.

dq's reply to SNS's fantasy scenario;

"I could say "if the Mayates had ever put a green light on all Mexicans years ago, (your choice),
(I meant your choice of years!), every Mexican in the LA area would have responded with violence the Chanates had never ever experienced before, and due to the overwhelming numbers of Mexicans and Chicano's in the LA area and beyond, the Mayates would have dissapeared much sooner than they are at the present, by foot or in boxes. In other words like a grease spot on a Viking Range"

So if my little scenario was somewhat confusing then I apologize but I only posted it at your request for an answer to your hypothesis which was also confusing due to the lack of rationale.
You were baiting people to enter some fantasy game and then when they do, it still isn't good enough for you and you post up more of this non existent scenario of Black Ethnic cleansing of Mexicans again, and expect people to challenge it, then when they try to explain some street sense, and a real history lesson to you, you come back even more pissed off and sounding like "last word smiley face" with your chonies all bunched up.

What's going on with you SNS? You been dealing with all the little mocoso's and the netbanging on "" too much?

Now take some deep breaths, picture yourself on a beach, alone, listening to the surf, the palm trees swaying in the wind,
you know like the Corona beer comercials.
No te aguite's

jethro said...

See story below in which mexican gangs are again targeting blacks. Wally is just calling it like he sees it. Like Wally says how many blacks have to be killed for it is called racial cleansing. Maybe some people would prefer the words “racial spring cleaning”.


Crime spike, area gang linked
By Nisha Gutierrez Staff Writer
Article Launched: 06/10/2007 11:49:22 PM PDT

AZUSA - A recent parole sweep in the San Gabriel Valley was prompted by a rise in criminal activity tied to a local gang, officials said Friday.

Azusa police Sgt. Xavier Torres said in the past two months the department has seen a "slight increase" in gang-related crime, attributed to the Azusa 13 gang.

"Based on the information we have been receiving it is evident that the Azusa 13 gang is very active in the city, county areas and in some surrounding areas outside of the city," Torres said. Police said Azusa 13 is a Latino gang that has been in the city for about 30 years and has about 300 active members.

"They are very territorial and have reputations for committing crimes to further their own gang and committing hate crimes, usually against blacks," Torressaid.

The most recent incident involving the gang occurred April 19 at a business in the 200 block of Newburgh Street, Torres said. Four Latino gang members followed an African-American man inside the building. "They confronted him and wouldn't let him out of the store," Torres said. "They asked him where he was from and if he knew where he was at. They were pretty threatening statements." The victim was unharmed and the police were called. Officers said one of the suspects, David Delgado, 18, was found at the location with a hunting knife and another stabbing instrument on his waistband. Delgado was charged with making criminal threats, possession of a concealed weapon and gang enhancement.

"There was nothing to indicate it was a hate crime but race probably had something to do with it," Torres said. The increase in gang-related crime has caused some law enforcement officials to conduct bigger investigations, and more parole and probation sweeps in the area.

While information has pointed to the Azusa 13 gang, deputies at the sheriff's San Dimas Station, which also has seen an increase in violent crime in its patrol area, said many times victims have not been forthcoming with information. "No one really wants to cooperate," said Deputy Brayton Thomas. "They see shaved heads and tattoos and they get intimidated." Thomas, who organized a parole sweep that stretched from San Dimas to Irwindale in May, said the department has had one murder, one attempted murder and a few assaults with deadly weapons within the past three months.

Thomas said he plans to organize more sweeps. "Law enforcement tends to be reactive and we are trying to be proactive by doing these sweeps," Thomas said. "These are proactive tools to keep our area from becoming Valinda or La Puente."

The multicity police sweep May 23 targeted the homes of 50 people on parole or on probation in the valley. It resulted in 18 arrests but none of the people taken into custody were members of the Azusa 13 gang, Torres said.

Glendora police Lt. Joe Ward said his department does not have gang-related crime but participated in the sweep to try to keep crime out of Glendora.

"It mainly targeted the Azusa 13 gang and our assistance was requested," Ward said. "We participated in an effort to keep Azusa 13 from causing problems in our city." Torres said although there is an increase in gang activity, the climate could change at any time. "Gang activity goes in spurts and sometimes it's because some leaders of the gang are in prison so out here on the streets it will slow down," Torres said. "Then they get released from jail and start initiating activity again but still it's not uncommon for activity inside the jail to spill onto the streets."

ray said...

SNS said ..........
DQ? I don't know what to say. Keep telling us about the ills of racism in one breath and calling Blacks "mayates" in the next. Hypocrisy rules the day, so when in Rome...


You just know noticed this about Don KKK, he is always talking about the mayates he has told us many stories about them "june-bugs" as adoringly refers to them.

1) rude mayates working in civil service
2) loud mayates who spend to much time fixing their hair.
3) ghetto mayates who blame the whites for their problems
4) black gang bangers who attack innocent people

And the whole time defending the "honor" of his beloved sureno gang-bangers who are victims of the gavacho facist goverment.

He is a comical cholo to say the least.

Anonymous said...

don quixote said...
Hey SNS, are you on the rag lately or what?

Mouse is using peoples names. Simple as that.

more of the truth said...

Here is a story from Daily News which shows there is an increase in hate crimes by mexican gangs against blacks.


More youths taking part in hate crimes
Article Last Updated: 06/08/2007 12:58:27 AM PDT

County officials recorded 594 hate crimes last year, with 137 - or more than 25 percent - reported in the San Fernando Valley.

And the data mirror growing concern about gang crime in the Valley and Los Angeles, where law enforcement officials have stepped up efforts to quell rising violence. "The increases we are seeing in hate crimes among kids is very disturbing," said Adrian Dove, president of the Human Relations Commission, which released the annual report.

Officials said last year's tally does not include race riots that plagued the jails and juvenile detention systems in February when fights broke out between African-American and Latino inmates at the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic.

The report found the number of juvenile suspects involved in hate crimes rose to 233 and accounted for 43 percent of all suspects, up from 32 percent in 2005.

Gangs also played a large role in hate crimes, with 105 related incidents reflecting a 33 percent increase from the previous year.

"The number of hate crimes involving gang members rose substantially," Commission Executive Director Robin S. Toma said. "Gang members now account for one in five hate crimes." Officials also reported a growing number of mob attacks involving large groups of teens. A total of 14 cases were reported in which groups of more than five surrounded and attacked their victims.

Meanwhile, the number of murders rose from none in 2005 to two last year, and the number of attempted murders more than doubled from six to 13.

"All but one of the murders and attempted murders were Latino suspects targeting African-Americans," Toma said. In one high-profile case, 14-year-old Cheryl Green was fatally shot in an incident involving members of the Latino 204th Street gang in the Harbor-Gateway area, Toma said. "It's hard enough to lose someone who dies in a tragic accident, but to have your child taken away from you due to the color of their skin, there is no understanding to that," said Charlene Lovette, mother of the slain African-American girl.

Last year, anti-black hate crimes rose from 230 to 237.

The report also found about 25 hate crime incidents were blamed on terrorism or Middle Eastern conflicts, up nearly 50 percent from the previous year.

Hate crimes involving white supremacists increased 10 percent to account for 17 percent of all hate crimes last year. Nearly half of those crimes targeted blacks and 36 percent targeted Jews.

The number of religious hate crimes dropped from 101 to 90 and of 13 anti-Christian crimes, about half involved cases of satanic graffiti on houses of worship. Although anti-Jewish hate crimes fell 22 percent, nearly three-quarters of all crimes targeting religious groups were anti-Semitic.

"While religious hate crimes in the Los Angeles County report declined slightly, we continue to be concerned that those against Jews remain at a disturbing level," said Amanda Susskind, director of the Southwest Region of the Anti-Defamation League.

the awful truth said...

Yea DQ the anony-mouses are like little mouse's who take over peoples ID like the pods in the old movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".
The "log cabin Republicans" are incapable of procreating so they assumed Still No Scripts identity.

Anonymous said...

"Why do so many latinos refuse to assimilate with the rest of the normal society? All the other races, Irish, Italians, and etc. have decided to assimilate in with the rest of American society. But too many mexicans have refused to do so."

I don't believe that having gangs in your culture means you are refusing to assimilate. Mexican Americans have asmilated and will continue to. Sure many of the new arrivals, what many of us call "Piasas" like to keep their traditions but eventually their kids become Americanized just like anyone else. Gangs are an American thing. The Mexican gangs started here, I remember going to Mexico as a kid and you didn't see gangsters there like you do now in some areas. That shit all came from L.A. It does start from the top, with parents etc. but to say just because there are Mexican gangs doesn't mean they aren't part of the American culture. My grandmother died not knowing how to speak English, my mother and her brothers and sisters all speak both English and Spanish but for some reason never spoke it to their kids, the more I learn it has a lot to do with the time they grew up and how they were looked upon by the whites. I get pissed at her for not speaking Spanish to us, but I wasn't there, when she was a kid. So after at least one generation they do assimilate. You can keep some of your traditions and still have the so called "American" traditions as well.

"If liberals think Iraqis are genetically incapable of pulling off even the most rudimentary form of democracy, why do they believe 50 million Mexicans will magically become good Americans, imbued in the nation's history and culture, upon crossing the Rio Grande? Maybe we should dunk Iraqis in the Rio and see what happens. Ann Coulter"

I have no problem with you righties coming on here and making your points but when you post ass wipes like Ann Coulter you got to be kidding, I hope the person who posted that was fucking with us. Because any sane republican has got to be smarter then to buy into that chicks bullshit. I for one do think the Iraqis can find some form of democracy but not until they have their full blown civil war and get over their religious differences.


Anonymous said...

Well according to the above story not only are the Mexican's attacking the blacks but so are the Peckerwoods 15% of all hate crime was committed by whites it says and nearly half of those were towards blacks. This story doesn't shed any new light on the brown on black and it was a increase of 7 from the year before. I think what your going to see happen is the copy cat effect that you always see in So. Cal weather it's the freeway shootings or whatever. Your gonna have different varrios trying to out do the other and fuck up blacks, they won't know why they are doing it, just that it's something they should be doing. I don't know if that systematic ethinc cleansing. To me that word means a well organized and thought out process that one group of people are going to get rid of another. You can't compare this to Serbia, Darfur, Germany world war 2 or what is starting to happen in Iraq with the Shitti against the Sunni.


Anonymous said...

Don Culito
From a vato that dislikes blacks, grew up in a white area, crys like a spoil mama boy, upset over a police officer sticking a baton up your booty with no vaselina. Then to top it off, we have to listen to your moronic stories of Pasadena and Glendale one man-car cruising. THen, you decide to give advice to others on not getting upset?
Your a perfect example of a grumpy old vet tres flores out of style cholo-pachuco from an area that never had black neighbors. Ive bumped into your kind before, typical Maravilla or White Fence vet that never lived among blacks or other racial groups. Your on that typical bandwagon of "we dont want their type here".
Whites did it to you, now you think you can do it to blacks. pathetic loser - you the type of old vato that people are happy to see your obituary in the local newspaper. The title would read, "OLD RACIST VET CHOLO JANITOR DIES FROM LAPTOP ELECTROCUTION!"

qué locuras said...

The Awful Truth said ...........
The "log cabin Republicans" are incapable of procreating so they assumed Still No Scripts identity.


What an appropriate name you use, Did SNS say anything about his named being stolen? I think you have been reading to many conspiracy books. If you had any common sense you would quickly recognize SNS writing style and opinions. You better look behind you I think the jura is on Wally’s looking for you.

Another good placa for you would be Fuzzy Logic, El Pendejo, or El Chismoso. Que gente más estúpido se encuentra aquí

Alrato Vatos Locos

Anonymous said...

On another important note, if the Mayor doesn't want his wifey anymore, I want to be the first to jump in bed with her. If she's reading this blog, "can I hit it!" MILF!

echo park resident said...

The city council voted to get tougher on gangs after reading the report from County Human Relations Report which has the facts, and yes more young cholos are targeting blacks. So that idiot writing smack about Wally is just plain wrong. There IS an increase of hate crime by young cholos. See the video from city council meeting. [Type "special order 40" in keyword for instant streaming video, right at the item!] ITEM NO. (16) 07-0002-S72

More tools to be provided to Rocky D the City Attorney to go after gang members. Let’s put all the low life cholos out on a far away deserted island and we can save lots of money on the jails.

From the Zumma dog at ( A one man real news blog reporter)


INTERGOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS COMMITTEE REPORT relative to the City’s position on Senate Bill (SB) 271, Assembly Bill (AB) 1013, SB 989, SB 844, and AB 1033 which will allow the City and County prosecutors to employ tougher sentencing measures and increase asset forfeitures against gang members.

INTERGOVERNMENT RELATIONS COMMITTEE REPORT SAID (at today's council meeting/agenda item 16)...City and District Attorneys to engage in damage actions against gangs currently under injunction to recover monetary damages and to return that money to the community.

Also, cracks down on adults who recruit youth into gangs. Under the "Encouragement Action", we could charge them with "contributing to delinquency of a minor".

Will allow landlords to evict individuals for "nuisances", where owners cannot currently evict tenants.

And includes "hate crimes" as a predicate offense. (County Human Relations Committee says gang hate crime is up, according to the expert who was testifying before council.)

"Wrong Doing" Section: Will allow "us" to combine "domestic violence" charges when used against a witness testifying against gang activity.

Councilmember Janice Hahn said, "We support this package of bills and are creating new revenue streams to go to 'prevention', 'intervention', and 'youth programs', keeping kids from joining gangs in the first place." She added, "This does everything from allowing us to sue gangs for damages. The money can go back to the communities most damaged. Increase penalties at school zones. (Like construction zones that have increased fines. Now, gang free zones.)"

AB 1033 makes it a misdemeanor to recruit a kid into a gang."

The awful truth said...

The awful truth asks.

Still No Script, what about it? Is it really you out there, seems you've turned kind of anti mexican like the anony-mouse Log Cabin Republicans, who unable to procreate due to their sexual preference's and inability for original thought, are on an evil mission to "take over" "In the Hat" identities, by placing an alien pod in your garage that grows into your twin, takes over your mind, and ends up writing and developing mind numbing, nauseous, unfunny TV sitcoms?
And since all anony-mouse's and Log Cabin Republican's can be "outed" due to thier being incapable of understanding or saying anything remotely humorous and funny (listen to Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Scooter Libby, see Carl Rove dancing now that's funny,).
So to pass the test SNS, you must stop being cranky and pissed off and come up with something humorous and funny or we'll know you've been taken over by an alien pod like in the the 50's movie "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", Starring Richard Carlson, directed by Dan Siegal,

Hope your still here SNS!

jethro said...

The number and facts are below, Wally was just reporting what he saw happening with racially motivated hate crimes by mexican gang-bangers. Mr Tarso Luis Ramos should read the report and then re-write his retraction and apology to Wally.


The number of crimes in which suspects were identified as gang members rose from 79 to 105, a 33% rise. These were generally cases in which suspects yelled out the names of their gangs while attacking victims or included gang names in graffiti. Overall, gang members were identified in 18% of all hate crimes in 2006, up from 13% the previous year. They included Latino, black and white street gangs and tagging crews as well as neo-Nazi and prison gangs such as the Azusa 13, Tortilla Flats 13, Varrio Norwalk, 204th Street, Peckerwoods, Mexican X3’s, Hang Out Boys, 43rd Street Crips, 18th Street, Norwalk-13, 59th Street, La Mirada Locos, Paisas, Southside (jail-based), VHGR, 186thWest Coast Crips, Grape Street Crips, Vincent Town Gang, Canoga Park Alabama, Tiny Mob Crew, Florencia 13, Pasadena Denver Lane, Bloods, Lemarsh Skinheads, Sangras, Flores, Main Street Crips, West Blvd., 12th Street, Compton Crips, Wilmas, Nip Killing Society, East Side Longos, Baby Insane Gang, West Side Longos, and Nazi Lowriders. Gang members were responsible for both of the reported murders and at least 10 of the attempted murders (see A Closer Look at Racial Hate Crimes). 63% of hate crimes committed by gang members were violent, compared to 51% of all hate crimes. The great majority of these cases involved attacks on African Americans (69%) who had no gang affiliation. Latinos were suspects in 89% of gang related anti-black crimes. Blacks were suspects in nine out of ten gang-related anti-Latino crimes, but these were few in number.

Hate crimes did not decline across the board. Anti-black hate crimes rose slightly from 230 to 237 (3%) after spiraling 47% higher the previous year. In contrast, anti-Latino hate crimes, which nearly doubled in 2005, fell 27% in 2006 from 122 to 89. This decline is surprising, but it should be noted that the number of anti-Latino hate crimes reported in 2006 was still higher than in 2002, 2003, and 2004. Throughout 2006, conflict between African Americans and Latinos remained a serious and troubling feature of inter-group tension and specifically, of hate crime in Los Angeles County. Of those crimes in which the suspect’s race was identified, 69% of anti-black crimes had Latino suspects and 81% of anti-Latino crimes had black suspects Ironically, while overall hate crimes were less violent in 2006 (51% down from 58%) the number of murders rose from zero to two and attempted murders rose from six to thirteen.

Apart from the previously mentioned Claremont case, all of the other murders and attempted murders involved Latino suspects targeting African Americans.

More disturbing, there were large numbers of hate crimes between blacks and Latinos that are not included in these statistics. Large scale fights between hundreds of African American and Latino students occurred at campuses such as Carson, Kennedy, Fremont and Gardena high schools. However, with the exception of a single fight, these brawls were not reported as hate crimes. The previously mentioned race riots that plagued the County jail and juvenile detention systems were also not reported as hate crimes by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Therefore, information about the two murders and hundreds of other racial attacks, are not included in this report.

Anonymous said...

Here is some more info on Prisons transferring to make room for more SN yards. -Jose619

Some SCC inmates oppose changes

The Union Democrat

The state's decision to transfer 1,000 to 1,200 inmates at Sierra Conservation Center to other state prisons and replace them with a different type of prisoners has riled some of its current residents.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's announcement spurred at least a dozen letters from inmates and the people who help them to The Union Democrat.

They fear the rehabilitation programs the prison offers will dissolve with their departure.

In late May, the department announced the move, which will start June 25. Inmates in one of the Copperopolis-area prison's yards will be transferred out to make room for others who can't safely reside with the mainstream prison population. These inmates, called "sensitive needs," include former gang members, child molesters and known informants.

That prisoner population has grown statewide, leaving the department searching for space to house them, officials said.

The switch involves about 15 percent of the O'Byrnes Ferry Road prison's 6,500-plus inmates.

But SCC inmates wish it would happen somewhere else.

"This place is working. Why change it?" inmate Richard Mordoff wrote in a letter. "It just shows bureaucracy at its worst. Getting inmates to willingly participate in changing their lives isn't easy and takes a lot of work by many who are willing to be role models and step out there."

Mordoff noted how the transformation programs at SCC have helped him.

"Instead of paroling a hardened violent criminal, I am paroling a new man who has been given the tools necessary to succeed," he said.

The move is actually part of a larger effort to revive rehabilitation efforts at prisons statewide, said Bill Sessa, spokesman for the state corrections department. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's budget has $50 million reserved to do just that.

"We're not content with supporting the programs we have," he said. "It is a major overhaul and a significant change to increase the substance abuse programs and the other programs in the prisons."

Due to overcrowding, this will require a large-scale reorganization and inmate shifts. About 18,000 inmates are currently residing in gyms and day rooms that should be used for these programs, he said.

The department is converting some institutions to other uses and moving some inmates to private prisons out of state.

Managing inmate quarters is a juggling act due to the variety of cases within the 33 California prisons, he said.

"The inmate population is not static," Sessa said. "It changes all the time — not only the number of inmates but the type of inmates and what their needs are."

Tuolumne County Supervisor Dick Pland said the announcement caught him off guard. He wishes the department would have contacted local government for its input before making the change.

It would have given officials the chance to look at potential impacts to the county, such as an increase in the need for social services if new inmates draw their families with them, he said.

"We just don't have a lot of information," he said. "We're kind of flying blind."

Danny Duchene is serving a life sentence, the past 12 years of which were at Sierra Conservation Center. He lauded SCC for its focus on rehabilitation programs that are working.

Rebuilding such programs would take time.

"You cannot simply shuffle the deck, saying a certain program would work better at a lower level facility," Duchene wrote. "Most of these rehabilitative efforts have been grown over time. It takes years."

Jan Thomas, the national director for Celebrate Recovery Inside, a faith-based prison program, urged Gov. Schwarzenegger in a letter not to alter the prison's current makeup.

She praised the program as a national model for "therapeutic community treatment."

"I am deeply concerned a conversion of this current population at SCC could be more of a detriment to CDCR's mission than a benefit at this time," she wrote.

SCC Warden Ivan Clay himself didn't embrace the decision when it was first announced, but the staff is moving forward in helping with the transition, he said.

"I recognize there's a department need, and we are not separate from the department," he said.

He was unsure what will happen to the myriad of programs the yard currently operates, including self-help, faith-based, substance abuse and others.

"I believe in programs, I will tell you that," he said.

One that may be impacted is the inmate firefighter program SCC runs. Sensitive needs inmates won't be able to serve on the crews in the area's inmate camps, so it will likely have to draw crew members from other prisons, he said.

But as a whole, the prison will appear the same from the outside.

"I don't think the community will see any or sense any difference in the operation," Clay said. "Just know that we've done our homework to make this as seamless as possible."

arnold said...

The Awful Truth whines ............
And since all anony-mouse's and Log Cabin Republican's can be "outed" due to thier being incapable of understanding or saying anything remotely humorous and funny (listen to Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Scooter Libby, see Carl Rove dancing now that's funny,).

See my funny jokes on YouTube, love Kaaliforneeeea

hep me Lawd said...

Boring shit this guy recommends on U tube, racist yes, but boring and not even funny or even a good impersonation of the Governator.

The awful truth was right about you Log Cabin Republicans not having a sense of humor. Is it time for your enema?

Gava Joe said...

Many of you have become a cadre of whiney bitches. It's no wonder that the CDC is concerned with safely housing "SN inmates"..It has become biz as usual to drop dimes and turn rat. The code has been shattered, and the righteous rules that governed a "stand up" con are gone.. Somehow it became too easy to do the crime and too hard to do the time.. Send your local prison gang a thank you card for that..

This internet medium and the anonymity it enables is another tool for weak spitited pissants to throw their shitbombs without any consequences.. True justice requires that each anonymouse gets a loud knock on his front door, jackbooted thugs muscle in and take serious hatchets to his computer.
But it won't happen because the world is a kinder-gentler place where intellect takes a back seat to propriety. We should all grow spines and quit enabling the nimrods.. Just my take..

Gava Joe said...

Ann Coulter is a BABE. That's a direct quote from my favorite liberal Bill Maher.. Personally I'd like to see her harnessed up in black leather with one of those ball gags installed. We'd find parity or at least common ground.

Anonymous said...


don quixote said...

GJ on Ann Coulter and S&M therapy.

Gava Joe said...
Ann Coulter is a BABE. That's a direct quote from my favorite liberal Bill Maher.. Personally I'd like to see her harnessed up in black leather with one of those ball gags installed. We'd find parity or at least common ground.

Gava Joe! My man, I thought I was the only kinky vato with immoral thoughts, who even though harnessed (say what!) with an oppresive Catholic upbringing ,Father O'Shaunessy after confession making us do a novena and 2 rosary's for having 14 yr old boy fantasy's,
(little suzie sure got some watermelons over summer vacation!),
and guilty bouts of masturbation, (hey get out of the bathroom you been in there an hour already).

Yea, Ann Coulter harnessed up in black leather and a ball gag, hmmm
I don't know man she might need a butt plug too, she's kind of scary!

There's something about those mean ass Republican women that's kind of, of, sexy I guess.
Remember when COndie Rice was running around in thigh high, spiked, black leather boots?
Got to admit it turned me on.

Paging Dr Freud! Paging Dr. Freud!

fyi said...

SEATTLE – First, Washington State banned indoor public smoking.

Now, the City of Seattle will ban employees from making microwave popcorn.

No kidding.

A memo from the Fleets and Facilities Department addressed to "Employees at Civic Center Buildings" says there has been several evacuations in recent years due smoke alarms being tripped by burning popcorn.

The memo states that in the past three years, there have been eighteen evacuations at the Justice Center, which includes jail cells and courtrooms, because of burnt popcorn. That's more than 400 people evacuated each time.

There have also been several evacuations at City Hall and Seattle Municipal Tower because of the overcooked treat.

The memo states there will be a microwave popcorn ban in downtown City buildings.

Each evacuation shuts down the buildings for 30 – 40 minutes.

The memo blamed employees for not staying by the microwave to know when the popcorn is done.

The smoke is awful. What do you do with burning popcorn? Do not open it as the smell will get out and become even worse. The fire sprinklers activate and no place to throw it away and no way to get outside except down eight floors on an elevator.

Anonymous said...

I would like to be breast fed by Ms. Ann Coulter, then have her change my loaded diaper and splash me with baby talc and finally putting me to sleep by cooing me in my ear as I eat a banana cream filled Twinkie.

Santiago said...

Four strangers traveled together in the same compartment of a European train. Two men and two women faced each other. One woman was a very wealthy and sophisticated 70 year old lady who was decked out in the finest of furs and jewelry. Next to her Sat a beautiful young woman, nineteen years old--who looked like something right off the cover of a fashion magazine. Across from the older lady was a very mature looking man in his mid-forties who was a highly decorated Sergeant Major in the Army. Next to the Sergeant Major sat a young private fresh out of boot camp.
As these four strangers traveled, they talked and chatted about trivial things until they entered an unlighted tunnel, and there they sat in complete darkness and total silence, until the sound of a distinct kiss broke the silence; following the kiss a loud slap could be heard throughout the cabin.
In the ensuing period of silence the four strangers sat quietly with their own thoughts.
The older lady was thinking, "Isn't it wonderful that even in this permissive day and age there are still young women who have a little self-respect and dignity?"
The young woman, shaking her head and greatly puzzled, asked herself, "Why in the world would any man in his right mind want to kiss an old fossil like that when I'm sitting here?" The Sergeant Major, rubbing his sore face, was outraged that any woman could ever think that a man in his position would try to sneak a kiss in the dark.
The private, grinning from ear to ear, was thinking, "What a wonderful world this is when a private can kiss the back of his hand and then smack a Sergeant Major in the face and get away with it!"

Santiago said...

Santiago said...
Listen to Tony Rafael's cool FM modulated voice.

Has LA Gang Violence Turned into Ethnic Cleansing?
Listen to entire show

Some experts say that gang violence in Los Angeles has turned into a campaign of ethnic cleansing. What's behind the increase in racial violence and why have ongoing attempts at intervention failed so far? Are Latino gangs trying to push black residents out of their neighborhoods? Jim Sterngold guest hosts.

After a brief dip several years ago, gang violence in Los Angeles is rising again. On Monday, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to put a new property tax on the ballot to provide $50 million a year for anti-gang programs. Council members and police have been alarmed by the recent killings of several young blacks for no reason other than race. The killings appear to be the acts of Latino death squads trying to push black residents out of their neighborhoods. Even with the new tax, can the police stop the violence before it spirals out of control? Guest host Jim Sterngold speaks with gang experts, law enforcement and state and local politicians.

Guests:Tony Rafael: gang expert
Robert Lopez: lieutenant with the Los Angeles Police Department
Mark Ridley-Thomas: State Senator
Janice Hahn: Los Angeles City Councilwoman

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 5:40:00 PM PDT

Santiago said...
Interview II

Street Gangs Go International

Listen to entire show
The Los Angeles Police Department is hosting an international summit on gang violence. We talk with the Chief and others about the spread of gangs, their impact around the world and the limits of law enforcement.

Los Angeles street gangs have spread all over the US. Now, they've become an international phenomenon, moving back and forth across borders--especially to Mexico and Central America--to terrorize neighborhoods and commit crimes, including extortion and murder. For the next three days, Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton is hosting an international summit on what to do. His counterparts from Mexico, El Salvador, Belize and Honduras along with the LA Sheriff's Department, FBI, DEA, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are all in attendance. We hear how extortion and murder migrate across the borders. Can law enforcement agencies learn how to cooperate? Will they ever be more than a temporary solution?

Guests:William Bratton: Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department
Rich Valdemar: retiree from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department
Alex Sanchez: former gang member
Tony Rafael: gang expert

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 5:45:00 PM PDT

Anonymous said...

"banana cream filled Twinkie"? ...sounds kinda gay to me.

anony-mouse said...

hep me Lawd said...
Boring shit this guy recommends on U tube, racist yes, but boring and not even funny or even a good impersonation of the Governator.

You are wrong the jokes were offered more in kinship than adversarial, the jokes are obviously both adoring and endearing of the mexican race. It is analogous to the wetbacks/beaners calling blacks “mayates”. Just think of the June bug which is an interesting bug hanging on the screen door on a hot summer night.

I have been told on many occasions that my impersonation of the governor is quite realistic. I guess I should have said “hasta la vista baby” so you can hear the amazing similarity to the Governor’s accent.

I will be posting a few more videos about the gay pride parade, remember when I use the word faggot it only offered in kinship and not adversarial.


Log Cabin Republican said...

And just as Mr. East L.A. Vato has pointed out, there is the MAJOR reason gangs continue to flourish among the mexicans for so many generations, it is not the poverty, the racism, and etc.

Okay, it's just that about 99% of violent gang members come from poverty, but who needs stats when you've got an ideology and a lone exception as an example?

etc and other cities which are NOT poor neglected areas like south-central Los Angeles.

Cards on the table, then. Of all violent offenders, what's the percentage that come from poverty? Just a fraction? Like, 97%?

It is a CULTURE problem

Ha ha. You're being funny now. Unless you're willing to define just what a "cultural problem" is. See, poverty can be defined (not to mention, proven beyond any sane person's reasonable doubt to play a key role in gang violence). Have fun with "cultural problem", though.

that has to be first recognized and addressed by the mexican people themselves.

Recognized and addressed by the mexican people? How bout you recognize and address it, let alone actually define it, alongside giving it a catchy namesake?

Why do so many latinos refuse to assimilate with the rest of the normal society?

What is "normal society"? You mean like Paris Hilton? You mean, why don't they get as rich as they can so when they're locked up in county, their families can march right past the peasants in the visiting line? Believe me, they're trying.

All the other races, Irish, Italians, and etc. have decided to assimilate in with the rest of American society.

Alberto Gonzalez, listen, the most popular television show in U.S. history rapped up last Sunday, and it was based on an appealing Italian American character that could give two fucks about assimilating with American culture, or even abiding by the law.

It is just like Cle "Bone" Sloan director of the HBO gang special “BASTARDS OF THE PARTY” said at the end of his show it has to start at home by not giving your kids gang nick-names, and then a change in modern gang culture in black and latino neighborhoods.

Just like you to take that one example and run with it. Earlier in the film, Sloan also agreed with Mike Davis that if there were a plant paying union wages in Bone's hood, the whole god damned set would be working there and not gang banging.

Sloan also insisted the LAPD conspired to keep Grape Street and the Bounties at war during the post-Rodney King truce.

Are you really going to open your ear to Cle Sloan, or just cherry pick whichever of his words suit your right wing ideology?

regular reader... said...

Anonymous said...


Are you serious. I would have posted under Anon too.
The NF and BGF have been aligned almost as long as the AB and EME.What would you say TJ about 30 - 35 years now?Did the EME just figure this out? I don't think so.Try again Anon.I don't claim to be an expert but even I know better than that.

Up here. said...

someone said


In my opinion which will probabley not be very popular here but hey it's just an opinion.I think in the next say 10 years the NF and EME will resolve their differences.
My compadre was released from Corcran about 2 months ago.He was telling me that the Norte and Sur have a somewhat mutual respect for each other.I think I read it here that in Nevada they are sharing yards with no problems.Kicking down food , books and stuff to each other.In my own experiance lat year in the county jail it was on with the Norte and Mayates.The Norte was kickin it with the Woods.Last summer we heard the Mayates put a green light on all Nortenos. A bunch of mayates got smashed for that shit.
There might be some issues to iron out but in my opinion one day la raza will be united.I'm not saying I'm for or against it.Now that I'm getting older alot of that hatred does seem kinda lame.

don quixote said...

Hate to change the subject from kinky sex with Ann Coulter to another topic "Immigration" and the bullshit artist's and revisionist history getting put forth.

BS like we often hear from the offspring of poor European immigrants who wail about Mexicans and how "my ancestors came here legally!"
This article by the LA Times "Rodriguez" sheds some light on the subject, especially how before the 1920's there was no complicated immigration process,
you just showed up, got off the boat, got a quick look over by quack doctor who stamped some papers, some official stamped your papers again and you were sent on your way.
And it's very curious how we in the US, once as proud as the Statue of Liberty, as a nation of poor immigrants who built this country, now touts itself as some oligarchy with a privileged class running the country like the nincompoop's they are.
Look at the mess we're in,
Maybe the poor immigrants we have here struggling now, should remind us where most of us came from and that this ruling class we let take power over us is leading us down the road to perdition.

Gregory Rodriguez, LA Times;

A sanitized betrayal of America's history

Merit-based immigration threatens to strip our national narrative of its grit and determination.
June 11, 2007

THE "MERIT-BASED" immigration system enshrined in the all-but-dead Senate "grand bargain" was one of the reform bill's more controversial elements. Those who railed against it might think it's a victory that it was shelved along with the bill. They would be wrong, because merit-based immigration is probably a prerequisite to the next immigration bill and the one after that. It's part of what conservatives will demand in order to grant some form of amnesty.

Of course, that doesn't make it right.

Don't kid yourself. If there had been an immigration point system in the 19th and early 20th centuries, many of your ancestors would have been denied entry to the United States. Sure, maybe the Irish would have had a natural advantage by speaking English, but they wouldn't have scored many points with either their skills or educational attainment.

The truth is that during the period of unrestricted immigration — before the U.S. erected systemized barriers to entry in the 1920s — fewer than 2% of newcomers were highly skilled. Throughout most of our history, the average immigrant came from the lower, if not the very bottom, ranks of their home societies. They were men and women with few advantages, willing to sacrifice and work hard to better their lot. Heck, that's why they came here in the first place.

There was a time when we lauded our humble heritage, when we loved log cabin stories and guys from Hope. But in an era in which the wife of an ex-president is the leading candidate to succeed the son of an ex-president in the White House, we're looking more like a nation of oligarchs than "the homeless, tempest tost," a place where prestige and wealth are handed down rather than earned.

Anonymous said...


Just two Italian studs having a popularity tiff to rival Hilton vs. Lohan.
City attorney, D.A. wage heated turf war
Cooley says that Delgadillo, a potential opponent in '08, keeps key cases for himself.
June 14, 2007
The top two prosecutors in Los Angeles squared off Wednesday in an unusually nasty dispute that could signal political battles to come if — as expected — they run for the same office in 2008.

The clash began with a series of letters in which Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley accused City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo of filing lesser charges against criminal suspects without giving him a chance to consider tougher penalties.

Cooley cited eight cases that Delgadillo pressed as misdemeanors, punished by up to a year in county jail. State law gives district attorneys the authority to file felony charges — which carry greater punishment and possible state prison time. The lesser counts let Delgadillo retain jurisdiction. And in some of the cases he held news conferences touting the prosecutions.

Filing cases without submitting them to the district attorney could be in violation of state law, Chief Deputy Dist. Atty. John K. Spillane warned in one letter he wrote on Cooley's behalf, and "may endanger public safety" by letting serious criminals face lighter sentences. The letters are public documents and were released at the request of The Times.

On Wednesday, Cooley went a step further: County prosecutors filed court papers to take over a case Delgadillo brought against a former waitress at Hamburger Hamlet accused of bilking patrons out of about $16,000 through unauthorized credit card charges.

Neither Cooley nor Delgadillo would comment directly, choosing instead to let aides do the talking.

A spokesman for Delgadillo accused Cooley of giving many small cases short shrift, either by allowing suspects to plead to a misdemeanor or refusing to prosecute at all.

"Contrary to the suggestion by Mr. Cooley, it's actually the district attorney's office that endangers public safety by not promptly filing and aggressively pursuing these smaller cases," said Jeff Isaacs, chief of the criminal and special litigation branch of Delgadillo's office.

One case Cooley cited was Delgadillo's filing of a misdemeanor charge against an airport security screener who allegedly stole a $100,000 watch from the luggage of heiress Paris Hilton.

In another case involving five people who allegedly stole $150,000, Cooley's office bluntly told Delgadillo in a letter Friday to back off from any plans to file misdemeanor charges.

"This office has reviewed the case and determined that felony charges are appropriate," the letter said. "Therefore, you are asked to direct your filing personnel to desist from filing misdemeanor counts which would allow the defendants involved to avoid punishment commensurate with their felonious activities."

Some legal observers said Wednesday they were not surprised by the dispute.

"It sounds like there is a natural tension there" between prosecutors serving overlapping jurisdictions, said Karen Smith, a professor at Southwestern Law School.

That the two politicians may face each other in an upcoming election only makes things worse, she said.

Delgadillo is weighing a possible challenge to Cooley in next year's voting but has not announced a decision.

"In an area where there is a competitor, the district attorney may want to have an opportunity to handle what are high-profile cases or put a spotlight on the fact that he feels someone has stepped over the line and is a poacher in his view," Smith said.

Yet, such has not necessarily been the way of past Los Angeles politics. Former Atty. Gen. John Van de Kamp, who was L.A. County's district attorney from 1975 to 1983, said he does not recall similar disputes with the city attorney during his tenure.

"I don't remember any tension in that arena. A decent relationship would be that he would chat with Rocky and work this out without having to write a letter," Van de Kamp said.

It was the case involving Hilton's watch that set the stage for the prosecutors' conflict. In March, Delgadillo held a widely covered news conference at Los Angeles International Airport to announce that he was charging eight security screeners with stealing from luggage.

Victims in the cases included hotel heiress Hilton and rhythm and blues singer Keyshia Cole.

In filing the cases, Delgadillo announced formation of a task force with federal agencies to prevent airport crime and speed investigations and prosecutions.

"The good news is that crime at the airport is down," Delgadillo said at the time. "The bad news is that crime has been continuing. We can … [and] must do better."

One of the screeners was charged with taking a $100,000 limited edition watch from Hilton's bag the previous May, but reportedly returned it after another employee told a supervisor. Another was accused of stealing a $7,000 Rolex watch that singer Cole had left at a security checkpoint in July 2005.

In an April 19 letter to the city attorney, Cooley and Spillane said two of the eight cases, those involving items stolen from Hilton and Cole, "were clearly potential felony filings and yet were not referred to the district attorney's office for review."

The letter said that not sending such cases to their office violated referral protocols and the California penal code.

"The city attorney's office couldn't take a potential felony case unless the district attorney's office rejected it or referred it to the city attorney or it had met the penal code's protocol for filing it as a misdemeanor, Cooley's letter said.

Failure to follow the protocol, the letter said, could result in a filing that is inappropriate.

"Such a result may endanger public safety because the felony sentencing schemes and enhancements which might otherwise be available are no longer applicable in a misdemeanor prosecution," wrote the prosecutor.

But Delgadillo's deputy Isaacs, a former federal prosecutor, said there is no protocol preventing federal agencies such as the Secret Service and Transportation Security Administration from asking the city attorney to file cases without consulting the district attorney if the agencies believe the U.S. attorney has no interest.

He also said Cooley's office is "completely mistaken" that the practice may violate state law.

Cooley's letter said his deputies reviewed the police reports in the LAX theft cases and determined that attempting to take them away from the city attorney at that stage was "not in the best interests of justice." The decision was made in part because the two cases had already been set for court hearings.

However, Isaacs suggested that Cooley may have had a different reason.

"Was it too late because the press conference had already occurred?" Isaacs asked.

Cooley chief deputy Spillane responded in an interview: "We don't hold a press conference every time we file a charge."

The April letter from Cooley and Spillane warned Delgadillo to change his ways.

However, a month later Delgadillo held another news conference to announce a misdemeanor filing against waitress April DuBoise of nine counts of identity theft and fraud, and five counts of grand theft involving the use of credit card numbers from Hamburger Hamlet customers.

The case involves at least six, and possibly up to 40 diners at the restaurant on South Sepulveda Boulevard.

With her arraignment scheduled for June 25, Cooley filed a 12-count felony case Wednesday and asked the judge to dismiss Delgadillo's misdemeanor case.

If convicted, DuBoise could get up to 10 years, four months in prison under a felony prosecution.

At his news conference, Delgadillo had said she could face up to 12 years under his misdemeanor case. But Cooley's deputies believe that would have been unlikely, in part because DuBoise would serve her time in Los Angeles County jails, where overcrowding has resulted in many criminals being released after serving only a fraction of their sentence.

Isaacs said the city attorney's office is committed to cooperating with the district attorney, but that efforts to improve relations have been "rebuffed" by Cooley in the past.

He said that if Cooley made public the letters to Delgadillo "it was highly unprofessional" and served no purpose "except to try to embarrass Rocky and the city attorney's office."

Added Isaacs, "I'm chagrined."

Gava Joe said...

Muchas Gracias Santiago for the link to the KCRW panel discussion; the one with Ridley-Scott, Hahn, the street cop Robert Lopez and our own Wally..

After the moderator allowed way too much time for the politicians to "run their sound loops", and the cop to give us his demographic take, the only real substance, the only "meat" in the menudo was when the moderator gave the final question to our own Tony Rafael.
His chunk of carne was noteable when he said that we need to rethink the old tactic of "letting old gangsters rehabilitate yng. gangsters.. Most of us here agree. Do you think the politicos sitting in that studio heard it? Prolly not..

miss manners said...

If someone farts in Jethro's car, all persons should take three deep breaths and it will all be gone.

que locuras said...

A Cholo Spokesman said ...............

Okay, it's just that about 99% of violent gang members come from poverty, but who needs stats when you've got an ideology and a lone exception as an example?

I suggest you drive around the Avenues gang “barrio”, most of North East Los Angeles is a middle class area. You see lots of newer cars and well maintained middle-class homes. I gave you example of many cities (Duarte, Monrovia, La Puente) where latino gangs have been around for generations and they are in middle class areas. Why is it that you find mostly latino in gang in these areas? And when a “poor” kid’s parents move him to Oregon, Idaho or Colorado to a nicer quiet area the little cholitio takes his ghetto/cholo/lifestyle mentality with him.

I guess you must be to old or pendejo to understand what the gang culture/lifestyle is. I will try to explain it in very simple terms. If a young kid has cholo parents, tios, primos who are drinking cervezas listening to sureno rap and tattooing the kids and calling them travieso. That is what I mean by a gang lifestyle/culture. If the kid grows up around a buch of loser tios and primos who are cholos and have spent most of their life in jail it does not matter how much money you give the kid, he is going to learn to be a fuck up just like his familia. You see too many latinos are just like the ghetto mayates that the old cholos here in Wally’s blog love to criticize, comprendes? Is every poor latino going to grow up to be a cholo? I will answer for you, the answer is NO!

What is "normal society"?

“Normal society” goes to school and gets and education and after graduating with a set of skills he finds employment and stays out of jail. You see that is what most “normal” people do, I bet you will tell me that is what most mexican people do, even the poor recent paisas. So why do you make excuse for the fuck up cholos who are too lazy to go to school and then get a job.

Sloan also insisted the LAPD conspired to keep Grape Street and the Bounties at war during the post-Rodney King truce.

I suggest you watch the show again because in the end his final summary was that too many mayates use that and other reasons as an excuse to be a fuck up. You are starting to sound like Don Culo who wants to blame every problem on the gavacho fascist government. Most people have a choice to not be a fuck up in life. So you saying that 99% of cholos are a result of society or poverty is just pura mierda. Maybe 10% had a really fucked up childhood and had no choice but the majority made a choice to “play now – cry later” they know the consequences of the vida loca and choose to get involved in it.

So what has to happen to really reduce the problem of gangs, the family members who have nephews, primos, etc in gangs must not be so accepting of the cholo lifestyle of the familia. The "normal/regular" familia has to educate and try to change the conduct of the fuck ups in the familia. The government can give $50,000 dollars to every poor cholo, but the cholo is not going to spend the money on an education but most likely a set of 22” chrome rims and a 9mm. So you are the one with the simplistic view that gang are just about poverty.

Anonymous said...

why is the media all over d. rocky and his wife over $2,100 dollars. The guy should just clean his hands and pay the money and say i f--k up - we are not all perfect... - years way back and prior to new real estate laws, the Fat oversized pitbull county superchicana supervisor ordered the county's code enforcement officers to cite and re-cite homeowners in the county area of ELA. With no luck, they were unable to pork out the money to improve the ordered improvements. fed up, harrassed, and forced to sell their new fixer-up houses just to have a specific real estate office/er with political ties to the fat hambuger helper who conspired to buy prior to being placed on the market, passed the county code requirements, and re-sold it for a huge profit. did someone say kickbacks? :(

Anonymous said...


While I was kicking at the parents in the Salinas Valley for 6 weeks I spent sometime at my tweeker friends house which is also a home away from home for a lot of Norteno gangsters from places like Madera, Santa Nella, Salinas, King City, Greenfield etc. Most of these guys were in their late 30's, early 40's some were "youngsters". I never discussed "politics" with them but in sitting around shooting the shit I didn't hear one of these guys have anything good to say about blacks. I did mention once how they run with them in the yards and they'd say shit like yea fuck them, fucking niggers etc. etc. Each one of them who asked where I lived before and I'd say So. Cal, they'd all say yea I went down there to my relatives and "that shit is hardcore down there". I know SNS say's he's never heard this from Norteno's up in his neck of the woods. So maybe it's a Salinas Valley thing I don't know.

What I've noticed here in San Jose (San Jo would know more) but the youngsters that I see wearing their red all seem to hang with blacks but the older vato's I've seen the one's you can tell are really down I've yet to see any of them hanging with blacks. A lot of the white kids are wiggers too around here, the whole hip hop thing is way more part of the teenage culture here then in So. Cal, in So Cal a lot of the Raza kids are punk rockers, greasers and skateboarders (there's that asimilation thing).
I live on the West Side of San Jose and there's not a lot of gang activity and what tags I have seen have been mostly Xlll around here.

I know none of this has shit to do with Eme and N.F but it's what I've seen and heard on the ground.


vicente fernandez said...

Authorities look for another young low life cholo coward in deadly baseball bat attack caught on surveillance tape
Associated Press
Article Last Updated: 06/14/2007 12:47:02 PM PDT

LOS ANGELES -- Police were searching for a man caught on videotape attacking a mentally disabled man with an aluminum baseball bat, causing injuries that eventually killed the man.

The suspect is seen on a surveillance tape approaching James McKinney, 41, from behind, swinging the bat full force and striking McKinney in the head. McKinney was knocked to the ground, his head bleeding from the blow.

At one point McKinney rises up as an unidentified passer-by calls 911.

McKinney suffered massive head injuries from the attack May 29 in a residential area, police said. He died June 3.

Authorities said it appears the suspect may have been targeting people in the area.

"It's terribly disturbing that this individual appeared to be hanging out in this particular area for several minutes, probably up to five minutes, seemed to be looking for a victim," said Officer Karen Smith of the Los Angeles Police Department.

No motive for the attack has been determined.

Anonymous said...

Up here,

You have a point. I submitted a post that was flagged by Wally (no inappropriate remarks, I think it just didn't meet Wally's criteria)stating how my cousins who are starting to stream out of 8-12 year bids, telling me that on some yards, there were concessions between Sur and Nortenos. Now, there are many mitigating factors to take into account such as the tension on the yard, current beefs, business, etc. No, they were not, and I do emphasize, not kicking it with each other, but there was no friction on the Tehachapi/Kern Level 3 yards. He told me the Nortenos were highly outnumbered, but that they still did their routines. No one was to leave their homes unescorted with two other soldiers. When working out, two soldiers stood at sides. No Norteno went anywhere alone, in contrast to the SUR, who were free to roam around solo. Of course there has to be an agreement reached between whoever is calling the shots. There was more than one occasion where that aspect of war was put aside for mutual purposes. This was also true of the mayates in Donovan. They knew this negro that worked as the clerk and he would move in/out the Sureno soldiers he knew from the streets. Please keep in mind, Age has a great deal to do with this as well. Thank you and much respect to all. -Jose619

Gava Joe said...

In the second interview w/Bratton, the host warren olney walked all over Wally's input.. Typical. These foolios don't really want answers..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Four captains have been placed in charge of various regions, investigators said: Antonio "Chuco" Guillen, 39, from San Jose, said to be responsible for NF operations in Santa Clara County; George "Puppet" Franco, 39, from San Jose, responsible for Stockton, Tracy and Fresno; Jose Armando "Huero" Gonzalez, a longtime captain, and Shawn "Bubbles" Cameron, 29, of Hanford.

Antonio "Chuco" Guillen is the guy who put together the team that smoked Robert "Brown Bob" Viramontes the former NF Mesa Member. I guess he was promotede for his role in the murder.

promoted to what? FULL TIME LOSER..LOL

Anonymous said...

Off the subject a little here but I just saw that the two celberties with the most cash flow for 2006 and "biggest buzz" were two blacks i.e African Americans, well one is mixed Oprha and Tiger Woods were one and two. Tiger making a nice $100 million and Oprha coming in with a cool $260 million.


tex mex said...

An Anony-mouse estupido said ............
Ha ha. You're being funny now. Unless you're willing to define just what a "cultural problem" is. See, poverty can be defined (not to mention, proven beyond any sane person's reasonable doubt to play a key role in gang violence). Have fun with "cultural problem", though.

I had to respond to the anony-mouse estupido who does not understand why culture plays a part of the gang problem.

From the Dictionary CULTURE -
The customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group; also : the characteristic features of everyday existence (as diversions or a way of life) shared by people in a place or time (popular culture) (southern culture) c : the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization (a corporate culture focused on the bottom line)

You just have to look at what the young people today are listening to in music and watching in the movies. Everybody on this blog has commented on how the gang-culture is so prevalent in society today. And it is probably more prevalent in the Latino community of Los Angeles than anywhere else in the country. Los Angels is NOT the gang capital of the world because it is the poorest city in the world.

I will provide with two examples of the music (a form of popular culture) from back in my day growing up poor n Texas and

the music of some Latino kids in Los Angeles.

If hope you understood my example of how popular culture affects the gang problems, also listen to the radio interview by Wally which was posted recently he also talks about this same subject. I can also provide with a link to archives from Wally’s blog where he also talks about poverty and gangs.
Some people always want to make excuses, you remind me of Al Sharpton.

Tex Mex

tex mex said...

Another example of our Tex-Mex culture here in San Antonio for you Los Angeles cholos who think poor Mexicans are destined to be in gangs, well here in Sam Antonio we are proud of out Tejano culture. And we are NOT a bunch of cholo fuck ups.

I guess this is an example of your sureno/cholo culture in Los Angels. The fat stupid cholo is bragging about the chola big bedroom and I see the chola has a swimming pool, I guess the "poor" Cholos in Los Angeles have swimming pools.

don quixote said...

que locura's, (couldn't be more descriptive) You seem to be a fuzzy sociology or hazy economics expert all of a sudden.

" I suggest you drive around the Avenues gang “barrio”, most of North East Los Angeles is a middle class area."

Where did you get your degree in economics? University of the Congo?
Maybe parts of the NE LA area could be considered middle class like Eagle Rock above Colorado Blvd., Mt Washington, but Highland Park, Lincoln Hts. El Sereno, Frogtown, Toonerville, the Aves along Cypress Ave. Verdugo Rd are and have always been absolutely "working class" areas, with pockets of definate "poverty".

You seem to pick and chose your unsound arguments with a great deal of abandon professor of all things right wing.
Your "theory" about all, or 90%, or whatever your cocamamie figures are, of Gangsters being from the middle class, and influenced by middle class "Cholo" family members is kind of a stretch don't you think? Not to mention completely unfounded and un scientific. lol!
I don't think anyone would disagree with you that the generational gangsters in many cases, (but not always)have a drastic and negative influence on younger family members.

But the tremendous and out of control growth of the gang lifestyle and criminal activity (they say 40,000 to 200,000 gangsters in LA alone). doesn't coincide with your bizarre idea's that the "middle class" is fueling the growth of gangs.
Poverty and despair have always been the catalyst and fodder for gangs and crime.

Many, many studies by "professionals" in the fields of Sociology,Economics, Police Science, Penology, ect; ect; have scientificallly proven and tracked the rise and fall of crime statistics. ANd they always have a direct correlation to ecomomic factors such as poverty, racism, ghettoism, and discrimination.

It's also fairly common knowledge among professionals in the childrens services, probabtion depts, justice system that the ratio of moneys spent on intervention, prevention, and education for young at risk potential gangsters as opposed to supporting a person being incarcerated is well worth the money spent. The ratio is somewhere around 7 or 8 to 1. Every dollar spent on various prevention and intervention programs for youngsters equals a savings of 7 or 8 dollars that it takes to keep someone incarcerated.

So as a society it's our choice, spend the money trying to keep kids out of the gang lifestyle or spend a lot more money building prisons and paying for an unproductive life in the joints.

And as for generational criminal family's, I saw a documentary once about how in Castro's Cuba the state as a last resort just steps in and takes these kids right out of that invironment and is very successful raising them in an Orphanage run by the state. It seems that if given an opportunity to grow up without criminal influence most of these youngster's become productive citizens.
Of course this takes place in a totalitarian state, but I would be all for something like that being utilized here if warranted.
Genetics have no bearing on why a person leads a life of crime, but typically crime is influenced by an invironment and poverty.

It's your choice but when the state of Calif has built 25 or more prisons and only one College in the last quarter of a century then I would guess that something ain't working!

Anonymous said...

que locuras said...

I suggest you drive around the Avenues gang “barrio”, most of North East Los Angeles is a middle class area.

The parts where most of the hard core gang members live, the murderers. Is it middle class?

You see lots of newer cars and well maintained middle-class homes.

Owned by gang members?

I gave you example of many cities (Duarte, Monrovia, La Puente) where latino gangs have been around for generations and they are in middle class areas.

The majority of hard core gang members themselves live in middle class homes?

Why is it that you find mostly latino in gang in these areas? And when a “poor” kid’s parents move him to Oregon, Idaho or Colorado to a nicer quiet area the little cholitio takes his ghetto/cholo/lifestyle mentality with him.

I'm not concerned with any lifestyle, I'm concerned about murder. In any of these places you speak of, is murder prevalent by people from middle class homes?

I guess you must be to old or pendejo to understand what the gang culture/lifestyle is.

You keep mentioning it. Why don't you define it? I'm only concerned with violent behavior.

I will try to explain it in very simple terms. If a young kid has cholo parents, tios, primos who are drinking cervezas listening to sureno rap and tattooing the kids and calling them travieso. That is what I mean by a gang lifestyle/culture.

Are people who tattoo their kids and give them alcohol from middle class homes?

If the kid grows up around a buch of loser tios and primos who are cholos and have spent most of their life in jail it does not matter how much money you give the kid,

How do you know? Has that ever been tried, across the board?

Is every poor latino going to grow up to be a cholo? I will answer for you, the answer is NO!

Are the majority of murderers not from environments of poverty?

So why do you make excuse for the fuck up cholos who are too lazy to go to school and then get a job.

What jobs are available to these "lazy cholos", or, while we're at it, "mayates"? How much do they pay? If they don't pay a living wage, these people would still be in poverty, putting them at higher risk to a life of drugs and violence.

I suggest you watch the show again because in the end his final summary was that too many mayates use that and other reasons as an excuse to be a fuck up.

He agreed with sociologist Mike Davis that if living wage jobs were available in his neighborhood, his whole gang would be working there. No refute whatsoever. Just a, "hell yeh they would."

I've yet to see Bone specifically retract that stance.

Most people have a choice to not be a fuck up in life.

Most? Not all? So then, you do recognize that some people are faced with circumstances that lead them to a life of crime.

So you saying that 99% of cholos are a result of society or poverty is just pura mierda.

I meant to say violent offenders who are gang members, but, yes, I'll say that the percentage of them that come from poverty is close to that number.

Maybe 10% had a really fucked up childhood and had no choice but the majority made a choice to “play now – cry later”

I think it's "smile now, cry later", but your 10% doesn't address my claim that the percentage of gang killers that came from poverty is somewhere in the 90 percent range.

The government can give $50,000 dollars to every poor cholo, but the cholo is not going to spend the money on an education but most likely a set of 22” chrome rims and a 9mm.

How do you know this? Have you tried giving a gang member 50 grand?

So you are the one with the simplistic view that gang are just about poverty.

I would guess that a high percentage, somewhere in the 90 percent range, of murderers and drug dealers in our society are products of poverty, and that includes the gang life, or, "la vida loca".

12:38 PM

central valley vato said...

I say give the mexican mafia death sentence sand save all the money spent keeping him in jail


Pearson to appeal first court case

By Alison Beshur
The Daily Times

Published June 15, 2007

A 47-year-old confessed member of the Mexican Mafia was sentenced Thursday to 60 years in prison for stabbing a Center Point man with a pocket knife.

Martin Salinas in August was charged with a first-degree felony of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he stabbed Jesse Aguilar in the shoulder.

Salinas’ attorney, Lucy Pearson, said her client plans to appeal the Kerr County jury decision.

“I think it was excessive,” Pearson said.

Pearson said her client didn’t say anything to the court after the jury’s decision was read. If Salinas doesn’t appeal his case, he will have to serve a minimum of 30 years in prison before he is eligible for parole.

The jury found Salinas guilty and assessed his punishment late Wednesday afternoon. Judge Emil Karl Prohl presided over the trial.

Lucy Cavazos, assistant district attorney in the 216th Judicial District, said the punishment fit the crime.

“Anytime anyone is in a gang such as the Mexican Mafia or Aryan Brotherhood or the Banditos, they need to get hefty sentences,” Cavazos said. “I think the community agrees with that.”

During the trial, eye witnesses testified that Salinas went to Aguilar’s house, pulled out a pocket knife and argued with Aguilar, 34. When Aguilar approached the fence, Salinas stabbed him in the shoulder.

Then, Aguilar went over the fence, pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed Salinas in the face, ear and right hand and elbow.

Aguilar didn’t seek medical treatment for his wounds. Salinas was taken to the emergency room at Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital, where he received stitches for his nonlife-threatening injuries.

At the time of the stabbing, Salinas was on probation for a felony conviction of possession of cocaine. He has been in a Kerr County Jail since his arrest.

In August, Aguilar also was indicted by a Kerr County grand jury on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He posted $25,000 bond shortly after his arrest, and his trial is set for July 17.

Cavazos said Salinas’ intent when he went to Aguilar’s house was to seriously injure or kill him. He most likely retreated when Aguilar fought back, Cavazos said.

“If he (Salinas) intended to just fist fight him (Aguilar), he (Salinas) wouldn’t have had his knife out,” Cavazos said. “This could have easily escalated to much worse. We could’ve been looking at a murder.”

i have a great script said...

Is a real life Tony Soprano living here in Arcadia? He even had a mexican mafia member wacked. This story sounds better than the HBO soprano show, I am starting on the movie script right away.


LOS ANGELES – The owner of a grocery store chain has been indicted on federal racketeering charges alleging he ran a criminal enterprise that orchestrated murders, bribed city officials, laundered money and aided drug traffickers, authorities said Wednesday. George Torres, who owns 11 Numero Uno markets scattered across the city, faced racketeering, violence in aid of racketeering, tax evasion and fraud charges, according to a 59-count grand jury indictment unsealed Wednesday.

Seven others, including former Los Angeles planning commissioners Steve Carmona and George Luk accused of taking part in a bribery scheme, were also charged in the indictment. Torres, 50, was arrested Tuesday at his Arcadia home during a raid in which authorities seized about $1.25 million in cash and more than 60 vehicles from various locations. His brother and son have also been charged.

“Those arrested in this investigation are part of an organization that has brought crime, violence and drugs to our street corners in order to bolster their personal wealth,” said Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent in Charge Timothy J. Landrum.

Torres was ordered held without bail during his first court appearance Wednesday, federal prosecutors said in a statement. If convicted of all counts, he could face up to life in prison.

Torres' attorney, Brian Sun, said his client “will be vigorously contesting these charges.”

In the indictment, prosecutors alleged Torres provided Carmona a condominium, truck, cash and tickets to basketball games in an attempt to get a permit to sell alcohol at one of his stores.

An attorney for Carmona, 39, said his client was innocent of the charges, which included conspiracy, mail and wire fraud and loan fraud. “He's being prosecuted because of his affiliation with George Torres,” attorney Mark J. Werksman said.

An attorney for Luk could not immediately be located. Federal prosecutors said Luk, who was charged with conspiracy and mail and wire fraud, worked with Carmona to obtain permits for Torres and received a $15,000 check from Torres.

The indictment also alleged Torres stored and received stolen merchandise, had security guards extort money from suspected shoplifters in exchange for not reporting them to police and knowingly hired illegal immigrants to work in his stores.

In addition, federal prosecutors said Torres ordered several murders, including a drive-by shooting that killed a gang member in 1993 in retaliation for the murder of a Numero Uno security guard. Prosecutors alleged Torres also ordered the shooting death of a Mexican Mafia gang associate who demanded a cash payment.

Prosecutors said a Torres employee was behind the two killings, and Torres later offered money and weapons to another associate to kill the employee after the employee came under suspicion of stealing $500,000 from one of Torres' stores.

The indictment also alleged Torres and his associates paid employees in cash and removed money from and tampered with cash registers in an attempt to submit false tax reports to the Internal Revenue Service.

i have a script and it's getting better said...

My movie script is getting better by the minute.


Grocery King George Torres Fingered in Murders
Racketeering charges against Numero Uno markets founder include bribing two former L.A. planning commissioners

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 - 7:30 pm

One of many properties Torres owns in Los Angeles (Photo by Rena Kosnett) FEDERAL PROSECUTORS on Wednesday afternoon arraigned George Torres, one of South Los Angeles’ largest property owners and the owner of the Numero Uno supermarket chain, on murder charges. He was also arraigned on a variety of racketeering charges, such as extortion and bribery, were several codefendants, including Torres’ brother Manuel, son Steven and former Los Angeles city planning commissioners Steve Carmona and George Luk.

Torres was described in DEA reports as a tattooed heavy who flaunted Mexican Mafia connections and liked to intimidate his adversaries. The DEA reports are untrue, Adelson, an attorney for Torres, told the Weekly in 2005. “They are based on layers of hearsay by persons with something to gain and whom the government has not identified,” he said, emphasizing that Torres no longer had business or personal relationships with the Vignalis. “That is an unfortunate association,” said Torres’ attorney, Brian Sun, on Wednesday.

I Have A Script (an obvious paradoy of using still not script's name, for the estupidos who will be paranoid about me using another name)

Anonymous said...

Just my two centavos but I think that the RAZA pedo is some how going to be put behind within a few years, if not sooner. As I have said before both the SUR and the NORTE represent CALIFAS together in the feds, and the same thing can happen in the state. The reason I believe that concessiones have been made in many yardas is that the that SUR does not view the NORTE as our greatest enemy. The SUR views them as a worthy enemy and most importantly as RAZA. The RAZA on both sides are very aware that we roll together out of state and that helps weaken our pedo. The way that I see it concessiones will continue to be made on both sides and hopefully one day the RAZA will find a way to kill that stupid pedo.

Before anyone of you says that that's impossible let me tell you that back in the day when I was doing time we got into a pedo in which the NORTE backed us up. The vatos jumped as if we were their homies when some Mayates decided to hit us. First they warned us of what the changos were up to and then to our surprise backed us up in fucking those apes up. I think that the vatos backed us out of respect. What I mean is that they were outnumbered at the time and the SUR never made a move on them even though it was clear that we could have hurt them pretty bad. Anyways, mis respetos to those vatos for jumping the way that they did.

On another note, to the vato that said that most RAZA are happy to get ride of our indigenous blood. All that I can say is that you prove my point about that 500 year genocide. I'm more than aware that many RAZA feel the way that you do, but I highly doubt that the numbers are as high as you stated. But even if they were, the facts are not the way that you say that they are. There are good and bad looking people in all races, and for you to have that view about your own people just shows me how mind raped you are. Maybe you are one of the vatos that views Paris Hilton, and even Ann Coultor as fine pieces of ass. And to that I say, what ever rocks your boat.

But I have seen both of these people in person and all that I can say is that they look like transvestites. Fuckin Coultor even has an adams apple! The vatos that say that these two people look fine are old fuckers who don't remember what a real good piece of ass looks like. Come at me with Vida Guerra and then I'll agree but Ann Coultor?????

Anyways I'm out here in Dallas right now and I am happy to report that those BYOB strip joints are still jumping. Bring Your Own Beverage how can you go wrong with that? And the hynas are fine nothing like those transvetites that some of you vatos are so fond of. Plus the hotel that I'm in has some of the wildest airline stewardesses around. Young hynas that are still on probation on their jobs but are all too willing to party. They don't seem to have any problem kicking some to this pinche indio pelon.

Anyways I have two more days of jale over here so I'll get back at you vatos later. To Smiley I read what you said and I still don't fully agree. To make it quick, You state 20,000 Blacks that is chump change to the milliones of RAZA in Mexico at the time. The MAYA and OLMEC used the same tactics as the MEXICA to run their empires. The MAYA were never united and always warred on eachother. Mis respetos to our OLMEC mother culture but my ancestors also contributed many things even if you choose to ingnore them. I will point them out later when I have more time. Anyways I have to get out of this room and go back to mine so that I can get some sleep, so I'll check in later.


Up here said...


You hit the nail on the head with the age factor.I know the older I get I worry about paying the rent,paying bills,is my dumb ass kid gonna pass school this year?How are the Raiders gonna do this year etc...You know what I mean? Wheter the vato standing over there is from the North or South just isn't as important to me anymore as when I was a youngster.I'm not saying everything is peachy between Norte and Sur but they seem to have a somewhat mutual respect forming between one another versus back in the day when it was smash on site for both sides.
The statement I may have made about them kickin it together was what I read a while back on here from somebody else that said in the Nevada system they kicked it together.I personally have no knowledge of the Nevada system.But anyway, Jose thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

Now that a real thug reject gangster, paranoid George T., is getting put away on 59 counts of RICO so called "inthehat" heavy hitters drug dealers and gangsters can elaborate on how you all got punked by this undercover supermarket bag handling scum bag.

don quixote said...

Santiago!, ( Saint James!,the traditional battle cry of the Spanish Soldier when going into battle) thanks for the tip off on our Big Homies radio interview.

Wally/Tony, You were great in both of the interviews with Warren Olney.
You have a good voice and presence and you came accross with your message in a confident and professional manner, the Wallista's are proud of you.

I thought that besides yourself the most knowledgable and rational voice concerning the Black on Brown, or Brown on Black hostility in LA came from City Councilman "Mark Ridley Thomas" who said candidly that there were issues on both sides and that the problem isn't new but goes back to the early 90's before the riots.
He also said that intervention and prevention were the keys to suppressing gang growth. Very unbiased and knowledgable!

I also liked the statements of Chief Bratton LAPD who very wisely stated "we can't arrest ourselves out of this problem", it's a three legged stool "prevention, intervention, and LE efforts".

I did notice that the "former Gang member ALex Sanchez" called you out on the presence of the "Latin Kings" in Central America, which is something I never heard of either, was that a mistake on your part?

Sgt Valdemar came accross as a fairly knowledgeable ex gang "expert" although when he stated he was retired and in Arizona now, I kept picturing him in some weird uniform and binoculars in the desert around Nogales or Ajo with his group "Veterans for Secure Borders" and the Minutemen.

Funny weird shit going on there in Arizona, about a year ago I and my teenage grandson stopped at a truck stop outside Tucson for lunch and gas and as I was filling up the truck two strange women walked up to us and just stared with a shitty look on thier faces.

They were both white women about 35 or 40, both short and fat, about 5' tall, both dressed exactly the same,

Smokey the Bear hats, khaki military style shirts, riding boots, and bizzare looking "jodhpur riding breeches".

They both were sporting sidearms in holsters and I thought they were some kind of security guards but upon closer review I saw that they had badges and shirt patches that said "Minuteman Brigade" or some bullshit like that.

These two midgets were staring at us like we were some kind of wetbacks or something and I couldn't hold back and started laughing right in thier faces.
I thought for a minute they were going to draw down on me but they just gave me a shitty look and walked away to thier "dune buggy".

Anyway Wally/Tony good show but I noticed that you were introduced as the author of the book "Mexican Mafia".
Hey next time you got to push that movida!
"Yes I have a forthcoming book on America's most dangerous criminal group, fastest growing menace to the USA in both the prisons and the streets, after years of study and investigation I have written this book, which is available online at "" and at Borders or your local bookstore.
"It is essential that all concerned AMercans read this journal, LE and every parent who wishes to prevent thier precious children from being "seduced" by this lifestyle and criminal syndicate.
No parent, teacher, Law Enforcement Officer, should be without this book, time is of the essence and we are losing the battle of our childrens future!

See what I'm trying to say Wally/Tony?
Strike that iron while it's hot!
These kind of opportunities don't come around very often.

Challenge Ramos and the ex gang member ALex Sanchez to a mobile debate on various media outlets!
Sell that book!

ps; no charge for the marketing ideas but if you'd like to send me a preview copy of the book, tu sabes, I could put in a good word.

don quixote said...

Thanks for the info SV VBS.

Ann Coulter has an adams apple!

Jodido! She's not only a mean looking jaina but a marimacha!
Ok dispensa, I may be kinky but not that kinky.
Ten Cuidado en Texas!

ps; Your right on about the culture of our Pre Columbian ancestors, the civilization they had going on before the COnquistador's arrived including the architecture, mathematics, agricultural techniques, government and society of mutual cooperation, trade routes that were thousands of miles, and especially the unequaled (in my humble opinion) pre- Columbian art they produced.
I once attended an exposition at the LA County Museum of Art called 500 years of Mexico. It had beautiful works of art from the pre columbian period to the Colonial Period to 20th century works.
Although I love the work of 20th century artists like Rivera, Siqueros, Kahlo, Casalola, Figueroa, the sculpture and murals of the pre columbian artists made every thing else pale in comparison.
Those "indios" were able to capture and produce in their works every single human emotion and it seemed like they must have studied the great philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Shakespeare, Jung and Freud, because those works of art were so sophisticated in there simplicity.
Defititely something to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Off the subject a little here but I just saw that the two celberties with the most cash flow for 2006 and "biggest buzz" were two blacks i.e African Americans, well one is mixed Oprha (sic) and Tiger Woods were one


jethro said...

Don Q. said .......
And as for generational criminal family's, I saw a documentary once about how in Castro's Cuba the state as a last resort just steps in and takes these kids right out of that invironment and is very successful raising them in an Orphanage run by the state. It seems that if given an opportunity to grow up without criminal influence most of these youngster's become productive citizens.
Of course this takes place in a totalitarian state, but I would be all for something like that being utilized here if warranted.
Genetics have no bearing on why a person leads a life of crime, but typically crime is influenced by an invironment and poverty.

I can’t believe what I’m reading, Don Q. wants the government to take away the kids of the cholo parents and let the government raise them in an orphanage. In Los Angeles alone how many kids would that be? Is Don Q. admitting that there are people who should not have kids?

Maybe we should just sterilize all the stupid ghetto people we can start with all the mayates/changos and cholas/cholos in prison. Now the old fool is starting to make some sense, there are definitely people who are just too lazy, stupid or ghetto to have the knowledge and responsibility to raise their kids. Can a man who spends most of his time in prison really raise his kids, I like Don Q.’s idea about not keeping kids in an environment where he has little chance for success. But I am pretty sure that would mean lots of mexican kids raised in an orphanage run by gavachos, which would, really piss off Don Q.

I have a script said (lol) said .....
My movie script is getting better by the minute.

Grocery King George Torres Fingered in Murders
Racketeering charges against Numero Uno markets founder include bribing two former L.A. planning commissioners

Thanks for the links to the L.A. weekly story, the L.A. weekly puts the L.A. Times to shame that story about Torres and an associate Carlos “Horacio” Vignali are better than the Sopranos, I hope you get the movie made because just reading about these two in the L.A. Weekly was great. The story goes all the way to the president with his pardon of a drug dealer, I remember reading a little about this (fuckin L.A. Times). I don’t know how much is true but it makes for one hell of a book or movie. Wally you should investigate this for you next book or movie script.

Gava Joe said...

Call me slow on the uptake but is this lessening of tensions between Norte and Sur a preamble to increased agression with a united front against you know who?

If that's the intent does anyone figure it was motivated from on high? That would be quite a strategic coup by the meros, but where would that leave the Woods? It's all speculation I'm sure. These things don't necessarily get signed off by leaders on the decks of aircraft carriers..

Anonymous said...

Got this e-mail, it's probably b.s but interesting none the less so you Soprano fans check it out and see what you think.


The real Soprano ending....Tony was killed!
Body: Tony Soprano was killed....

In fact, the ending was genius if you've paid attention to the show or are
just a fan of well developed well thought out plots that all tie together
and have the memory of a champ to remember it all the ending was simple, he
got killed, but let me tell y'all why and explain in detail... There was 4
people in the room total who had a reason to kill tony.....

The two black guys were paid before to kill Tony when his mother put a hit
out on him but he was clipped in the ear in Season One.

The trucker at the booth near Tony was the brother of a Trucker, Christopher
killed in DVD player robbery. We last saw the brother when he went to
identify his dead brother's body.

And lastly, from the earlier seasons, the Italian man who was sitting at the
counter stool, who the camera kept focusing in on, is Nikki Leotardo, Phil
Leotardos nephew. He was in one of the early season episodes where Phil and
Tony have a sit down....

Here is where the genius comes in....

When Tony walks into the Holston's, you see the camera focus on him, then it
switches to his perspective, and you see him looking @ the booth hes gonna
sit at...

Then the camera switches back to Tony's face, then it once again
switches to his perspective, and it shows him looking @ the door and looking
@ the people come in..... Everytime the door opens the chimes sound.......

Carmela walks in, Chimes.
AJ walks in, Chimes.

This all happens while Meadow is parallel parking, still trying to get
inside the restaurant....

At this point the camera switches back Nikki Leotardo who goes in the

Then it goes to a scene where Meadow finally parks and starts running into
the diner...

The door is about to open, Tony looks up...

and No Chimes...

No Music...

Everything just goes black...

In one of the early episodes of the Sopranos, Tonys is talking with Bobby
about what it must feel like to die.

Bobby says, "at the end, you probably dont hear anything, everything just
goes black!"

This idea was revisited in the second to last episode during the
last seconds of it, when Tony is about to go to sleep and he flashes back to
the memory of him and Bobby on the boat... "You probably dont hear anything
everything just goes black"

So in the end, the Journey song was playing, the chimes on the door sounded
but when Meadow came in, someone killed Tony.

This is the reason you didn't hear or see sh!t when he died.... it was from
his perspective... and everything went black, then the credits.

bada bing

Anonymous said...

Simple fact - SOMEONE does not know what's crackinging in LA. HE, like brother man J-J DYNAMITE Jethro are too busy finger pointing the EME - on this kool-aid bandwagon theory of "racial cleansing". If such a thing really existed, blacks would be in a world of hurt. END OF STORY

...."Put that on your dead homies"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Gava Joe said...
Call me slow on the uptake but is this lessening of tensions between Norte and Sur a preamble to increased agression with a united front against you know who?

I as a norteno would rather back a southsider rather than back another race. Call me trader but i know i aint the only one!!!

Related to the Sur said...

Ahoy mateys, watch that ass in Comptone. 2 dead cholos and a few dead pirus and crips are building for an action packed summer. I have some familia that lives in CV Tokeros varrio and rumor on the calles is Fruit Town and T-Flats are flaring up again. And CV3 laid down some Mob Piru gang members and that has started an all out war going on. Watch out people. Summer's here and it's getting hot!!!

Anonymous said...

To end or even mitigate Varrio Warfare is definitely not an easy task, ultimately, to some people they feel the change has to come from within the Norteno and Sureno cliques, and they are La Eme and Nuestra Familia who are the ultimate “shot callers”. Bangers will not listen to anyone outside of the clique as far as their lifestyle, they will exclaim that they won’t understand. According to some “veteranos”, the change will never happen because the shot callers have to constantly fight their own younger soldiers who are out for power, even among the shot callers, for example, Norteno shot callers mostly reside in Pelican Bay, while in another prison the supreme shot caller in that prison will call for actions that is against those in Pelican Bay. So the constant struggle of power is an obstacle.

There is also the issue of honor, the older more experienced bangers “remember the days” of when war was honor and no civilians were murdered at least if they didn’t interfer with banger business. When soldiers were more loyal and trustworthy. Nowadays it is not like that, where you have your own bunkmate snitching on you or even helping carry out your assination because you were hypothetically “slipping”. There are even some veteranos who still are against the coca and crank that is distributed throughout the community by their own. So have to include greed and “money is power” when trying to understand this problem. When coke and crank were introduced in the 60s and 70s, it changed Varrio warfare forever, it was no longer a simple rivarly between cliques, but a struggle for money on drug sales.

Instiling and teaching both factions REAL “brown pride” as far our Mexicanos unidos is one way to mitigate Varrio warfare, but they already twist this information when they teach Mexica history to the inmates and few of the general population. We have to take this and show the bangers on the streets that they are twisting the information in prison. Real carnalismo is carnalismo with your people in whole, not just a clique. Both sides claim brown pride when both sides do not exercise it.


Anonymous said...

CBS) COMPTON, Calif. A boy suspected of fatally shooting a man in a sport utility vehicle on a Compton Street was in custody Wednesday, authorities said.

Julio Cesar Montano, who was in his 20s, died in the attack reported at 8:09 Tuesday night near North Oleander and Rosecrans avenues, according to sheriff's deputies and Capt. Ed Winter of the coroner's office.

The name and age of the youth arrested in the killing was withheld.

Deputies saw a boy firing into the driver's side of a silver-colored Ford Expedition, according to Deputy Hugo Macias of the Sheriff's Headquarters Bureau.

The boy, who initially fled, surrendered to deputies, and a pistol was recovered, he said.

Detectives were investigating if race -- the boy is black and Montano was Latino -- or gangs played a role in the killing, Macias said.

Five people died in homicides in Compton and unincorporated East Rancho Dominguez during a five-day period ending a week ago Wednesday

southsiders o
blacks 1

edward r. murrow said...

In the late 1970s, a youthful and remarkably violent neo-Nazi gang, the Nazi Low Riders, or NLR, began to emerge behind the prison walls of the California Youth Authority.
Founded by John Stinson, a white supremacist inmate, the group made an exception that appeared to run counter to their staunch white power beliefs — they allowed a relatively small number of Latinos to join.

Latinos not only boosted the size of the group, they also did much of the dirty work, trafficking drugs like highly addictive methamphetamines inside and outside of prison.

In recent years, the NLR has spread from the California Youth Authority into the adult prison populations of California and several other states.

Today, experts estimate that it has 1,000 active members, most of them behind bars in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oklahoma, Illinois and Florida. Members are primarily recruited in juvenile and adult prison facilities while in their teens and early twenties.

Despite the NLR's avowed racism, Latino last names and Latino wives and girlfriends are OK, but, experts say, members are supposed to be at least half Caucasian. All must show loyalty to the white race and subscribe to an ideology of hatred, especially against blacks and "race traitors."

NLR members have been behind some of the most disturbing hate crimes in California. Last April, NLR members were charged with the kidnapping and murder of a bisexual man in Salinas.

In 1999, two Lancaster NLR members attacked an African-American Wal-Mart employee with a hammer, nearly killing him. Years earlier, in the same town, another member used a baseball bat to savagely beat a black teenager on the street.

And in 1995, teenage NLR members, also in Lancaster, beat a homeless man to death behind a McDonald's.

In 1999, police in Ontario, Calif., a city that had been particularly hard hit by NLR crimes, realized that they could not fight the gang alone and created the multi-agency Nazi Low Rider Task Force. The team gathered intelligence, pinpointed strongholds, and tracked down NLR fugitives with the help of the FBI, ATF, state Department of Corrections and other local police departments.

Ultimately, the task force generated more than 200 arrests on state charges and 13 arrests on federal charges, sending many remaining gang members underground. The charges ranged from drug trafficking to witness tampering and murder.

And in 2003, after four years of investigation, indictments were finally handed down against several NLR leaders for alleged violations of RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, a law designed to attack the Mafia and organized crime generally.

"We effectively took the legs out from under this organization," says McBride. "Did we wipe them out completely? No — that's not realistic."

Working for the Aryans
Experts are quick to point out that most NLR crimes that occur outside prison walls are related to the drug trade and that members operate more like a criminal enterprise than an ideologically motivated hate group.

"Ninety-nine percent of crimes are done for the benefit of the gang," says Corporal David McBride of the Ontario police department. "Very seldom will we see a race-based crime by the NLR. Members do their crimes at night, using dope to keep going."

According to Walter Bouman, a hate crime and domestic terrorism expert (see also Education & Extremism), NLR members often can be identified by their tattoos, ranging from the letters NLR in Old English script to symbols like the swastika and "SS" lightning bolts. Many have the letters "NLR" tattooed in their eyebrow or on their neck.

But there are no strict rules regarding tattoos. Devil horns, demons and Nordic runes are just as likely as more obviously Nazi-related tattoos.

NLR members, experts say, are remarkable for their propensity for violence — a propensity that has resulted numerous crimes, especially in California's small desert communities.

That, and their talents as drug dealers both on the street and in the prisons and juvenile facilities, brought them attention from older, more serious criminals — leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood (AB), the largest, most serious and most violent white supremacist prison gang in the nation.

Officials with the California Department of Corrections were actively seeking to break up AB, isolating the majority of its incarcerated members in segregation. This lockdown, made possible by AB's official designation as a prison gang, made it difficult for AB members to transact their business, which often involved major drug deals.

Experts say that NLR founder Stinson sought an alliance with the AB around this time. The result was that the NLR, which had not yet been declared a prison gang, began carrying out the AB's drug business as junior partners.

In this relationship, the older, more frightening leaders of the AB called the shots — even as they were theoretically isolated from other inmates. AB leaders, for instance, instructed their NLR errand-boys not to get into drug debt to members of other races. Most drug profits were funneled back to the AB.

A side benefit was that the members of AB, who are supposed to refrain from drug use as part of their white supremacist ideology, were able to avoid direct contact with the drug world.

What Goes Around
Still, the differences between the NLR and the AB, with its stricter white supremacist beliefs, caused some tensions within the NLR. Prison officials have noticed two factions in the Nazi Low Riders: one that supports its older, partially Latino membership, and another that only wants pure white members, like the AB.

Michael "Snake" Bridge, a 36-year-old serving a sentence for attempted murder, witness intimidation and narcotics charges, has pushed for the NLR to abandon its alliance with the AB. But another NLR leader, Joseph "Blue" Lowry, 30, has adopted an AB-style line, calling for cleaning drugs and "race traitors" from the group.

Rick Eaton, an expert on hate groups with the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, says that the NLR is now facing the same kind of heat that the AB has for some time. The NLR has been declared a prison gang, and officials are taking advantage of that designation to put its imprisoned members in segregation.

As a result, the NLR, already staggering from the 2003 convictions of several of its leaders, is doing much as the AB did in the late nineties — making alliances with a smaller group that can help it maintain its role in the drug trade.

Public Enemy Number One, founded by inmate Donald "Popeye" Mazza, now 33, has about 200 members, shares NLR and AB's racism, and specializes in drug dealing and identity theft, experts say. Commonly known as PENI, the group has picked up where the NLR has been forced to leave off, carrying out gang jobs at the behest of AB and the NLR.

At times, experts say, all three groups — AB, NLR and PENI — have worked together or in various combinations in the drug trade.

Like the NLR, PENI involves some serious players. Mazza, for example, was convicted in 2003 for the attempted murder of a drug informant. Prosecutors say that Mazza stabbed the victim while Dominic "Droopy" Rizzo, 35, held him down. AB member Albert "Baby Al" Sherwin, 45, is believed to have overseen the attack.

Officials say another PENI member, inmate Devlin "Gozzo" Stringfellow, 34, is also a NLR member, and takes orders from Bridge. "Unfortunately, even in lockdown they can still conduct business and get messages out," McBride says of the segregated AB and NLR prison leaders. "Communication still continues."

PENI may be headed down the same path as the NLR, which allied itself with the older, more serious AB as a way of protecting itself and trying to ensure the group's future growth. "Stinson did this as an experiment and it failed," Bouman says of the alliance engineered by NLR's founder.

"He probably thought that the connection with the Aryan Brotherhood would take the heat off of them. It didn't work."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"southsiders o
blacks 1"

southsiders 0
blacks 0
poor people in general 0
middle class people in general 0
rich people with a conscience 0

the wealthiest who seek to subjugate all of the above 1

Anonymous said...


A Los Angeles grocery chain
entrepreneur ran a lucrative criminal enterprise, orchestrating murders, bribing city officials, extorting customers and exploiting illegal immigrants, according to a federal racketeering indictment unsealed Wednesday.

George Torres, 50, who owns the Numero Uno grocery stores scattered throughout low-income parts of Los Angeles County, was arrested Tuesday driving away from his home in Arcadia and appeared in federal court Wednesday.

Parts of the 59-count indictment against him read like a Mario Puzo novel: Torres, huddled in a meat locker in a warehouse south of downtown Los Angeles, ordered a hit on a drug dealer who had crossed him. He had his security guards shake down suspected shoplifters for cash. He trafficked in stolen produce and meat and a load of Tang, the space-age drink powder.

"He used the drug traffickers as muscle," said Assistant U.S. Atty. Timothy J. Searight. "He would have them do his dirty work."

Torres is charged with racketeering, violence in aid of racketeering, conspiracy to harbor illegal immigrants and tax, wire and mail fraud as part of a criminal scheme that netted an estimated $109 million.

Seven others are named in the conspiracy: his brother Manuel, 53; his son Steven, 26; and two former Los Angeles city area planning commissioners, George Luk, 58, of Beverly Hills, and Steve Carmona, 39, of Pico Rivera.

Authorities seized $1.25 million in bank accounts and 60 cars from Torres' collection at a Los Angeles warehouse. U.S. marshals took over 11 Numero Uno stores in South Los Angeles, San Pedro, Monterey Park and El Monte. Arraignment for the eight is set for next week.

"Mr. Torres will be vigorously contesting these charges," said his criminal defense attorney, Brian Sun. "His grocery store chain has and will continue to provide an important service for the community."

The Numero Uno stores have been commended for serving poor communities, particularly in South Los Angeles, which suffered from businesses fleeing after the 1992 riots. A UC Davis center on nutrition and social marketing issued a report highlighting the chain as a model of an inner-city market, bringing fresh produce to underserved areas by offering shoppers free rides home.

But federal prosecutors say Torres extorted customers and underpaid, intimidated and even beat employees, many of whom were undocumented immigrants.

"All of these stores are in difficult parts of the city," said Searight. "They used violence and threats of violence to protect the stores. And they used it against their employees too, so they wouldn't come forward."

Torres was a onetime business partner of Horacio Vignali, who attracted national attention in 2001 when he enlisted a host of local law enforcement and elected officials including then-Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa and Sheriff Lee Baca to persuade President Clinton to pardon his convicted cocaine-dealing son.

A subsequent congressional probe of Clinton's pardons turned up statements by confidential informants mostly drug dealers who already had been caught to the Drug Enforcement Administration that the elder Vignali was a financial partner in an enterprise run by Torres that distributed 100 kilograms of cocaine per month.

The DEA launched an investigation several years ago, suspecting that Torres was using his produce trucks to transport cocaine from Mexico, a source close to the inquiry said. But drug agents did not find evidence to support this.

Instead, they found that Torres was using drug dealers to make threats and commit violence on his behalf, the indictment alleges. He was also accused of tipping off a drug dealer. Vignali was not implicated.

Among the other allegations:

Torres had his employees extort suspected shoplifters for cash and assets.

He beat one of his store managers in El Monte.

He paid his employees under the table, without withdrawing taxes.

And he met violence with violence.

When a security guard was murdered in 1993 at Torres' La Estrella market in South Los Angeles, Torres allegedly told his employees not to talk to police. Instead he went to a drug dealer named Ignacio Meza and told him to retaliate against the Primera Flats street gang, which he held responsible for the killing, according to the indictment.

In May 1993, Meza fired a .45-caliber firearm out of his car window, killing a member of the gang, the indictment said.

In 1994, Torres allegedly tasked Meza again, this time to kill a man who claimed to be an associate of the Mexican Mafia demanding a "tax" to leave Numero Uno alone, the indictment said. Meza shot him to death on a sidewalk outside the Jefferson Street market, prosecutors allege.

Meza allegedly met his own demise after stealing a half-million dollars from one of Torres' stores. Prosecutors say Torres met with another drug dealer, first at the grocery magnate's ranch in Santa Ynez, then in the meat freezer in the Los Angeles warehouse, to order the hit. Meza disappeared and is presumed dead, authorities say.

The alleged conspiracy spanned political intrigue as well as street thuggery, the indictment said. In the spring of 2002, Torres allegedly gave Carmona, then a Mayor Richard Riordan appointee to the Central Area Planning Commission, a condominium to live in so he could qualify to sit on the board. The condo gift was an effort to win permission to sell alcohol at Torres' store on Alvarado Street, prosecutors allege.

The indictment gave this account of the bribe effort:

Carmona was caught on a federal wiretap of Torres' home asking, "Is there any bling-bling?" In ensuing months, Torres gave him a cellphone and Laker tickets worth $1,100, then upped the ante with a new GMC pickup truck, $6,247 worth of tires and rims and a $15,000 check to split with his business partner, Luk.

Despite Luk and Carmona's efforts to sway other commissioners, Torres did not get the permit.

Luk, a restaurateur who is listed as a supporter on Villaraigosa's campaign report, was appointed by then-Mayor James K. Hahn to the Los Angeles Convention and Exhibition Center Authority Commission, where he still sits.

Luk and Carmona are accused of depriving citizens of the honest services they owe as public officials.

Luk's attorney could not be reached. Carmona's attorney, Mark J. Werksman, said the former commissioner was innocent.

"My client has been swept up in a dragnet of overblown, exaggerated charges," Werksman said. "He's being prosecuted because of his affiliation with George Torres."



PS. When some of these articles talk about Torres flaunting his Mexican Mafia connections, I really doubt he was talking about EME. I'll let you guys figure that out.

jethro said...

Anonymous said...



The thing I notice in this blog, is that most people must NOT read what others post.

The story and link about the Mafioso grocer (Torres) you mention was already posted and talked about twice before.

The same was true about the links to Wally's internet radio interview on KCRW, that link was posted in Wally's last post twice but most people did not even read it. And it was posted again recently.

Even the article written about Wally and his "ethic cleansing" theory was NOT noticed by most readers. I guess you and everybody else only read what you post. (lol)

Wallista Tribune said...

Making Sure Death Is Fair
Growing concerns about making sure the innocent aren’t sentenced to death has caused more Americans to support a moratorium on the death penalty.
Updated: 2:34 p.m. PT June 15, 2007
June 15, 2007 - Even though most Americans support the death penalty, there’s rising concern about how the state’s ultimate punishment is levied. A new poll by the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC), a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization that provides analysis on capital punishment, found that 58 percent want a national moratorium on executions. In 2006, there were fewer executions than in any year since the death penalty was reinstated over 30 years ago. NEWSWEEK’s Kurt Soller spoke with the director of the center, Richard Dieter, about the current state of capital punishment in America. Excerpts:

NEWSWEEK: Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed want a moratorium in place. How surprising is that?
Richard Dieter: It is counterintuitive, given that the majority of people support the death penalty nationally [65 percent according to a 2006 Gallup poll]. But even in the South, where most executions occur, there is a willingness to stop executions. If you’re concerned about killing innocent people, you want something done. [According to DPIC research], 62 percent support a death penalty [as long as it is administered fairly and the innocent are adequately protected]. But people have concerns: innocence. They don’t believe it’s a deterrent. Unfairness.

What kind of unfairness?
There’s common agreement about who’s on death row: people who can’t afford their own lawyers, and a high percentage of minorities. The end result is dissatisfaction. Over two thirds [of the sample] felt these problems are not going to be eliminated through slight improvements. There’s distancing and skepticism—not yet total opposition [to the death penalty], but certainly concerns.

Support is waning and death sentences are decreasing. Is this a chicken-or-egg issue?
It’s being used less because of [the public's] concerns. Executions were rising throughout the 1990s up until 1999. There was every reason to believe, with 300 death sentences a year, executions would increase. The number of states that use the death penalty expanded. The federal death penalty expanded. But something happened around the late ’90s that brought numbers down. It was repeated revelations about mistakes—DNA cases about people walking off death row and into the arms of their families and lawyers. From almost being executed to free on the street—that story fills the John Grisham books and the TV shows and the movies. It’s not just actual cases that permeated the public’s consciousness. The death penalty became a little risky.

Wasn’t execution always risky?
There used to be a chance of executing an innocent person. But it was theoretical. Appeals were a year long—if that—and you were executed quickly. There was little science to turn something around. We’re in a different era now. We know 124 cases where people have been freed from death row. That’s enough to cause skepticism, and from 1999 on, you have a decline [in executions].

Is life without parole replacing the death penalty as the go-to option for murderers?
All states that have the death penalty have life without parole, with the exception of New Mexico. Texas [the state with the highest number of executions] was the most recent to adopt that law. Juries now get “death or life without parole?” It used to be “life or death? And don’t ask us what life means.”

As time passes, what’s the generational element?
Students have debated and written about this issue. They know more about it. The newer generation is more skeptical about the necessity of the death penalty given its problems. It’s not that they’re more moral. It’s a factual problem.

But what if they end up on a jury? The study shows many people feel they’d be disqualified due to personal opposition.
They’re right. A recent Supreme Court decision [Uttecht v. Brown] broadened the chance to exclude people who have doubts about the death penalty. That’s a good ruling for the prosecution. But the more people excluded, the less democratic it is.

Is there a threat that the only people serving on juries are those who support the death penalty?
That’s where we are. Our poll indicates that it’s not just 1 or 2 percent who would refuse, but upward of 40 percent feel they would be excluded. It’s not a majority, but you’re supposed to be having a jury of your peers. It turns out that women, blacks and Catholics are more likely to be excluded from the jury. If the death penalty is not representative of minorities, then you have a democracy problem that makes it invalid. The more people that get excluded, the worse this problem gets. It’s a ticking time bomb.

The presidential candidates aren’t talking about it. What are the politics behind this?
Those who support the death penalty no longer can without being asked how many innocent people it would be acceptable to execute to uphold the penalty. Those kinds of questions don’t help a candidate. The anti-death-penalty candidate doesn’t want to bring it up. It’s not a winning issue. And the pro-death-penalty candidate now realizes it’s a multifaceted issue. It’s not a clear winner as it used to be when [Michael] Dukakis was faced with it.

Most of the candidates support the death penalty, at least in principal, on both sides. I don’t know that it is going to be an issue. It’s going to be a state change. You’re not going to see a Congress resolution or a Supreme Court decision or a president campaigning to get rid of it.

So how far are we from that national moratorium?
We’re still a ways away, even though the polls suggest it. It won’t happen nationally. Two thirds of this year’s executions have been in Texas [15 out of 22]. That’s not a national affirmation of the death penalty. Things are going to change on a state level. With juveniles, there were enough states that said, “We don’t want to be part of this anymore.” So the Supreme Court said, “It seems to be unusual that we would execute juveniles. There seems to be a consensus against it, so it’s banned. It has become cruel and unusual.” The public has to warm up to the idea [of banning the death penalty for adults, too]. And that’s what is starting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Friday, June 15, 2007

Poll finds most of world is cool with China catching up with U.S.

A new public opinion poll shows a majority of the American people do not see a danger in China’s economic and military buildup, demonstrating that Beijing's efforts to influence public opinion in the United States have been successful.
The poll, conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and in conjunction with research centers around the world, found that a majority of citizens in eight of 14 countries surveyed (and a plurality in four) expect China to catch up with the United States economically and that they are not worried about it.

Less than a third of respondents believe China's rise will be "mostly negative," with majorities in most countries anticipating a mixed or positive outcome.

Gava Joe said...

Even the article written about Wally and his "ethic cleansing" theory was NOT noticed by most readers. I guess you and everybody else only read what you post. (lol)

Yup Jethro. We're mostly all just lugnuts on the information superhighway..

Santiago said...

Laura: George, it's time you quit drinking.
George: OK, honey, let's discuss it over cocktails.

Ann Coulter

R2K said...

What are the total numbers at this point?

wallista tribune said...

"They've also lost a lot of territory to other organized groups, from the Russians to the [Latinos] to the East and West Coast street gangs,"...

Chicago's mob past goes on trial
Seven men are headed to court this week in what prosecutors have billed as the broadest attack on crime bosses in city history.
June 17, 2007
CHICAGO — The seven men scheduled to appear in federal court this week in connection with 18 murders from the glory days of the Chicago mob will offer a look at the current face of the storied crime organization.

It's a worn-out and faded visage.

Joseph "The Clown" Lombardo, known for skimming profits from Las Vegas casinos and for his courtroom antics, is 78. Frank Calabrese Sr., allegedly involved in more than a dozen murders, is well into his golden years.

An eighth defendant, Frank "The German" Schweihs, 77, a reputed mob enforcer, is battling cancer and so ill that U.S. District Judge James B. Zagel ruled Friday that he's not healthy enough to stand trial right now.

Some of their names and many of the crimes they are accused of have been relegated to the pages of mob history books and the memories of crime buffs. The 18 murders took place from 1970 to 1986.

But in their day, the men were powerful and fearsome figures, prosecutors say — men who didn't blink at ordering the slayings of foes or federal witnesses in such places as a Bensenville, Ill., plastics factory, an Indiana cornfield and a Chicago bingo hall.

When jury selection starts this week at the Dirksen Federal Building in the case dubbed Operation Family Secrets, prosecutors will begin what they say is their broadest attack on organized-crime leaders in Chicago's history.

"The families of these crime victims care that justice is served," said attorney Dean Polales, who used to head the special prosecutions section at the U.S. attorney's office in Chicago. "No time is a bad time to bring charges for such serious crimes."

In a city where bus tours have pointed out mobsters' homes — and a city that has more FBI units to investigate corruption than any other in the nation — a courtroom filled with organized-crime figures is hardly unusual.

What is rare about Operation Family Secrets is that so many alleged leaders of the Chicago mob have been charged at once — and that, according to the indictment, prosecutors are seeking to use racketeering laws to have the so-called Chicago Outfit itself declared a criminal enterprise.

The case involves, among other crimes, two of the Midwest's most notorious slayings. Anthony "The Ant" Spilotro, the Chicago mob's chief enforcer in Las Vegas, and his brother Michael were severely beaten and buried in an Indiana cornfield in June 1986. In the 1995 movie "Casino," Joe Pesci's character was based on Anthony Spilotro.

The defendants, who were indicted in 2005, face charges of racketeering conspiracy including, in some cases, the planning or committing of murder, obstructing justice, or being part of illegal gambling ventures on behalf of the Outfit.

The accused include three men who authorities say headed some of Chicago's most powerful neighborhood crews: Lombardo, believed to have run the Grand Avenue crew; Calabrese of the South Side/26th Street crew; and James Marcello of the Melrose Park crew, reputedly the top boss of the Chicago Outfit. The indictment accuses Marcello, along with others, of murdering the Spilotros.

Lombardo, Calabrese, Marcello and the other five defendants pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors have declined to say why it took so long to charge the men. But part of the problem was simply locating them. The indictment named 14 men, some of whom were then living in such retiree hotspots as Arizona and Florida.

Two died, apparently of natural causes, before ever going to trial. One of them was Frank "Gumba" Saladino, accused of murder, who was found dead at an Illinois hotel the morning that the indictment was unsealed and he was to be arrested. At the scene, authorities discovered nearly $100,000 in cash and checks.

Part of the draw of the Family Secrets prosecution is that it provides a glimpse into how authorities, empowered by DNA technology and federal racketeering laws, have been able to curtail current scams while methodically clearing cold cases.

Though the crimes may be old, the details remain chilling.

In 1974, a federal witness was gunned down at his plastics factory — in front of his wife and 4-year-old son. In 1977, a man's headless body was discovered bound inside an abandoned car in a police auto pound. And in 1980, a mob hit man and his wife were riddled with shotgun blasts on a deserted country road.

The case is being closely watched by retired law enforcement officers in other former mob strongholds, particularly in Las Vegas, where the Chicago Outfit once held interests in several casinos.

But the Outfit's influence dwindled over the years as its leaders died of old age, were killed by rivals or were sent to prison.

Now the Chicago crews are a shadow of their former selves, hanging on to a minimal take from topless clubs and the occasional burglary, said former federal prosecutor Donald Campbell, who is now a private attorney in Las Vegas.

"They've also lost a lot of territory to other organized groups, from the Russians to the [Latinos] to the East and West Coast street gangs," Campbell said. "There's also not the same family loyalty as there was in the old days. The older they get, the more disinclined these guys are to spending their remaining days in a 5-by-10 foot prison cell."

Indeed, four of the men indicted in the Family Secrets case pleaded guilty to avoid trial.

Nicholas W. Calabrese, the brother of Frank Calabrese and a mob-hit-man-turned-informant, confessed that he participated in 15 murders and is cooperating with federal investigators. He is considered the prosecution's star witness in the upcoming trial.

On Thursday, Michael Marcello said that he had visited half-brother James Marcello in prison to tell him about Outfit business and that he bribed Nicholas Calabrese to keep him quiet about mob connections. Michael Marcello, whose attorney said he wanted to be moved to a less rough detention facility, pleaded guilty to racketeering, obstruction of justice, conducting an illegal gambling business, and hiding profits from federal tax collectors. He faces up to nine years in prison.

Guilty pleas reportedly are also expected Monday from two of the remaining seven defendants who are scheduled to stand trial this week.

"What you see now — in Chicago, in [Philadelphia], in New York, in New Jersey — is not the mob of old," said Michael Chitwood, superintendent of the Upper Darby, Pa., Police Department and longtime Philadelphia homicide detective who investigated numerous organized-crime cases. "That's not to say there's no more organized crime. But there are no more tough guys."

santa monica sally said...

2 teens begin serving sentences in hate crime
From Times Staff Reports
June 17, 2007

Two black teenagers who took part in the Halloween beating of three white women have surrendered to begin serving juvenile camp sentences.

The boys, who were 15 at the time of the hate crime, were taken into custody Friday and will spend three months at a camp run by Los Angeles County probation officials. The boys, who were among a group of black youths who attacked the women, were allowed to complete the semester at Jordan High School before surrendering.

...three months at a camp??? Are you crazy, are you out of your mind...Why the Judge didn't just give them ice cream and pumpkin pie is beyond me Wally.

not the grandma said...

NO not the grandma!! Has anybody heard about the Aguierre family (Avenue and EME) grandmother who got busted a while back ??


Grandmother accused of distributing heroin for Mexican Mafia

Web Posted: 06/16/2007 01:46 AM CDT
Drew Roesgen
KENS 5 Eyewitness News

Authorities call her the Black-Tar Granny. They said one minute she's taking care of kids and her elderly father, and the next, she's working as a high-level heroin distributor for the Mexican Mafia.

However, officials said that double life came crashing down Friday night in the 3000 block of Sugar Foot, a quiet neighborhood off Loop 410 and Marbach.

Rosie Cruz is in federal custody at the Wackenhut Detention Center, and authorities said last night's Spurs championship win may have been her downfall.

Authorities said Cruz went out Friday afternoon to drop off the black-tar heroin to a lower-level dealer.

"Our intelligence tells us that she distributes for the Mexican Mafia, so somebody's gonna be in big trouble over this one," said Sgt. Ron Tooke, with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office.

Police said the Spurs' win last night likely got plenty of people wanting to party with the heroin, and when Cruz was pulled over, she pointed right to it.

"Right here, we got four ounces of pure-tar heroin. That was in this cup in the center console (of the vehicle)," Tooke said.

"I'm still in shock. I've known her for 10 years, since I moved here, and that's not Rosie," one neighbor said.

Her neighbor said there were never any cars coming in and out of the driveway, as is so often the case with drug dealers.

However, deputies said that's because Cruz was so high-level, she took black-tar heroin directly from the boss of San Antonio's Mexican Mafia and drove it herself to lower-level dealers.

And being a 56-year-old widow and taking care of her ailing father and grandkids was the perfect cover — until now.

"Besides being up front, I guess she knew she was had," Tooke said.

Deputies said Cruz had a total of one pound of black-tar heroin, worth over $300,000, and enough to give Cruz a life sentence if she's convicted.

Anonymous said...

Simon DQ, I know what you're saying. I went to that exhibit and it was great. The art that was exhibited there was amazing. But sadly it only showed a very small part of our peoples talent. What was destroyed will never again be seen, and what was stolen hardly ever gets shown. The Vatican and some European museums hold many of our peoples treasures, and they don't share them with anyone.

It has been said that our peoples artwork so dazzled the German master Albrecht Durer that he exclaimed that he had "never seen in all my days what so rejoiced my heart, as these things. For I saw among them amazing artistic objects, and I marveled over the subtle ingenuity of the men in these distant lands. Indeed, I cannot say enough about the things that were brought before me."

I'm sure that most of you vatos have read this before, and so there is no need to post what Bernal Diaz del Castillo and Hernan Cortez have to say about the things that they marveled at. But I will say that if any RAZA is really interested in our culture that they should study not only our language but also our religion. Doing that will take you to another level of cultural awareness and understanding. After doing that taking a trip down south the Mexico City's Museo De Antrepologia or to any other place that holds our peoples treasures will never be the same.

When I stood there in front of so much of our peoples history I was in my Mecca. To walk on top of the Templo Mayor was like being in front of my Wailing Wall. To walk through the streets of Teotihuacan was to walk on the streets of my Jerusalem. I have no need of the white mans religion or Philosophy, cause I have my own. I recommend that RAZA give our peoples ways a try. You might just be amazed at what our peoples way of thinking has to offer. But enough preaching.

I'd like to correct what I said about how Tejanos dance. They only do that country thing to Mexican, Tejano and cumbia music. Not to hip hop like I had stated. Gracias DQ, I am careful when I'm out there. I don't act like a fool and I don't diss anyone so I'm cool. The closest that I've come to getting my ass kicked out there is when I sport my Lakers gear when they are playing the Mavs. They have a big basketball complejo going on out in Dallas. And they hate the purple and gold. Those fuckers hate so much that they even get angry when I take a Lakers loss in stride. I guess that they want us to bitch and moan the way that they do.

Hey FG before I forget. What that vato from Clanton stated about his varrio taking credit for starting my varrio is just as stupid and false as 18s claim of the same. I was there when my varrio was started and I guarantee you that we decided to fuck up our lives all on our own.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love Paris Hilton "She is Hot",1,5204934.column?

Rocky's horrible sidestep show
June 17, 2007

Welcome, dear readers, to the Rocky Horror Show:

This is Day 9.

That's how long it's been since we learned that the wife of Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo got a ticket in 2005 while driving with a suspended license.

This news, dug up by my colleague Patrick McGreevy, was of note because Delgadillo was squawking about the release of Paris Hilton from jail, where she was doing time for driving with a suspended license.

Then, on Tuesday, we learned that Delgadillo's city-owned GMC Yukon was banged up in 2004.

No big deal there, except that McGreevy's sources leave the impression that Delgadillo might not have been behind the wheel.

But his wife could have been.

What's that, you ask?

Is the relative of an employee allowed under city regulations to drive a city car?

That answer would be "no."

Let's say, for the sake of discussion, that Michelle Delgadillo was indeed behind the wheel of her hubby's Yukon when it hit a wall.

Did she have her license back at the time?

Did she have insurance?

Is she related to Mr. Magoo?

I'm sorry, but I have to ask these kinds of questions because her license had been suspended for failing to show proof of insurance, which is always bad policy, but especially for the wife of one of the top law enforcement officials in the city.

The repairs, paid for by the city, cost taxpayers $2,120.

So, as you can see, this story is like fine wine.

It gets better with age.

And for that, we owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Delgadillo, who has kept it alive by refusing to answer questions from me or anyone else. I tried again Friday, sending along 10 questions that were ignored.

And it's clear that Delgadillo is following none of my damage-control advice, which included the suggestion that he say his wife suffers from chronic amnesia. Or that he does.

Santiago said...

"We were sleepwalking then and still are," remarked a DEA agent. "Now we have to try to deal with a cartel that has an annual income which rivals our entire federal antidrug budget." The Juarez cartel makes an average weekly profit of $200 million, according to estimates from the Mexican attorney general, and much of those illicit profits are turned into NAFTA-related business on the border...

And the financial temptations for "doing the dirty" are great. The Battle for the Border series was kicked off by publishing a price list for federal cops on the take: Wave through a cocaine-filled car and the fee is a prompt $50,000 in cash; turning a blind eye toward a truck, anything from $100,000 to $200,000; easing through an 18-wheel tanker earns a cool $250,000; and leaking the monthly and trimonthly Customs air-surveillance schedules, up to $500,000. "It is hard to compete against that kind of financial muscle"' complains an internal-affairs investigator. How many cops succumb? Federal intelligence analysts estimate that at the California port of Calexico alone, about 10 percent of Customs and INS inspectors are crooked. At the Arizona crossing of Douglas, Insight discovered that if just a fraction of the stories told by border inspectors "walking the line" are true, then the port represents only a minor inconvenience for traffickers. "Dysfunctional" is the most charitable description one Customs investigator could muster for a port that during the last four years has seen the successful prosecution of half a dozen U.S. law-enforcement officers for narcotics-related corruption. What particularly disturbs investigators about Douglas is the failure of the port management, led by the facility's Customs director Frank Amarillas, to ensure systematic inspection of border-crossing trucks belonging to suspected traffickers or hauling firms with documented ties to cartels...

These figures are from a Sept 15, 1997 report by Jamie Dettmer.

wallista tribune said...

Increasing Coordination Between Mexican Drug Cartels, Human Smuggling Networks, and U.S.-Based Gangs

Federal, State, and local law enforcement officials are witnessing a growing nexus between the Mexican drug cartels, illegal alien smuggling rings, and U.S. based gangs.The human smuggling networks that operate along the Southwest border cannot move their human cargo through drug cartel controlled corridors without paying a fee. The typical Mexican illegal alien now pays approximately $1,200 to $2,500. For aliens from countries other than Mexico this price is often considerably higher, and may even be more alluring for the cartels. Foreign nationals are often charged an exorbitantly higher fee ranging anywhere from $45,000 to $60,000 per person. Indeed, it is estimated that human smuggling through Mexico into the United States each year puts billions of dollars into criminal hands.

According to U.S. law enforcement officials, tremendous incentive exists for drug cartels to diversify their criminal enterprises to include the human smuggling trade. Human smuggling can be more lucrative than the illicit drug trade and the benefits far outweigh the risks for the cartels. There are many reasons for this. Law enforcement is dealing with a different type of commodity – drugs don’t hide themselves as humans are able. Consequently, smugglers can transport large numbers of illegal aliens across the border at one time and meet with some success.

Moreover, prosecutions for human smuggling are abysmally low. Typically, groups of illegal aliens apprehended attempting to cross the border will not identify the smuggler in the group. For those smugglers that are identified and captured, most are simply returned to their country of origin. Thus, there is a revolving door for the smugglers. Since it is unlikely the smuggler will be prosecuted he or she can opt for voluntary removal, face no criminal penalties and smuggle again. As human smugglers charge anywhere from $2,000 to $60,000 per alien and face little or no consequences if caught, human smuggling is a far less risky business endeavor than the drug trade.

Federal law enforcement officials also report that the cartels are not only increasingly
engaged in the human smuggling business, they are also actively coordinating with existing human smuggling rings, using diversionary tactics to protect their loads. It is not uncommon for cartels to facilitate the crossing of fifty or more illegal aliens across the U.S.-Mexico border to divert Border Patrol resources away from an area they plan to transport large amounts of drugs across.

Mexican drug cartels have also increasingly “cemented” ties to street and prison gangs on the U.S. side. U.S. gangs retail drugs purchased from Mexican traffickers and often work as cartel surrogates and enforcers on U.S. soil. Mara Salvatrucha, (MS-13) is one such gang involved in the cross-border drug smuggling business. MS-13 has established a growing presence in cities across the United States. Law enforcement agencies in twenty-eight States have reported MS-13 members are engaged in retail drug trafficking. Drug proceeds are subsequently laundered through seemingly legitimate local 44 businesses.

On September 28, 2006, in Laredo, Texas, twelve gang members were indicted in Laredo, Texas on seventeen counts of illegal drug and firearm offenses. Charges against the defendants include engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise, conspiracy to posses with intent to distribute cocaine, possession of cocaine, felons in possession of weapons and possession of weapons during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime.

All twelve defendants are believed to be members of or associated with the Hermandad de Pistoleros Latinos (Brotherhood of Latin Gunmen) prison gang and working for the Gulf Cartel. Federal and State officials report that a growing number of gangs are increasingly collaborating with the major drug cartels to facilitate cross-border smuggling of not only drugs, but also humans.

These gangs include MS-13, Mexican Mafia, and the Texas Syndicate. In August 2006, Mexico’s Deputy Attorney General for Organized Crime, Jose Luis Santiago Vasconcelos, postulated these gangs are becoming increasingly more powerful as they fill the void left by the cartels when their leadership is arrested by the Mexican government.

In February 2005, FBI Director Robert Mueller described U.S. based-gangs as “more organized, more violent, and more widespread than ever.” The Department of Justice estimates there are approximately 30,000 gangs with more than 800,000 members in the U.S. Mueller believes these violent gangs pose a growing threat to the safety and security of Americans.

Many members of violent street gangs are actively involved in other crimes such as rape, robbery, and murder. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has found that approximately half of the apprehended gang members have violent criminal histories, with arrests and convictions for crimes such as robbery, assault, rape and murder. This figure includes only those whose criminal histories are known. Approximately 90 percent of U.S. MS-13 members are foreign-born illegal aliens and depend upon the Texas-Mexico border smuggling corridor to support their criminal operations. MS-13 members are involved in a variety of other types of criminal activity, including rape, 52 murder, and extortion.

The foreign nationals who belong to these gangs often ignore Federal immigration laws, regularly entering the United States illegally. They then travel to the nation’s interior cities to join with other gang members and participate in criminal activity. A Federal investigator told Committee staff of a recent interview he conducted with an MS-13 member who described the ease with which he had routinely traversed the Southwest border. The gang member decided to return to his native country of Guatemala to spend Christmas with his mother. To save his own money, he voluntarily turned himself into authorities and was flown home at U.S. Government expense under the expedited removal program, spent the holidays with his family, and returned by illegally crossing the Southwest border. The gang member boasted this process is so easy he has repeated it several times.

The Zetas are also one of the main groups smuggling illegal aliens and drugs into the United States from Mexico. A recent FBI bulletin noted that “FBI intelligence indicates that Los Zetas are becoming increasingly involved in systematic corruption as well as alien smuggling, including smuggling special interest aliens into the United States.” The Zetas wield their control over the movement of people across the border through an elaborate network of spies, checkpoints and use of sophisticated technology. Some of those networks are deepening their ties to Texas cities, including Houston and Dallas, with the help of gang members.

In 2005, law enforcement linked at least three drug related killings in the Dallas area to the Zetas. Texas law enforcement authorities believe a squad of Zeta members, as many as ten, might be operating inside Texas as assassins for the Gulf Cartel. Authorities said Zetas are the cartel is protecting nearly $10 million in daily drug transactions in Texas. also known to have established smuggling routes in residential neighborhoods on the U.S. 57 side of the border that are used to smuggle “high-value” illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

wallista tribune said...
Increasing Coordination Between Mexican Drug Cartels, Human Smuggling Networks, and U.S.-Based Gangs

Federal, State, and local law enforcement officials are witnessing a growing nexus between the Mexican drug cartels, illegal alien smuggling rings, and U.S. based gangs.


And the mexicans wonder why the gavachos don't more illegal/criminal mexicans in the United States.

Too many mexicans are criminals who would want more criminals in the country.

anony-mouse-wheel said...

More news from one of Wally's favorite cites, there also will news from the city of Cudahy in very near future,
The Marriquin arrest was just the first of many indictments to come from Cudahy (aka Tijuana del norte).
Who corrupts and screws up these small towns faster, the mayates or the mexicans?

I was going to just post the link to this story but I see Wally prefers people to post the full story, instead
of just a link, maybe Wally has part ownership in a mouse wheel company.


Corruption probe focuses on Maywood
Federal, state and local authorities are looking into claims that a tow firm owner who has city contracts lavished trips and meals on officials.
By Scott Glover and Matt Lait, Times Staff Writers
June 18, 2007

The owner of a tow truck company that landed a lucrative contract with the city of Maywood has spent thousands of dollars entertaining police and public officials, including paying for meals, tickets to sporting events and trips to Las Vegas, records and interviews show.

Two members of the City Council have acknowledged failing to report the gifts as required by state law.

Known in Maywood by the moniker "Bravo" or sometimes "Tony Bravo," the owner's real name is Tooradj Khosroabadi. Since 1998, he has made millions towing cars, largely through an aggressive campaign by the city to rid its streets of drunk or unlicensed drivers by impounding their vehicles.

The storage charges were sometimes so high that drivers — many of them illegal immigrants — forfeited their cars rather than pay. Some of the cars were purchased by police officers.

Allegations that Khosroabadi paid kickbacks to police officials and rank-and-file officers who targeted motorists are part of a broader investigation now facing the tiny city in southeast Los Angeles County.

The FBI, the state attorney general and the Los Angeles County district attorney in recent months have requested copies of the city's towing records and have questioned witnesses about complaints of corruption.

Authorities are also looking into unrelated allegations of police brutality.

The Times has confirmed through receipts and interviews that Khosroabadi entertained officials at the same time he was renegotiating his contract to increase his storage fees. Under the agreement, signed in 2004, Khosroabadi was given exclusive towing rights until 2015.

Khosroabadi declined to be interviewed for this article. A relative with detailed knowledge of his business dealings, who spoke on the condition that she not be identified because she did not want to be associated with any controversy, described him as a kind and generous man who worked hard to become successful in a highly competitive business.

The woman said Khosroabadi would never knowingly break the law by attempting to bribe or otherwise unduly influence a public official.

"He is one of the most honest people I know," she said.

According to interviews and court documents, top police officials made an effort to help Khosroabadi's business succeed.

Maywood Police Officer Pablo Cunningham, who has accused the department of retaliating against him for reporting an array of alleged misconduct, has said in court papers that Police Chief Bruce Leflar once called a meeting at which he pressured officers on behalf of Khosroabadi, telling them he "needs more impounds."

Leflar, who abruptly stopped showing up for work late last year, declined to comment.

It was not just the chief who was allegedly applying pressure on officers, according to Cunningham's lawsuit. Cunningham said he was shown an e-mail from a lieutenant to two sergeants discussing the lack of traffic enforcement by some officers. The lieutenant encouraged the sergeants to use whatever means necessary, the e-mail said, "to get them to see the light and get into the game."

According to Colleen Flynn, a lawyer involved in a separate class-action suit against the city, Cunningham told her that officers initiating the most number of impounds were rewarded by being allowed to work four 10-hour days so they would have three days off.

Cunningham said officers targeted motorists whom they believed were illegal immigrants; their alleged offenses were derisively referred to as "driving while wet," according to Flynn.

Cunningham declined to be interviewed by The Times. He is currently suspended, pending an investigation into alleged misconduct on his part that department officials would not disclose. But his attorney, Bradley C. Gage, confirmed the details of Cunningham's remarks to Flynn.

Richard Lyons, who was appointed interim police chief earlier this year, said he would not tolerate even the perception of a conflict of interest between his officers and the towing company.

At the height of the towing campaign, Khosroabadi's company — Maywood Club Tow — was hauling off more than 300 vehicles a month, records show, many of them older models driven by immigrants without driver's licenses. The vehicles were impounded for up to thirty days, and the owners were charged for storage. The rates — $20 a day for small vehicles and $28 a day for larger ones — resulted in bills that would often exceed the value of the vehicles.

The city of Maywood also received a cut for each vehicle that was towed, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars for city coffers.

Many motorists had their vehicles seized at random traffic checkpoints, at which Khosroabadi would station catering trucks and let officers help themselves to free food and drinks, officials confirmed.

The checkpoints were often set up at rush hour on Atlantic Boulevard and Slauson Avenue, the city's main thoroughfares, resulting in traffic jams that backed up into neighboring cities.

Alleged offenders would be ushered to side streets where police vehicles and tow trucks would be waiting.

After widespread citizen complaints in 2003, the Maywood City Council voted to discontinue the checkpoints but allowed police to continue looking for drunk and unlicensed drivers. In 2005, the council placed tighter restrictions on when vehicles could be towed, dramatically reducing the number impounded.

Through the years, Khosroabadi attended to high-ranking police officials and council members whose support was critical to his business.

In November 1998, for example, Khosroabadi paid to fly then-Chief Rick Lopez, Lopez's wife, his wife's sister and an officer who was married to the sister to Las Vegas. A year later, he renegotiated his contract with the city, increasing the towing and storage fees, records show.

In a recent interview, Lopez acknowledged going on the trip with Khosroabadi, but said it had no influence on the changes in the contract.

Lopez said he and Khosroabadi were in Las Vegas together "about a half dozen times" and that Khosroabadi often paid for meals and would take care of accommodations. Lopez said he would sometimes reciprocate, but that Khosroabadi would get offended when he tried to do so.

Lopez said he did not see any conflict of interest in allowing Khosroabadi to pay for his meals.

"My conscience is clear," said Lopez, now an officer with a small department in Orange County. "I didn't do anything illegal."

On at least two occasions, Khosroabadi also provided Las Vegas hotel rooms for Maywood officers who participated in the annual Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay race that draws runners from law enforcement agencies throughout the state, Khosroabadi's relative confirmed.

City Councilman and former Mayor Sam Peña said he was in Las Vegas with Khosroabadi "maybe three or four times" between 2000 and 2004.

Peña said he paid for his own airfare and hotel, but that Khosroabadi picked up the tab for meals in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

"Khosroabadi was one of those people who would hate not to pay for dinner," Peña said recently.

Councilman George Martinez also acknowledged being present at several dinners where Khosroabadi picked up the tab. But Martinez said he could not recall where or when they occurred or who else was there.

Councilman Thomas Martin said Khosroabadi treated him to about half a dozen lunches and dinners between 1998 and 2005, and on at least one occasion the tow truck company operator lobbied to have the city reinstate the checkpoints.

"He said the city was putting him out of business," the councilman recalled. Martin said he told Khosroabadi that he couldn't help him. After that, Martin said, "we didn't have anything else to talk about."

Through his relative, Khosroabadi denied trying to lobby Martin to reinstitute the checkpoints. Under state law, council members are required to report gifts, including meals and entertainment, totaling more than $50 a year from a single source. Maywood does not require police officials to report gifts they receive.

Neither Martinez nor Peña documented the meals that Khosroabadi paid for, which both said was a mistake.

"I didn't do my due diligence," Peña said. Nonetheless, he insisted that nothing improper occurred.

Martin said his meals did not exceed $50 in a single year.

Both Peña and Martinez reported receiving thousands of dollars in campaign contributions over the past decade from Khosroabadi and his relatives.

Peña said he stopped accepting donations from Khosroabadi after residents began complaining about the towing campaign.

"I knew that people would be looking at my financial statements and going 'Ah ha,' " Peña said. "I didn't need that frustration, and Mr. Khosroabadi didn't need that frustration."

Michael Ramezani, a former associate of Khosroabadi's, said the relationships that the tow truck company owner developed with Peña, Lopez and others were orchestrated to ensure that Khosroabadi — and his company — would remain in the good graces of city leaders.

Ramezani is suing Khosroabadi for allegedly cheating him out of a 50% stake in Maywood Club Tow, which, according to Ramezani, was worth $5 million in 2002. Ramezani claims in court papers that he gave Khosroabadi more than $100,000 in seed money and access to his American Express Gold Card to get the company started, based on the promise that he would be a full partner in the business.

Khosroabadi acknowledged in court papers that he received the money and access to the credit card, but said they were loans that have since been repaid. The civil case, originally filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, is awaiting arbitration, Ramezani's attorney said.

In an interview with The Times, Ramezani said Khosroabadi was struggling to keep the company afloat when Ramezani began providing the cash infusions in the late 1990s.

Some of the money, Ramezani said, was used to entertain Maywood officials, such as the trip to Las Vegas in 1998 with then-Police Chief Lopez. Ramezani, who said he also went along on that trip, said Khosroabadi made it clear that he intended to show the chief a good time.

Ramezani said Lopez and the others stayed at the MGM Grand and were treated to a Siegfried and Roy show at the Mirage. They were supposed to attend an Oscar De La Hoya boxing match, but the fight was postponed. Ramezani also said he gave Khosroabadi $5,000 in cash, which Khosroabadi was going to give to Lopez for gambling.

Lopez denied ever being given cash by Khosroabadi.

In addition to the Las Vegas trip, Ramezani produced a receipt for six floor-level Los Angeles Lakers tickets valued at $1,050. The bill was charged to Ramezani, but the invoice shows that the tickets were to be picked up by Khosroabadi. Ramezani said Khosroabadi used them to entertain Maywood officials.

Over the years, police arrested only a relative handful of drunk-driving suspects, compared with thousands of unlicensed drivers whose cars were impounded. The city receives $225 for every car towed, but its annual revenue has declined as the number of vehicles impounded has decreased.

Peña, the councilman, said the city has been feeling a financial pinch ever since.

However, in nearby Cudahy — where Maywood police also patrol — towing revenue has lately been on the rise. Khosroabadi holds the contract in that town too.

wallista tribune said...

Tony Soprano's Mafia family was fictional. Joe Bonanno's was not. Gay Talese reveals what happened to the next generation of the American mob.

"Bill Bonanno, while en route to negotiate a settlement with quarreling factions, was nearly killed in a late-night ambush in which 20 bullets ricocheted off the sidewalks and brick buildings in a area of Brooklyn that the Bonanno leadership had long seen as friendly territory..."

santa monica sally said...



Duke, lacrosse players reach financial settlement...


GORE: 'The planet is in distress and all of the attention is on Paris Hilton'... (NYUCK, NYUCK, NYUCK)

Anonymous said...

Didn't Vineland start out as a part neigborhood football team (that would lose every game)/part back yard party krew (sucking on ballonees)/ part taggers (toys with no skills) turned into a gang (that got beat up all the time). Nowadays, the Vineland boyz are almost all tweakers. Back in those days, I dont think Clanton was even in N. Hollywood yet. Anyways, Clanton are big chavalas with all of its Three big bad ass gangmembers posted up in the valle.
The Aguirre's grandma would walk around Fig, Monte Vista and N-54th wearing a black and red color tee-shirt that said, "D.A.R.E. To Just Say NO" tee-shirt. She would wear that shirt almost everyday in the summer......piece of crap drug dealing grandma like her multi-generational reject kids.
On other note,
this vato Wally(Tony Rafael) should read the AV-acticle about the cry baby criminal section-8 black families and relatives (thug gangster boyfriends included) getting kicked out of their lovely AV homes. I feel sorry for the hard working families, I SAID HARD WORKING - AV-citizens. The section-8 blacks just bring all their gang problems to those quiet neighborhoods. Maybe now you can figure out and clearly understand why Mexican dominated communities will not tolerate blacks in thier areas. What is more revelent to a "racial cleansing" theory? -- the LA county and a white politician kicking out section-8 blacks for violating housing agreements or brown gangsters shooting blacks?

que locuras said...

Rocky Delgadillo gets bitched slapped by/because of talking smack about Paris Hilton early release.

Now we find out his wife was driving around on a suspened license, it was suspended for having and accident and not having insurance and after that, while driving on a suspended license (just like Paris) wrecked a city vehicle which the city paid for.

Maybe Rocky and his wife should join Paris for a while.

Rocky should have learned to shut up about Paris !!!

Who is a bigger hypocrite Rocky D. talking about Paris or Don Quackers talking about mayates.


Delgadillo admits wife drove city SUV
L.A. city attorney had refused to discuss who was driving it during a 2004 accident. The vehicle was repaired at taxpayer expense.
By Matt Lait, Times Staff Writer
5:18 PM PDT, June 18, 2007

After days of dodging questions, Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo acknowledged Monday that his wife was driving his city-owned SUV when it was damaged in a 2004 accident and later repaired at taxpayer expense.

At a City Hall news conference, a remorseful Delgadillo said he should have come forward immediately with the information about the accident. He characterized his conduct as a "breach of the public trust."

"I mishandled the situation and I apologize," he said. "I take full responsibility."

Delgadillo said he was attending the Democratic National Convention in Boston when his wife used the GMC Yukon to go to a doctor's appointment. He said she backed into a pole and damaged the rear end.

When he returned from his trip, Delgadillo said, he turned the vehicle in to the city garage for repair.

The Times reported details of the accident on June 12, but the city attorney had repeatedly declined to identify the driver or explain what happened until Monday.

By allowing his wife, Michelle, to drive his vehicle — something he said he had permitted on other occasions — Delgadillo may have violated rules governing the use of city-owned vehicles. Delgadillo, however, said the city rules on such uses were ambiguous. Nonetheless, he said, he is reimbursing the city the $1,222 for the cost of the repairs.

PBC said...


you guys call us Mayates but i aint gonna call Latinos Maggots, donkeys , etc which is what we call you guys. it is point less so I will be respectful.
Just as you have said it why is it that everyone has had a problem with Black Americans, it is safe to say every one has had a problem with Whites and Latinos. The question you need to ask yourself is does that justify you group Blacks entirely.

One thing latinos tend to do is talk
bad about blacks infesting neighborhoods while they overlook all the latino infestment drugs, diseases etc. Look at it to its entirety and then you will be worried more about cleaning up your latino culture just as each ethnic
person who realizes his cultures short comings should do the same.

alfredo said...

The Avenues cholos must need more social services and more of the hug-a-thug therapy, that is why they are trying to kill cops.

Remember to be very careful when buying your crack on Drew street.

When we read about a cholo from Avenues gang being killed by LAPD the mensos mexicans will forget about this.


Police search for gang members who shot at police
Daily News Wire Services
Article Last Updated: 06/18/2007 09:08:11 AM PDT

GLASSELL PARK - Police today were searching for three gang members who exchanged gunfire with police, authorities said.
Police said the incident began about at 2:15 a.m. Sunday near Drew Street and Weldon Avenue after police heard several rounds of semi-automatic gunfire, police said.

When police stopped their car on Weldon, they said saw three men in their late teens to early 20s drive by in a black four-door vehicle and fired several rounds in the officers' direction. Police said that Los Angeles police Officer Richard Priest, 33, a five-year veteran of the LAPD, returned fire as the suspects sped off.

There were no injuries. Officers from the Force Investigation Division and the Robbery-Homicide Division were investigating the incident.

la verdad said...


ana colteros said...

We don't need no stinking mexicans, we already have mayates.


At least 47 dead in 1 week; killings linked to drug war
By Hector Tobar
Los Angeles Times

MEXICO CITY - In the dark, early-morning quiet of a funeral parlor here, with a group of mourners praying before the coffin of a 10-year-old boy, another horror-filled week in Mexico's drug-trafficking wars began.

The boy had died in a drowning accident some days earlier and surely had nothing to do with drug trafficking. But his grandfather was Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, the fugitive founder of the Tijuana drug cartel.

Just after 4 a.m. Monday, as many as six hooded gunmen interrupted the traditional all-night wake, shooting two people to death.

By the time the week ended, at least 46 more people would be dead in a dizzying variety of attacks across Mexico, with police, federal agents and rival drug-traffickers the principal victims.

The killings, dispersed across the country, offer a window into the scope of the violence and the tactics of psychological warfare behind it. Many deaths appear to involve disputes between competing bands of traffickers


New fear in Mexico: Army soldiers fleeing for cartels
Failure to track the thousands of deserters may lead to a pool of hit men, critics say
Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

MEXICO CITY — The most ruthless gang of drug-cartel hit men in Mexico are deserters from the army's elite. But the Zetas, as the ex-soldiers are known, may not be the only troops who abandoned their posts to work for the cartels.

In the eight years since the Zetas were organized, more than 120,000 Mexican soldiers have deserted the army, according to the government's records. Yet the country's defense officials have made little effort to track their whereabouts, security experts said, creating a potential pool of military-trained killers for the drug-trafficking gangs wreaking havoc in the country.


Mexican paramilitary group evolves into powerful threat
By Alfredo Corchado
The Dallas Morning News
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 06.17.2007
LAREDO, Mexico — Even in a country accustomed to gangland violence, the news is disquieting. In coordinated strikes, armed men rob at least five casinos in four states, killing a bystander and escaping with bundles of money. In Arizona's border state of Sonora, an attack on a police station leaves five officers dead and announces the arrival of a new criminal force in the region. The likely culprit in both cases: the Zetas, a ruthless organization that was virtually unheard of just five years ago. The Zetas, created by a group of highly trained military deserters to work as enforcers for the Gulf drug cartel, have become so powerful that their old handlers are quickly losing control, authorities said. The group, first concentrated along Mexico's border with Texas, has evolved into a powerful threat in its own right, spreading its brand of brutal violence into most of Mexico as it battles for control of new regions and key border entry points, U.S. and Mexican authorities say.

Cartel's enforcers outpower their boss

Zetas grow into paramilitary group now hitting Mexico's casinos

12:03 AM CDT on Monday, June 11, 2007
By ALFREDO CORCHADO / The Dallas Morning News

NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico – Even in a country accustomed to gangland violence, the news is disquieting.

In coordinated strikes, armed men rob at least five casinos in four states, killing a bystander and escaping with bundles of money. In the northern state of Sonora, an attack on a police station leaves five officers dead and announces the arrival of a new criminal force in the region. The likely culprit in both cases: the Zetas, a ruthless organization that was virtually unheard of just five years ago.

The Zetas, created by a group of highly trained military deserters to work as enforcers for the Gulf drug cartel, have become so powerful that their old handlers are quickly losing control, authorities said.

The group, first concentrated along Mexico's border with Texas, has evolved into a powerful threat in its own right, spreading its brand of brutal violence into 31 Mexican states as it battles for control of new regions and key border entry points, U.S. and Mexican authorities say.

"The Zetas have clearly become the biggest, most serious threat to the nation's security," said Raul Benitez, a Mexico security expert at American University in Washington, D.C.

"Now they want to control the nation's drug routes and along the way topple the traditional cartel leaders," said Mr. Benitez. "We're witnessing a classic coup under way."

Among the newly targeted border areas is Ciudad Juárez, the city across the border from El Paso and long the stronghold of the Juárez cartel, authorities said. The Zetas also have made inroads in Acapulco, Monterrey and Veracruz, usually with a flurry of high-profile killings of police and other officials.

StillNoScript said...

wallista tribune said...

"Increasing Coordination Between Mexican Drug Cartels, Human Smuggling Networks, and U.S.-Based Gangs"

Well, you just scared me into hating Mexicans...

Come on, let's go full circle and find an article linking Black gangs to Al Qaeda.

As far as making me hate Whites? Well, a photo of Michael Moore will do it. Especially the one where he's holding the shotgun.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe my eyes on the acticle I just read on how the County Supervisors want to re-examine the gang problem in Los Angeles. Out of all the County Supervisors, the fat big head hippo had to give her two cent political cricket comment. Again, proving and making her the biggest hyprocrite out of all the county Supervisors. She talks about suppression and cracking down on the biggest and baddest of all LA gangsters when historically she has been opposed to any type of tough police and gang enforcement within her district. I cant believe that her district houses numerous EME canales, their street soliders, and their dirt bag reject relatives. Then she has the nerve to speak out and request a hard dropped fist by law enforcement. The Chicana that should have been born a man- who has been outspoken about disliking all LA wide law enforcement agencies, now talks about playing a greeny hardball game with the gangsters...what a freaking joke. Moreover, she acts like the black community leaders that jump, demand, and cry for an investigation on some old mexican lady's gangster grandson getting his ass handed to him by hollenbeck or the sheriffs. Brutality! Brutality! Votes! Votes!
No matter what color, she should be worrying and defending the interest of hard working people, union guys, educators, government employees and people that actually pay property taxes in her distict. Not your typical social service collecting deadbeat fathers, mother of a welfare addicted daugther and granddaughter, or grandmother of a parolee/probationer east los angeles lazy non-working bald headed oversized cagado gangster. Now here is a fat hyna that needs a serious recall. I guess political threats and knee pads actually do work to keep your supervisor seat.....
she makes my :) happy smiley day into a straight vomit :(

pedro said...

Mr Smiley Face :) said...
I cant believe my eyes on the acticle I just read on how the County Supervisors want to re-examine the gang problem in Los Angeles. Out of all the County Supervisors, the fat big head hippo had to give her two cent political cricket comment. Again, proving and making her the biggest hyprocrite out of all the county Supervisors.


Why are you talking smack about Don Culo's comadre. She is just like every other old cholo here in Wally's blog, running to the defense of every cholo shot or beat up by Hollenbeck cops. But don't say shit about the hundres of victiom of the low life pendejo cholos (brown skin mayates).

Gloria just need a few tamales to keep her happy and quiet.

Anonymous said...

How many cops have been fired or had charges filed on them due to the May-Day fiasco?


Now everybody is talking about it being a "training issue".

Hmmmm, looks like all the cop bashers have to eat a little crow.

I was called the cop apologist.
SNS and DQ and the rest of the jura
haters spoke right up and told the world how the LAPD "fucked up and the world saw it".
Like I posted to all you Wallistas immediately after the incident, they had the right by law and policy to use the force they used. You might not like it,
but that's the way it's playing out.
The rest of you might want to stop and think before you put any weight on the DQ or SNS pontifications or predictions in the future.
As more time passes, they seem to be full of puro pedo.

Anonymous said...

To DQ and SNS
In case you've forgotten my prediction.
Do your homework. There were 8 arrests. The law says they can use the force they used. See how many cops go to jail, or even get fired over it. NONE. It isn't going to happen. They did what they were trained to do, and the reason they were trained to do it is because the law gives them the authority.
Take a criminology class at your local CC, you might find out your view of what the cops can and can't do is shattered.
You are the classic example of people who think they know the law.
The people in the park, and especially the media thought the cops couldn't do it either. Then they did it. The Mayor didn't like it, the Chief didn't like it,
and of course the anti-police people and the media don't like it.
It's bad for their political position, and that's why they don't like it. So a couple heads roll (re-assigned, big deal).
Could it have been handled differently? Absolutely!!!
Does that mean the cops didn't have legal standing to do what they did? Absolutely not!!!
You fucking jailhouse F. Lee Baileys are funny as hell. As usual,you have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

StillNoScript said...

Regardless of cops not being fired, the individual cops who used force, and any ordering officers, were wrong that day.

Somebody not being fired suddenly makes them innocent? Where'd you park your space ship? Remember, the 4 terrorists in badges that took down Rodney King were initially acquitted, too. Only right wingers and cops think they're innocent, but I don't believe most cops actually believe it. They just have to say it in lockstep, to avoid crossing the blue line.

Anonymous said...

SNS an earlier post regarding the Mayday fiasco:

This is not about anybody being anti police. This is about police breaking the law.

It seems that the Mayor, Police Chief, City Council, City Atty.,
and others who KNOW the law disagree.
Perhaps your audience would be a little bit more apt to put credence in the things you post if you knew the tune before you jumped on the bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

Rare Tactic May Allow Immigration Votes
Jun 18
WASHINGTON (AP) - Only in the arcane world of the U.S. Senate could a quirky gambit known as a "clay pigeon" make the difference between passage of an important immigration measure and its death at the hands of opponents.
Democratic leaders hope the complex maneuver - which makes use of the Senate's labyrinthine rules to insist on votes on amendments - will frustrate conservatives' attempts to derail the embattled immigration bill, instead putting it on a fast track to passage next week.
Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he would revive the bill to legalize as many as 12 million unlawful immigrants late this week. To do so, though, he needs backing from 60 senators, and a way to guarantee votes on a tentative list of 22 Republican and Democratic amendments whose consideration is seen as vital to satisfying key waverers.
The so-called clay pigeon is how he's expected to do it, under a strategy that was still taking shape Monday.

The tactic gets its name from the target used in skeet shooting, which explodes into bits as it is hit. In the Senate, an amendment is the target, and any one senator can demand that it be divided into separate fragments to be voted on piecemeal.
Under the tentative plan, Reid as early as Friday would launch his target - an amendment encompassing all 22 proposals - and shoot it into its component pieces. The Senate would then vote on ending debate on the immigration measure, which would take 60 votes and limit discussion of the bill to 30 more hours. After that interval, all 22 amendments would have to be voted on, with little opportunity for foes to interfere.
Ironically, the move is usually used by mavericks - not leaders - to slow down legislation, not free it from a procedural thicket.
Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., used it last year to protest a bill he complained included excessive spending. By offering and then dividing an amendment that targeted 19 items he deemed offensive, Coburn was able to insist on votes on individual projects.
"It's a brilliant way to gum up the works," said Robert B. Dove, a Senate rules expert who was the chamber's referee for 36 years.
The maneuver appears to be a relatively modern innovation; Dove said he first became aware of it in the early 1970s, when then-Sen. Jim Allen, D-Ala., a master of parliamentary procedures, used it against a bill pushed by the then- majority leader, Sen. Mike Mansfield, D-Mont.
"I remember people being dazzled when he did this," Dove said.
Reid's plan has its risks, chief among them further inflaming the vocal conservative opponents who have vowed to do whatever they can to kill the immigration measure.
"I've seen ideas like this really backfire. You pay a price for this kind of thing," Dove said, noting that the Senate functions almost entirely on consensus. "It can be done - I've seen it done - but it's a difficult maneuver."

Anonymous said...

StillNoScript said...on a post a few days after the incident:

There's no evidence whatsoever that enough rocks and bottles were thrown at police to warrant the action that the LAPD took. They had the protesters outnumbered something like 3 to 1. It was downright barbaric, and it was caught on tape.
I have a question for you SNS.
Now that several Che lovers and anarchista have admitted to being in the crowd and throwing rocks and bottles at the cops...and the video footage and radio transmissions back them up...

How does that crow taste?

When you post up pedo because you're emotional, it ends up biting you in the ass. Learn to temper your emotions, and you might find it a little easier to temper your judgement.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you one thing...that all cultures- that whites and latinos can agree on, ghetto Blacks will burn down their own neighborhoods.
But they wont think twice or pulling some bullshit like jumping over into the white dominated parts of Los Angeles. If this would happen, white folks would support a joint effort for a brown gangster/LAPD "racial cleansing" plan.
Now, you can see why EME will join hands with Whites to kill ghetto blacks in prison. Your racial cleansing theory is really related to today's reality that no one likes ghetto black people, not even their own middle/high class communities or relatives - they fall at the bottom of the social ladder and totem pole of dirty ass smelly scum. How many people here have served custody time in County and agree on sitting butt cheek to butt cheek to a ghetto black smelly ass brother - and telling that MOFO "dont you ever take a fucking shower". Ive bombed a couple in the head with deputies looking the other way - like they never saw it and even smiled. Mexican may not be liked for their culture and customs but ghetto blacks are just not welcome. People like Al Sharpton (ie.Wally) just figured out that he can get famous by defending these people. Put him up to the challenge of moving his family into these areas of s. central, watts, or compton and see what he'll say.....bla...bla ...bla ....NO WAY JOSE

Pedro said...

An old cholo menso said.............
Your racial cleansing theory is really related to today's reality that no one likes ghetto black people, not even their own middle/high class communities or relatives - they fall at the bottom of the social ladder and totem pole of dirty ass smelly scum.


You need to open your eyes just a little more, because everything you say about the ghetto mayates is true for the ghetto cholos.

No upper or middle class whites or latinos want a dumb ass cholo mexican living anywhere near them.

Do you think the cholo low life mexicans are welcome over in Irvine/Orange County or Santa Clarita.

The chicano cholos are hated most by the hard working paisas, no seas pendejo.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dezz be Eazy-E e-mail-n u Bloggers and Blog-Bitches from way down under in hot ass helly-hell. I'm be down here with my homie crazy legs cripping mike-D smoking on a fatty and tossing each other's salads. Me and the NWA homies just want to kick down some 4-1-1 to all the the low down no good crooked pigs and the high rolling gangster pimps in the upper world i left behind...just want to say that that HIV-is a mother-f---ker......SAY NO TO LONG BEACH BLVD PROSTITUTION SEX!
PS - I miss the Bompton Swat Meat. The japs had some tight BKs.
what it c-like n----ger
Eazy-E :)

lil bobby said...

I know a guy who, as a young man, was convicted in South Korea of participating in a car theft ring. What got them caught was an unplanned kidnapping in the course of stealing a car. He was sentenced to 7 years in prison. He's ethnically Korean but an American citizen, which can make things difficult outside prison, let alone in it.

His parents, while devastated, took comfort from the fact that rape and other forms of violence don't happen in Korean prisons the way they do in America. Guards are expected to maintain order over there.

Once again we see how the United States is straying from the idea of being a nation governed by laws. What is illegal outside prison is illegal inside prison. It's not about "coddling" prisoners or being soft on crime. It's just about the law being the law - everywhere, all the time.

But we have an entire apparatus - from Bush himself, the the Justice Department coaching government offices how to illegally stonewall Congressional investigations, to Gitmo, Abu Graib and the Eastern European prisons, to the usual right-wing radio/TV suspects - that supports and encourages the idea that while all people are equal under the law, some people are less equal than others. Wally, can I share some free advice here? When you all buy Wally's book don't buy a book marker, use a dollar bill instead and save your money.

StillNoScript said...

Nothing explains the video footage of cops beating people as they're walking away. There is no bottle seen in the video, at least not in any I've seen.

A cop using unnecessary force on anyone is just as much of a terrorist act as any gang member doing it.

The cops were let off the hook? Gee, what a shock. Still doesn't make it right.

And, you're damn right I hate cops who abuse their power. They're as much of scum as any other criminal, and even worse so when you consider that they've take an oath to protect those they harass without warrant.

atc said...

I have a question for you SNS.
Now that several Che lovers and anarchista have admitted to being in the crowd and throwing rocks and bottles at the cops...and the video footage and radio transmissions back them up...

How does that crow taste?

When you post up pedo because you're emotional, it ends up biting you in the ass. Learn to temper your emotions, and you might find it a little easier to temper your judgement.

Where are your links? If you're going to talk that shit, back it up. Where's the footage? Otherwise, it's more blah, blah, blah...

Anonymous said...

"Didn't Vineland start out as a part neigborhood football team (that would lose every game)/part back yard party krew (sucking on ballonees)/ part taggers (toys with no skills) turned into a gang (that got beat up all the time). Nowadays, the Vineland boyz are almost all tweakers."

Orale Smiley:) you almost got it right. The varrio did start out as a neighborhood football team but actually we weren't that bad. Believe or not we won most of our games. The best games ever played by us were the ones played against the Project Boys. Those games were held to celebrate the Valle peace treaty. We played the first game in Pacas, right in the middle of the projectos. The two worst enemies in the Valle, who only a few months before were still killing each other were able to put the hate aside and play some ball. We won the first game and a few weeks later they came back and beat us in Sun Valley. I remember one of the hired Refs saying that he was amazed at how hard the teams were hitting each other and how he thought that the hits were as hard as in the college games that he refereed. Those games were something to always remember.

We did get invited to a few flyer parties but we were never really a party crew. Shit I the way I remember, it was those fuckin backyard flyer parties that started some of our beefs. I don't know about that balloon sucking thing since that flyer party scene was happening way before that rave thing. Beer and mota was pretty much it for us back then.

As for the tagging thing, well there have been a couple of tagging crews that I believe have clicked up but the varrio has never been about tagging. Some fools liked to hit up on walls but most fools ignored doing that shit.

I guess that you see things a certain way but don't you think that the varrio "always" getting their asses kicked is a bit too much? Yea the varrio has taken many loses, but "always"? Vineland would not be Vineland if that were true.

As sad as it is the tweaker thing I regret to admit is pretty true. Like most other varrios out there mine is not immune to that fucked up shit. Many of these so called homeboys have ruined themselves by using that shit. The worst ones were the ones that helped you in getting those convictions.

But anyways, I see that there is a lot of talk about the ZETAS lately. I think that a these rightwingers truly do walk lockstep with each other. This ZETA thing is old news that you fools are only finding out about because the right wing AM radio people that you listen to are finally giving you vatos the news. If you had been paying attention to other news other than the news that these wackos give you, you'd have known about this shit long ago. These wackos agenda is to somehow and by whatever way discredit the immigration bill that is front of the senate.


primo de paris said...

Delgadillo's wife named in 1998 arrest warrant
The L.A. city attorney's spouse allegedly failed to appear in a Santa Monica court for a variety of driver-related charges.
By Matt Lait, Times Staff Writer
June 20, 2007

Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo's wife has an outstanding warrant for her arrest for failing to appear in court nearly nine years ago on charges of driving without insurance, with a suspended license and in an unregistered car, court records and officials confirmed Tuesday.

In addition, documents obtained by The Times show that in the last three years the Delgadillos were chronically late in paying fines for at least five parking tickets.

One violation for parking in a red zone in December 2006 was not paid until The Times inquired about the tickets last month. By then, the $70 infraction had become a $174 fine with penalties.

A spokesman for Delgadillo said Michelle Delgadillo was responsible for all the parking tickets and the delinquent payments.

Michelle Delgadillo's scofflaw status was yet another embarrassing development for the city's top prosecutor, who Monday disclosed that he had periodically let his wife drive his city-owned vehicle on a suspended license for personal errands.

In 2004, she had an accident while driving her husband's city-assigned GMC Yukon, which was repaired at taxpayer expense.

After ducking the issue for days, Delgadillo, who presides over the nation's third-largest municipal law office, held a news conference Monday to say that he was reimbursing the city for the $1,222 repair. He also acknowledged that he did not realize that he himself had driven as an uninsured motorist for about a year, while his wife had driven without insurance for more than two years.

Delgadillo told reporters at his news conference that he was sorry about the situation involving his wife and acknowledged that he should have stepped forward immediately with information about the accident. He also apologized for his "lapse in personal insurance coverage."

In a statement released by Delgadillo's office Tuesday, Michelle Delgadillo, 36, who once was an aide to former City Councilman Joel Wachs, said she was "very embarrassed to find myself in this situation today."

She said she was working to resolve the warrant issue "as quickly as possible."

"I will do whatever the court instructs me to do. I apologize for any embarrassment this has caused my husband and family," she said. "It is completely my mistake."

Delgadillo also released a statement about the bench warrant still pending from his wife's traffic violations, which occurred in Santa Monica.

"I was unaware that there was any outstanding warrant," he said. "As soon as I learned about this today, I immediately urged my wife to remedy the situation, and she is working to resolve this. My wife is embarrassed about this, and I am embarrassed as well."

According to documents obtained by The Times, Michelle Delgadillo was cited by a California Highway Patrol officer on Aug. 1, 1998, in Santa Monica for allegedly driving with an expired Montana driver's license. The offense occurred two weeks before she married Delgadillo. The ticket was written under her maiden name, Namen.

The citation also said that the tan BMW 325 she was driving had expired registration tags and that she had no proof of insurance. The Santa Monica city attorney's office filed a three-count criminal case against her.

When Michelle Delgadillo did not appear in court a month later for her arraignment, the judge in the case issued a $2,000 bench warrant, records show. That warrant remains active, according to officials with the Santa Monica city attorney's office and court records reviewed by The Times.

Under that warrant, Michelle Delgadillo is subject to arrest. Because of jail overcrowding in Los Angeles County, it is not uncommon for police to give defendants a citation to appear in court rather than arrest them, particularly if the offense is relatively minor, experts said.

After the 1998 citation, Michelle Delgadillo applied for, and received, a California driver's license. That license was suspended in July 2004 when she failed to provide proof of insurance at the scene of an accident earlier that same year.

Delgadillo's staff Monday confirmed that she did not have insurance at the time. Her license was not renewed until earlier this year, yet for nearly three years she continued to drive the family's SUV and, at times, her husband's city-owned Yukon.

Shortly after her license was suspended in 2004, Michelle Delgadillo was involved in the accident with her husband's Yukon. She damaged the vehicle when she backed into a pole in a parking lot near her doctor's office.

California Department of Motor Vehicle records also show that she was cited in 2005 for failing to obey a right-turn-only sign. She was not cited for driving with a suspended license, although it remains unclear why.

Though an existing warrant should have barred Michelle Delgadillo from receiving a California driver's license when she first applied, a DMV official said, there were a number of ways it could have slipped notice.

Drivers sometimes do not provide accurate or complete information on an application, and records from other states sometimes are inaccessible, the official said.

A spokesman for Delgadillo's office also said the warrant from Santa Monica misspelled her first name as "Michele," an error that may have caused it to escape the DMV's attention.

The DMV official said he did not know how Michelle Delgadillo was able to receive her California license and later renew it.

Anonymous said...

StillNoScript said...
Regardless of cops not being fired, the individual cops who used force, and any ordering officers, were wrong that day.

So now it's just that you think they "were wrong". Which is it, did they break the you posted up earlier, or "were they wrong"....which is just an opinion.

My contention has been (from the start I might add) that the cops in the park that day COULD have handled it differently....but did not break the law. You and the others who love to bash the cops kept claiming they broke the law. I told you they had legal standing to do what they did, and you rebutted me.
So, once again, you "lay lawyers"
or "jailhouse F. Lee Baileys" need to do a little research or study the law before you talk mucho pedo like you're some kind of fucking expert.....and end up making yourself look foolish.
Rest assured, I WILL post up your previous pedo, just to show your fellow bloggers that the more vociferous and emotional you become over a subject, the more you talk pedo.
Hang in there SNS, maybe soon the drug cartels will run Cudahy or South Gate, and you can be happy.
Know what I mean vato?
I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

StillNoScript said...
Regardless of cops not being fired, the individual cops who used force, and any ordering officers, were wrong that day.
Somebody not being fired suddenly makes them innocent?
Yes and no. The yes part being that they never broke the law in the first place. So, in the eyes of the law, YES they ARE innocent. The no part being that the cops used force YOU don't agree with, so you claim they are guilty of a crime.
Like I posted way back on this fiasco, you might not like it, but that doesn't make it illegal.
Are you so delusional you do not understand the difference between the things you disagree with and criminality? Do you really believe that because you vehemently disagree with the cops use of force that makes it against the law?
The reality don't KNOW the fucking law, so you just talk pedo.
Only right wingers and cops think they're innocent, but I don't believe most cops actually believe it. They just have to say it in lockstep, to avoid crossing the blue line.

The Mayor and City Council members of LA are hardly "right wingers".
Yet, they understand the difference between criminality and tactics they disagree with. They say what they need to say to keep a good position politically, while understanding that what happened in the park that day doesn't rise to the level of a criminal offense.
There will probably be some short term suspensions handed out so the public will be appeased. Heck, who knows, maybe I am even wrong and a cop or two will get fired, just to satisfy the anti-police crowd. If that happens, then the cop will appeal to the Civil Service and get his job back, GAURANTEED!!!!! Back pay, and a cash settlement from the city.

The fact that they put the cops involved back on the streets just a couple of weeks after this fiasco speaks volumes. If the Mayor, City Council, or Police Chief thought there was ANY chance that these guys would be brought up on criminal charges, they would not subject themselves to further liability by putting them back on the streets.
None of the above mentioned entities are "right wingers".
You seem to always go that route, accusing those who disagree with your views of being "right wingers" or "Log Cabin Republicans".....but you can take that pedo and kick rocks pendejo, because you won't find a "right winger" of any type involved in this process.
Your hatred of LAPD and Conservatives makes you say some really stupid shit...puro pedo, and you can't help yourself.
Your credibility lessons each time you post up stupid shit and are taken to task for it.
Keep up the emotional postings, and soon it will be evident and irrefutable for ALL to see.

Gava Joe said...

OK so you've called a white dude that acts black a "wigger"? Would one refer to a Chicano who acts black a "chigger"?? Middle America wants to know..

log cabin carlos said...

SV VBS said .......
But anyways, I see that there is a lot of talk about the ZETAS lately. I think that a these rightwingers truly do walk lockstep with each other. This ZETA thing is old news that you fools are only finding out about because the right wing AM radio people that you listen to are finally giving you vatos the news. If you had been paying attention to other news other than the news that these wackos give you, you'd have known about this shit long ago. These wackos agenda is to somehow and by whatever way discredit the immigration bill that is front of the senate.



That is a funny statement because the one posting the articles about the Zeta's is your beloved old cholo compadre Don Q, aka (mustang silly, wally tired tribute, and etc. That old fool will never just put a link to his posts, and loves to post the whole article because he has thinks waht he post is more important.

So before you jump on the band wagon and start blaming the "log cabin republicans" go back and see who posted the Zeta stories.

Anonymous said...

atc said...
Where are your links? If you're going to talk that shit, back it up. Where's the footage? Otherwise, it's more blah, blah, blah...

The links were posted up a couple of weeks ago by another blogger. I'm not going to go back and do your homework for you because you choose not to read the blog on a daily basis. They were there for those who wished to see them. So it's not blah blah's there. Do your homework.
So ese, it would appear that you are the one who is talking shit, and it is your argument that is just more blah blah blah.
Some of you vatos are a trip que no?
You must be talking out of your ass
because your mouth is too smart to say something like that.

StillNoScript said...

Your novels are fucking boring, man. You know good and well those cops were wrong. You know good and well that despite their spin, what they did was illegal. What you may not know is that cops who use unnecessary force are just as big of scumbags as all other criminals, even more so considering they were sworn to protect the very people they unlawfully harass and abuse. And, stop trying to convince is you're more than one person. Think nobody notices all of these posts about me and the LAPD's Mayday terrorist attack on Mexicans are coming in twos and threes? Come to think of it, maybe mindless sheep do have a telepathy where you do everything at the same time...

Anonymous said...

Chale homes, the organizers of the rally even said that were anarchists and antagonists who provoked the jura in the park.
It is what is. The cops overreacted big time, but that doesn't mean they weren't provoked.
Fuck it eh, if I was in the park I could've got out of there without getting my ass beat down. When I saw the riot goons coming, I would have ran the other way.
Don't shed too many tears for the people who took their chances by hanging around. They made their choice.

Anonymous said...

This is for the mensos who think gangs are all about poverty, I am working in a small very nice town in North Carolina, I found this in the local newspaper. The cholos are just ghetto low lifes like the mayates and these fuck-ups are not living in poverty in Hickory, North Carolina.


Graffiti prompts cause for concern
Street Crimes Interdiction Unit investigating recent rash of gang signs painted on area businesses

Record Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

HICKORY - Police say gangs may be making their mark in Hickory.

Hickory Frame Works, on Seventeenth Street, NE, was vandalized with spray-painted symbols representing Surenos 13, a Hispanic California prison gang. Employee David Frye discovered the letters, “SUR 13” painted on a wall of the shop and on a trailer Monday as he arrived to work.

“You wouldn’t think you’d see a lot of this in a small town like Hickory,” he said. “It seems like they have no respect for peoples’ property.”

The work is likely that of young teens trying to become full-fledged gang members, said Sgt. Jeff Young, with the Hickory Police Department’s Street Crimes Interdiction Unit.

Vandals not only hit the frame shop, but also made their mark on buildings behind Gepetto’s Pizza on Springs Road. The street crime unit is also investigating other crimes that may have been committed by gang members.

Young says about 15 to 20 known gang members have been identified in the Hickory area using the Surenos 13 name. He also says about 10 to 11 other known gangs prowl the streets.

Police are trying to stop the growing trend by involving teens in community programs, Young said.

“This gives me cause for concern,” Frye said. “I’ve lived hear all my life. Even 10 years ago, you hardly ever saw graffiti like that.”

Anonymous said...

Way back in Febuary 2007
StillNoScript said...
Mexican Cartels have infiltrated the government of a city in Los Angeles county about the size of a football field? Good for them. The Mexicans there, who are the original Californians, will probably be safer with the cartel running the city than they would with whites running it.

Oh, how did the cartels pull this off? My guess is that they took a lead from Halliburton and George W. Bush's 2000 Presidential campaign. Is there a better textbook?
Also way back in February 2007
StillNoScript said...
To anonymous who wished the feds would clean up the sewer governments, are you hoping this includes Los Angeles, and it's police department? Compared to all LE agencies nationwide, you can easily consider the LAPD the official sewer of them all.

Now then, there it is there. Do you bloggers really think this vato can post up on the MacArthur Park fiasco with ANY kind of objectivity?
Is it a surprise that a vato who thinks it's better to have drug cartels run our cities than "whites" would be so quick to condemn the LAPD?
Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Tintos kill Hispanic man. Damn them mayates.

"Police were searching Wednesday for more than a dozen people who may have been involved in the beating death of a man who was a passenger in a car that struck and injured a child not far from a Juneteenth celebration in Austin, Texas.

David Rivas Morales died Tuesday from injuries sustained in an assault by an unknown number of black men following the car accident, which occurred in the parking lot of an East Austin apartment complex, police said.

"It doesn't seem to be a hate crime, it really seems to be a spontaneous act resulting from that collision with that child," Harold Piatt, the commander of the Austin Police Department's Robbery Homicide Unit. "We don't know if there were any words exchanged between the driver and the men to start with that escalated this to the assault."

Anonymous said...

To the old blind men who think Ann Coulter is hot, here is a hot mamasita, but she says she Obama girl.

Damn I am jealous, envious, celoso !!!

Anonymous said...

log cabin carlos said.....
"So before you jump on the band wagon and start blaming the "log cabin republicans" go back and see who posted the Zeta stories."

I did check it out and I don't believe that it was posted by DQ. Anyways the point that I was making is that this is the latest thing that all of your neo~con gods are yelling about on all of those bullshit AM stations. It seems like they get their marching orders at the same time and place. Once in awhile I listen to those stations on the boring drive home just to get a good laugh. All that those fools do is bitch and moan about every fuckin thing. I guess that living in those trailer parks isn't what they used to be.


don quixote said...

Hey "log cabin carlos"

No no mandilon, here you go again putting words in people's mouths and idling away your time with unsound speculation, typical Log Cabin Republican tactics, (along with wanting the Republican voter ballots printed on pink paper)

You need to take your meds in a timely fashion cause your on another "blog binger" and last word freak out, only a mother would understand, (like I've told you in the past!), I've never posted anything about any "zeta's" because I don't give a shit about the subject. If I did I would admit it culio.
ANd when I post up it's as don quixote so if your paranoia gets the best of you then take your meds (oxycontin no doubt like your mouthpiece Rush Limburger).

according to anonymouse;

That is a funny statement because the one posting the articles about the Zeta's is your beloved old cholo compadre Don Q, aka (mustang silly, wally tired tribute, and etc. That old fool will never just put a link to his posts, and loves to post the whole article because he has thinks waht he post is more important."

Wait a minute, I know I'm not the greatest as far as spelling and grammar but wtf!

"because he has thinks waht he post is more important."

A la Madre!

Call Dr. Kevorkian for this pobre criatura!

Anonymous said...
Milwaukee: Wild black teens pull man from car, beat him...
Police Release More Detail About Juneteenth Violence

By Jon Byman
Milwaukee Police say a 33-year-old man has a broken tooth and cuts all over his face after a group of teenagers pulled him from his car and beat him following Milwaukee's Juneteenth celebration.

It happened after the festival ended in the 3000 block of north 1st Street which is a short distance from the actual festival. Police say hundreds of teenagers started kicking the man's car. Today's TMJ 4 video from the scene shows the teenagers damaging at least several cars.

The man who was pulled from his car was treated and released from a local hospital.

Meanwhile, a few blocks away a group of girls started fighting. When police went to break up the fight near 1st and Auer, the department says a 17-year-old girl started punching and kicking a 15-year veteran officer.

She hit him in his face shield, which shattered into his face. He needed three stitches and has scratches on his neck. That 17-year-old was arrested and police are recommending charges for battery to a police officer.

Police say there was also a fight earlier in the day in the 3000 block of north 1st Street. In that case, three women were fighting. Police say a 15-year-old boy tried to break up the fight when an 18-year-old man got involved in it.

According to police, the 18-year-old got angry, walked away and told the boy he was coming back with a gun. The 18-year-old did in fact return with a gun and fired five shots into a crowd where the boy was standing. The 15-year-old's 39-year-old uncle was hit in the shoulder. He was treated and released from a local hospital.

Some people think the violence takes away from the real meaning of Juneteenth.

"I think it should be continued," said Earnestine Rogers. "It shouldn't be stopped because of some youngsters."

It's the second year in a row that violence has broken out at the celebration.

Anonymous said...

Austin: Black crowd Kills Man After Car Hits Kid...

Jun 20 11:55 AM US/Eastern
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A crowd attacked and killed a passenger in a vehicle that had struck and injured a child, police said Wednesday.
Police believe 2,000 to 3,000 people were in the area for a Juneteenth celebration when the attack occurred Tuesday night. The man who was killed had been trying to stop the group from attacking the vehicle's driver when the crowd turned on him, authorities said.

The Austin Police Department identified the victim as David Rivas Morales, 40. The child was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police spokeswoman Toni Chovonetz said she had no further information, including how many people were involved.

The driver was able to get away is cooperating with investigators, police said.

Juneteenth marks the day Gen. Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston in 1865 to share news of the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed slaves two years earlier on Jan. 1, 1863.

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